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Goliath Slayers

It seems odd that in a blue state like New Jersey, our congressional delegation is evenly split – six Democrats and six Republicans. The GOP members are generally not moderate Republicans either, but rather folks that adhere to the extreme…
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A Powerful Voice

BY DECIMINYAN When Congressman Rush Holt decided not to run for re-election in 2014, many progressives were disappointed. After all, a clear, progressive voice was disappearing from the House of Represenatives. But that disappointment was short-lived. Holt’s successor, Bonnie Watson…
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Taking On the South Jersey Goliath

Whether you’re a disciple of South Jersey Democratic boss George Norcross, or just someone who is running for political office on the Democratic ticket, conventional wisdom says that you don’t get very far without kissing George’s ring. Even those people who are not part of his inner circle take pains not to piss him off if they hope to win an election here.

So challenging George’s brother Donald, who was handpicked to replace another Norcross acolyte who resigned under a cloud of scandal, is a hapless task, right?

Don’t tell that to Alex Law, a 24-year old systems analyst who has put his career on hold in order to challenge The (South Jersey) Donald.

Today, I sat down with Law to discuss his seemingly quixotic quest, his positions on key issues, and his plans for the campaign.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. Or ethical.

I’ve written before about the Burlington County Freeholders taking money from the companies to whom they award big county contracts. Under the current law, these quid pro quo arrangements are legal. But they are not right. Nor are they ethical.

The same thing applies to the gun protestors who are harassing Senate President Steve Sweeney and his family by protesting against gun safety in front of the senator’s home. Just because they may have a First Amendment right to protest there (within reason), doesn’t make it right or ethical or decent. If I were advising the gun advocates, I’d tell them to go to the State House where they’d get more coverage and even run across sympathetic legislators. Their actions at the home of Senator Sweeney are indecent. But if the gun advocates had any decency, we’d have fewer guns in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them and fewer terrorist attacks like the one in South Carolina.