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Obama to campaign for Corzine at FDU

The President is coming back to New Jersey for the Governor.  According to a press release from the campaign, the doors will open at 3pm for a rally with President Obama and Governor Corzine on Wednesday, October 21. The rally will be held at the Rothman Center on the campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University and the campaign said they will release more details in the coming days.

The President was last here for Governor Corzine on July 16 in Holmdel. Vice President Biden was in Atlantic City with the Governor last week. Over at PNJ, Wally says that the Corzine campaign has asked the White House for another visit from the President just before Election day.

Obama remarks at Holmdel

The Corzine campaign has posted the full speech from President Obama yesterday at the rally in Holmdel:

The campaign sent out an email with the video along with pointing out some of the high points of the Corzine administration that the president touched upon in his speech:

We have accomplished so much for our state in the last 4 years. As President Obama highlighted yesterday in his speech, the Corzine administration:

  • Has provided more property tax relief than any other administration in New Jersey history.
  • Was the first administration in 60 years that has reduced the size of government, not just talked about it.
  • Not only protected funding for New Jersey’s schools, but also reformed them with tougher standards.
  • Expanded Children’s Health Insurance Program by 80,000 more kids.
  • Turned New Jersey into a leader in clean energy.
  • Led the way on the economic recovery with the New Jersey economic simulus plan and was an ally with the Obama administration in helping to develop the national recovery plan.
  • They closed the email to supporters with this:

    I was honored to receive the President’s support and I hope that I can count on yours as well. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to:

    1- Register to vote by mail

    2- Friend us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter


    3- Add your name to the map of our campaign’s supporters.

    You can see some of Blue Jersey’s coverage here and here.