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News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, March 4, 2013

Attending Belmar’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, presumptive Democratic candidate for Governor Barbara Buono mostly avoided talking politics. She declined to second-guess decisions made by Christie in the Jersey Shore’s recovery, but said, “The folks here have done an amazing job. I’m confident that the Shore will be ready when Memorial Day comes around.”

A Wake-Up Call

  • A Blue-Ribbon Panel reveals shaky state of NJ’s water, gas, power, and transportation infrastructures. (NJ Spotlight)

    Governor Christie

  • On Fox News Sunday Mitt Romney said he does not blame Gov. Christie or Hurricane Sandy for his defeat. “I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did.”

  • At the Christie fundraiser held by Ed Rogers of AshBritt’s lobbyist group BGR the governor held court for 30 minutes at a question-and-answer session. Spotted at the event: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell; Ed Gillespie; Christie confidante Mike DuHaime; BGR Group officers and others.

    Gun Safety

  • The Record’s Mike Kelly invites us to meet the AR-15, America’s and New Jersey’s weapon of choice.

  • At a gun rights forum in Teaneck a person holding a copy of the constitution asked Sen. Majority Leader Weinberg, “Where in here does it say you can regulate our rights?” She shot back that there have been regulations to the Bill of Rights since the founding of the country.

    Sex Trafficking

  • Maria’s harrowing descent: how one woman in New Jersey was ensnared.

  • Polaris rates the states on the statutes they have in place to prevent and prosecute human trafficking. New Jersey rates 6 out of 12 possible points.

  • The “Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act”  (A3352) passed in the Assembly and is being reviewed in the Senate.

    Under The Dome

  • Today 9:30 AM (State House): Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee Meeting: to hear testimony on Hurricane Sandy rebuilding and planning issues.

  • Tuesday 9:00 AM (State House) : Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee: to hold the first Public Hearing on the FYI 2014 State Budget. The Record: “Contained in the fine print of Christie’s latest budget documents is an admission that the administration’s bold prediction of a 7.2 percent rise in revenue for the current fiscal year will not come true.”  

  • Tuesday 11:00 AM (State House) Joint Committee on the Public Schools: Marc Larkins, CEO of the NJ Schools Development Authority, will update members on school facilities and construction.

  • Friday 1:30 PM (State House): Senate & Assembly Legislative Oversight Committees: to take testimony from invited persons about Superstorm Sandy debris cleanup. (See Senator Weinberg’s Sunday Op-Ed piece on AshBritt, Christie & Sandy in the Record.)

    LD 39

  • Republicans picked Bob Auth, Old Tappan Republican municipal chairman, to run for Assemblyman Robert Schroeder’s seat. Incumbent Schroeder pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he allegedly stole more than $1.8 million.

    Internet Gambling

  • Is the recent legalization of NJ internet gambling a cause for celebration in Atlantic City? Or is it a distinct invitation to customers to NOT visit AC and gamble at home?

    No surprise for a bridge dating back to 1873

  • A Conrail official said Saturday that the Paulsboro railroad bridge damaged during a derailment Nov. 30 will be replaced rather than repaired.

  • More Republican Corruption Uncovered

    Another Republican legislator is in trouble for their personal finances and corruption.

    State Assemblyman Robert Schroeder made “misrepresentations” about his financial situation to obtain a $3 million loan from Atlantic Stewardship Bank, according to a lawsuit filed by the bank.

    Schroeder borrowed $2 million from the bank in September 2010 and signed two other agreements in the following months to extend the loan to $3 million, the lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Hackensack states.

    He later defaulted on the payments, and the bank learned that Schroeder owed more than $5 million to other lenders – a deal-breaking detail he left out from the financial disclosures he made to the bank when he requested the loan, according to the lawsuit.

    Schroeder was earlier accused of not paying a personal loan and kiting checks.  

    In the past couple months there have been quite a few GOPers accused of misconduct and corruption, people seemingly missed while Chris Christie was US Attorney.

    Blue Jersey Focus – Assemblyman Joe Cryan

    “The Courage to Speak Out”

    That’s an attribute Assemblyman Joe Cryan says he admires. But he’s also the epitome of this philosophy – often paying the political price. Once part of the Democratic leadership in Trenton, he’s now somewhat of a pariah within his own party because he insists on adhering to Democratic principles rather than political expediency.

    I spoke with Cryan earlier today at a law office in Union. We talked about his joining with Michael Patrick Carroll to vote against the Constitutional amendment to limit judges’ benefits, his political philosophy, the travails of Assemblyman Schroeder, and Cryan’s favorites to challenge Chris Christie in 2013. Cryan excoriates both the Governor and, when deserved, his fellow Democrats.

    I’ve interviewed lots of legislators, mostly Democrats, and I like and would support most of them. But Cryan is a more refreshing breed. He doesn’t dance around questions, and is as blunt and to the point as his counterpoint, Chris Christie, but without being obnoxious about it.  If you don’t know Joe, watch this video and be pleasantly surprised.

    Deep Thought: Republican fraud edition

    Well, lookie what we have here:

    Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced that a criminal complaint was filed today against New Jersey Assemblyman Robert Schroeder (R-39) charging him with writing nearly $400,000 in bad checks to people who invested large sums in his company, All Points International Distributors, Inc., which sells tents and prefabricated buildings to the U.S. military.

    A Republican charged with defrauding and ripping off investors for his company who gets the bulk of its money from Government contracts.  Governor Christie’s old friend Solomon Dwek is probably laughing and thinking that it’s too bad he didn’t have a buddy at the Attorney General’s office like Dwek did at the US Attorney office.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Christie’s next YouTube moment denouncing illegal acts by our elected officials who suck at the teat of Uncle Sam with lush government contracts.

    McCarthy and Shahdanian for District 39

    It’s rewarding to see such fighting attitude emerge in the state races inside the Congressional District represented by the backwards-leaning Rep. Scott Garrett. It’s great to watch that infrastructure getting built – – promoted from the diaries by Rosi Efthim

    Cross-posted from RetireGarrett.com

    Full Disclosure: I was just hired as a Field Organizer for Jon Corzine’s Coordinated Campaign in Bergen County, which supports John Shahdanian and Mike McCarthy for Assembly in the 39th District.

    New Jersey’s 39th District Assembly races (which include these Bergen County towns) are typically blowouts. Republicans have held the district’s two Assembly seats since 1977 despite Democrats’ success in the rest of Bergen County. 2009 is going to be different though – Republican incumbent Charlotte Vandervalk and first-time candidate Robert Schroeder are being challenged by upstart Democrats John Shahdanian and Michael McCarthy.