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NJ-5: Updates from the Dennis Shulman Campaign

by Jocelyn K, Shulman Field Coordinator

On Saturday, we went to the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival. Originally a celebration for the town’s first stoplight, the festival on Saturday was a full street of booths and crowded with people. We were with the West Milford Democrats, including the Mayor and two Council candidates, who seemed to know everyone walking down the street. Dennis came by around 1:30, along with some of his childhood friends, who were visiting (and helping campaign) for the weekend. They walked around passing out literature, while Dennis met voters, both at the booth and around the fair.

Of course, who should show up at the fair while we were there, but Congressman Scott Garrett. He walked around with a small entourage of children (9-12 years old, it looked like) marching along behind him. We brought out our “Lobbyists for Garrett” signs, in his honor, including a Garrett puppet, but he carefully ignored our presence at the booth. I understand that he and Dennis ran into each other, and had a brief, “pleasantly awkward” conversation.

All in all, though, it was a good day. We met a lot of voters, including a few who were very enthusiastic and will become volunteers. All of the West Milford Democrats are working hard, for their own races and ours, and we know that their work will pay off. West Milford is one of the biggest towns in NJ-5, and we hope that they will go Democrat this year!

Dennis with Sustainable West Milford

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Congressional campaign roundup


I did a post yesterday about the latest investment from the DCCC in NJ-3 and NJ-7.


It’s all about state and local issues in the 3rd.  PolitickerNJ called it Burlington vs. Trenton.  The Myers campaign is going after Adler on grants he got for his district from the now much publicized Property Tax Assistance and Community Developments grants program.    Adler’s campaign has responded calling on Myers to take a stand on the corruption in Burlington County from the Bridge Commission.  I understand what the campaigns are doing, but I still think that NJ-3 has seen many businesses close as a result of the economic turmoil and that will be the issue that drives voters decisions at the polls on election day. I would keep reminding people daily that Chris Myers thinks the economy is basically strong.


Josh Zeitz was endorsed yesterday as the 1st recommended candidate by Democrats 2000:

In an election where the Democratic Party is expected to make large gains, no young candidate has generated more buzz than Josh Zeitz, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th District. Polling data putting his incumbent opponent well below the 50% mark just weeks before election day, Josh’s already record breaking fundraising, and an influx of new registrants making Democratic voters the majority in this district may very well be the perfect recipe for change from years of ineffective Republican rule in this part of the state.


The Shulman campaign has gone right after Garrett on the current economic situation and his ties to it with their latest television ad:

Visuals: Opening image of New York Stock Exchange floor, followed dark screen with words “Fire Scott Garrett” followed by Garrett’s face alongside the Capitol building and then Countrywide mortgage office as phrases spoken by narrator appear on screen. Ends with image of Shulman.

Analysis: Shulman, who has aired only negative ads this fall, continues his head-on attack of Garrett. If voters believe the markets-know-best attitude caused the current crisis, the ad – despite exaggerations – could do some damage because Garrett has generally been a free-market champion.

Here is the ad.  It’s a great example of linking the Congressman and his actions to the current situation.


The Stender campaign continues to go after Leonard Lance on his record on birth control:

Lance admitted he opposed Stender’s bill and believed women should be forced instead to rely on pharmacist referrals for their prescriptions if they were not able to obtain their birth control. Stender denounced this as an undue burden for women, stating, “Women should not have to drive around just to get their basic prescriptions filled. Leonard Lance is truly out of touch if he believes women should be forced to drive from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for someone to give them their medication.”

I wasn’t aware this is such a huge issue in the 7th.  I might mention that whether a woman is able to get birth control becomes less of a factor if she can’t afford the birth control because she already makes less at the job she hopes she doesn’t lose because she won’t be able to find another one in the bad economy. They mention driving from pharmacy to pharmacy, but don’t make the connection to the burden of the cost of gas.  Lance has tried to focus on the Property Tax grant program as well, not making any mention of the economy.

Update:  I was running out the door.  Here is some more.


Dave Kurkowski is getting ready for another chance to debate Frank Lobiondo:

The Cape May County League of Women Voters and 98.7 FM WCZT, The Coast radio station, are joining forces this year to sponsor the only Candidates Forum in the county where all six candidates running for the 2nd Congressional District will be present.

All of the candidates went after Lobiondo’s record at the last debate to which he responded if you have any question to call his office, so I wouldn’t expect anything different once again.  Kurkowski also has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm to discuss Lobiondo’s broken contract with America.


Tom Wyka was all over the economic crisis penning an Op-Ed talking about how partisan politics won’t end the fiscal crisis:

My hope at this point is that any recovery plan focuses first and foremost on the root cause that haunts Main Street. All attempts should be made to see that honest, hardworking people can somehow remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure. This is essential to stop the slide in the market overall. Stimulating the economy comes next. Many options are on the table, including efforts to create jobs through a conversion to a green economy.

FogerRox has also had some great coverage of Frelinghuysen and his lack of support for veterans and events in the 11th including news of Obama Policy Advisor Mark Alexander coming to town to join Councilman Ron Rice Jr. for a Wyka event.

The winds of change are blowing…

Indulge me in a cross-state comparison (after all, Sarah Palin says those state borders are just “imaginary lines”).  New Mexico’s Second Congressional District (also known as the “Southern District” because it covers the entire southern half of the state). hasn’t been held by a Democrat since Harold Runnels died in 1980.  In 2006, Republican incumbent Steve Pearce won 60% of the vote.  In 2004, he took 60% of the vote, as well.  President Bush lost the other two districts in New Mexico, but ran up large enough vote totals in the southeastern corner of the state that he managed a slender win.

So it’s a hopeless case, right?  

Well, Democrat Harry Teague released an internal recently that showed him with a five point lead over Republican Ed Tinsley.  A poll commissioned by DKos has him up by four.  With a month to go to the election.  Close, but outside the margin of error.

So what does this have to do with New Jersey?  

We have two very close open seat races this year.  In NJ-03, John Adler has a legitimate shot at picking up a traditionally Republican seat.  In NJ-07, Linda Stender is a hair’s breadth from ending Leonard Lance’s political career.  Of course, there are other races – races that once looked as hopeless as NM-02.  

In NJ-05, Dennis Shulman is making Scott Garrett work for his seat.  Tom Wyka is running yet another strong campaign against Rodney Frelinghuysen.  Josh Zeitz is working his tale off against Chris Smith.  Dave Kurkowski isn’t letting LoBiondo have a free ride.  

None of these races are safely in the Democratic column.  They need time and they need money.  They need you.  New Mexico is almost assuredly going 100% blue this year.  Only you can make that happen in New Jersey, too.

Scott Garrett: Conservative Farmer or creative bookkeeper?

Maybe he means fiscally conservative in the sense of tightfisted with his own finances?  Or possibly we should start calling him Farmer Scott?  The Shulman campaign comes out today with a new website – www.garrettshrubs.com – and goes on the air with an ad hitting Congressman Garrett on a farming tax exemption he avails himself of but fails to report as required:

According to the Shulman campaign’s research, Garrett claims nine acres of his estate as a farm because his brother sells $700 worth of shrubs, then takes up to $41,000 in tax breaks meant to lighten the load of real New Jersey farmers.  

The ad will run on cable throughout the 5th district.  You can find their evidence on the Garrett Shrubs site along with the potential implications of such dishonesty. It appears Garrett actually reported the farm up until 2002.  And here’s what appears to be the website of the business in question. I wonder if Farmer Scott is a member of the NJ Christmas Tree Growers Association?

Wanted: Garrett surrogate – Must be Jewish, blind… knowledge of issues optional

Garrett Surrogate 9-21
Congressman Scott Garrett’s Surrogate

This past Sunday morning at Temple Emanuel in River Edge, both candidates for Congress in the 5th district were invited to speak with voters in the Community.

Congressman Garrett has attended events at the Synagogue before, but chose not to attend this one instead sending a surrogate to represent him.  Rabbi Dennis Shulman attended the event himself.

Apparently, the most appropriate representative Garrett could find was a blind and Jewish gentleman from Tenafly.  He didn’t know of Congressman Garrett’s opposition to SCHIP or his vote on the most recent compromise Energy bill on drilling.   Conservative voters won’t be thrilled to know that he didn’t even know where Scott Garrett stood on gay marriage.

I’m sure the Garrett representative is a very nice man, but being that he didn’t know Garrett’s positions, I wonder why the campaign thought he’d be the most appropriate surrogate? It would be interesting to know whether he’s been a surrogate before or if this was a one time deal.

*Update:  It turns out that the campaign surrogate is from the District after all.  And especially given that, if he’s surrogating for Scott Garrett, you’d think he’d brush up on some of what Garrett’s stands are.   The post has been updated to reflect the change.

Help send a field organizer to John Adler or Dennis Shulman in only 30 seconds

Democrats are most effective when we utilize all our resources. Therefore, 21st Century Democrats wants to harness the excitement of the Netroots to power our Grassroots field organizing. We’ve created a contest between 12 great congressional candidates, and now we need your vote to decide who should get field organizers to help them until Election Day. Round One will pare down the twelve to six and then Round Two will decide the three winners.

If you believe in John Adler or Dennis Shulman, head on over to our website and vote. It will only take a few moments and your vote could put John Adler or Dennis Shulman over the top on Election Day.

There is one vote per valid email and voting for Round One will end on September 20, 2008. You can start voting for Round Two on September 21st. We’ll declare our winner on October 1, 2008.

QOTD: Six Degrees edition

During his call for Rep. Scott Garrett (R – $$$) to return the money indicted Senator Ted Stevens donated in 2002, Jeff Hauser (Dennis Shulman’s campaign manager) says:

“Between Scott Garrett’s relationships with corporate lobbyists and ethically-challenged Republican colleagues, what Washington scandal is Scott Garrett not a part of?”

Shall we start “Six Degrees of Scott Garrett”?

Ok.  Ted Stevens.  Ted Stevens gave money directly to Scott Garrett.  Wow, that wasn’t very hard.  What scandal can you connect Scott Garrett to?

If Garrett wants money for his district – it must be election time!

It really galls me when people try to use our troops as a pawn in our political system.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of ways to do it.  Some of them even make it look like the person playing chess is a nice guy.

Like this:

The House rejected Rep. Scott Garrett’s attempt today to add $18 million for renovating veterans’ homes, including one in Paramus, but the funding could still be approved by the Senate.

Garrett said a $1.4 million expansion of the day room for the Paramus facility is one of more than 200 projects on a high-priority backlog for the 126 veterans? homes around the country.

How can you say something bad about someone trying to fix a dayroom at a Veteran’s Home?  Ugh.  Make the jump.

Scott Garrett: Indicted Senator’s Favorite NJ Congressman

The Center for Responsive Politics has released a list of all current members of Congress who have taken money from indicted Senator Ted Stevens (R – Corruption).  Guess who the only person from New Jersey is?

Scott Garrett.

Unfortunately, the the document doesn’t say when Scott Garrett received the money or whether it came directly out of Stevens’ dirty wallet or from his criminal front organization political action committee.  But we do know that it was $1000.

Stevens is widely known for only giving to people that “vote his way”.  So I’d like to know what Garrett did to “earn” this money, and if he’s willing to donate it to a charity other than NJGOP to show that he won’t tolerate corruption.