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Election Night Results Blogging at Blue Jersey

Of course, we will be on top of things tomorrow as the polls close and the results start to (happily) roll in.

I will hopefully be live blogging at the Shulman for Congress victory party (wireless access permitting), and we will have updates from other Blue Jersey front pagers who will be “on the inside” at the Adler and Stender camps as well.

The thread will go up around 8PM to coincide with the closing of the polls, and hopefully we will have good news to report throughout the night.

Hope to see you here tomorrow night celebrating with us!!!

Swing State Project Upgrades Shulman

The momentum continues:

NJ-05 (Garrett): Likely Republican to Lean Republican

This expensive, Republican-leaning district on New Jersey’s northern border was always going to be a tough nut to crack. But it looks like rabbi & psychologist Dennis Shulman has closed a lot of ground with uber-wingnut Scott Garrett and could be poised to deliver an upset. Shulman, a first-time candidate, has raised almost a million bucks and just got a dose of help from the DCCC.

He’s also gotten under Garrett’s skin, prompting shrill freak-outs and bizarre attacks. The only public polls of this race (by R2K) showed nice momentum for Shulman, while Garrett dangled below 50. It would still be an upset if Shulman were to win here, but a Dem victory now looks much more possible than at any time in the past. (David)

And from the final race ratings at dailykos:

NJ-05 Garrett: Leans Republican

Shulman has incredible momentum at the moment, and with a week or two more this could be a tossup. As it is, he stands a legitimate shot at pulling off the upset here.

It has been a great rise to a legitimate shot at flipping the seat for this campaign.  If you are in the area and want to help put them over the top, you can click here to volunteer to GOTV on election day.

NJ5: When it Rains, it Pours – and This Storm is Brewing

Update: No, it’s not your imagination – this diary really went up 37 seconds after Clammyc’s report from the DCCC rally, which also mentioned the Record endorsement. Seriously, it’s pouring in the Fifth. – JG

It has been one crazy week for Dennis Shulman in his bid to unseat Scott Garrett in NJ-5.

On Monday, we learned that even Republicans think Garrett is a nut.

On Tuesday, Dennis scores a huge endorsement from former-republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and together, they proceed to take it to Garrett in a big way.

Wednesday brought word that Garrett had been caught dodging the media in a positively Kean-ian display of a flailing campaign.

Yesterday, Democracy for America showed up with money and volunteers, Open Left moved the race to “leans republican” from “likely republican,” and the campaign released a compelling video that leaves no doubt Dennis belongs in the Congress.

And today – the big guns came to town in support, with DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen and Congressmen Pallone, Pascrell, and Rothman came a-stumpin’ for Dennis, to fire up the ground game in Paramus ahead of GOTV weekend.

It’s no wonder Garrett is running scared.

Big names, big money out in NJ-5

I just got back from a rally in Paramus for Dennis Shulman’s campaign where three current NJ Congressmen (Pallone, Rothman, Pascrell) and DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen railed against Scott Garrett’s disgusting personal attacks against Dennis, as well as talked about how out of step and out of touch Garrett is.

In addition to the radical and narrow ideology as well as his votes against the GI Bill, the Voting Rights Act reauthorization, SCHIP, mental health parity for veterans and a whole slew of others that people in this district would be appalled if they knew about, Van Hollen indicated that on behalf of the DCCC, he is providing close to $85,000 for the final weekend push here.

Dennis has already said that much of it will be used to blanket the airwaves to counter Garrett’s insidious ads and to bring the campaign across the finish line.

Also, today brought another endorsement of Shulman – the Bergen Record, adding to the impressive list of businesspeople, politicians and organizations who have endorsed the common sense solutions oriented approach of Dennis over the radical out of touch Garrett.

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A note to gun owners in NJ-5: you’re being lied to.

In today?s Bergen Record, there is an article about guns and the race here in NJ-5 between Dennis Shulman and Scott Garrett.  And in this article (not surprisingly) is a number of thoughts, mischaracterizations and outright misleading comments about Dennis Shulman and his views on gun ownership.

In the press conference announcing Mayor Michael Bloomberg?s endorsement of Shulman, both of them had a lot to say about guns and gun ownership.  Not surprisingly, none of this seems to matter to Garrett as he panders to gun owners? fears about the ?evil lib?rul boogyman who wants to take all of your guns away?.  And the following comment by a Garrett supporter is quite telling of the fearmongering that Garrett has resorted to:

Gas station owner Bob Guidone of Wantage received his postcard in the mail on Monday, but didn’t need any convincing. He’s a big Garrett supporter, and says the incumbent understands his constituents.

“Up here, we like our freedom and we do like to hunt,” Guidone said. The biggest issue for Guidone is his right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and he’s suspicious of what Obama’s recent pledge to “redistribute the wealth” would mean for a small business owner like himself.

“We work hard and we don’t rely on government handouts,” he said. “And don’t forget that Hitler took all the guns away. That’s how he took over Germany.”

Yes, Hitler and a rabbi from Northern New Jersey have a LOT in common.  Right?.

The reality is, Shulman is against a few very sensible things relating to guns ? none of which apply to anyone that isn?t, quite frankly, such a fanatic that they are willing to put the safety of children and innocent citizens about their own extreme narrow and uncompromising agenda.  And so I will put it very clearly (as both Shulman and Bloomberg said very clearly on numerous occasions):

Dennis Shulman does not want to, nor has he said that he has any interest in ?taking guns away? from hunters or gun owners who are not criminals.  


What Shulman has said is that he can?t understand why lawful gun owners and hunters either can?t see the difference between (or are being duped by the NRA) child safety locks on guns so that kids don?t accidentally shoot themselves in the head.   Or the difference between hunting or collecting guns and loopholes that allow gun dealers who have lost their license to sell guns being able to sell them on the streets ? getting them into the hands of criminals who kill innocent bystanders, whether they are teens or soldiers.

It is really that straightforward.  Hunters will keep their guns.  Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or, well, lying.  To make a vote based on false beliefs is a shame and a travesty that someone is either willfully or willingly uninformed when making such a huge decision.

And it is time that gun owners, gun collectors and hunters in NJ-5 know the truth about Dennis Shulman, as well as the misleading information they are getting from Scott Garrett and the NRA.


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Bloomberg, Shulman take it to Garrett in press conference

As already noted (and broken, I might add) by Blue Jersey, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endorsed Dennis Shulman’s Congressional run in NJ’s fifth district in a press conference earlier this morning.  This is obviously huge news for a race that initially wasn’t even supposed to be on anybody’s radar but through Shulman’s campaign as well as people of the District waking up to the extreme ideology of Scott Garrett (someone who even Jon Cornyn’s campaign manager called a “nut”), has gotten the exposure that it sorely needs to send one of Congress’ most odious members home for good.

Bloomberg made a brief opening statement and took questions for approximately 20 minutes – most of the salient points from the Q/A session are below – before turning the press conference over to Dennis, who made a statement and then took questions for another 20 minutes.

In his opening statement Mayor Bloomberg indicated that he was impressed by Dennis’ pragmatic sensible approach to tough issues, including the economy and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.  In endorsing Shulman, Bloomberg indicated that Congress needed more members to focus on reaching across the aisle for problem solving and not ideology, an obvious point aimed at incumbent Garrett’s rigid and narrow ideological view – something that was touched on throughout the press conference.  

In talking about Shulman’s background, Bloomberg urged district to vote for Dennis.

The following is excerpted from Shulman’s statement thanking Bloomberg for his support:

I am so honored to have this endorsement.  [Mayor Bloomberg’s] record of accomplishments as businessman, civic leader and elected official has been an inspiration in my run for office.  I have long admired Mayor Bloomberg’s steady leadership in NYC.  He sees problems as solvable and not an opportunity to apply extreme ideology.  This is what the voters of NJ’s fifth district need.  For too long we have had a Representative that has failed us on the economy.  For too long, our Representative has pursued a rigid narrow approach to economic issues we face in NJ and the nation.  We don’t need more erratic decision makers.  We need more independence as the Mayor has demonstrated repeated.  We need a Representative that shares the Mayor’s flexibility and problem solving approach.  Mayor Bloomberg is not a career politician but ha a common sense pragmatic approach to government.  I will apply the Mayor’s problem solving perspective to the challenges we face as a nation.

The press conference had participation from a number of NY and NJ based papers, and some of the questions are below.  Bloomberg indicated that he did not foresee contributing any money to this race and would probably not be making many (if any) additional endorsements this campaign season; however he would absolutely let the Shulman campaign use his endorsement and statement in an advertisement.  Shulman pointed out that while they didn’t know how they would use the endorsement yet, it is wonderful that he decided to cross the aisle and the Hudson and we will make sure people know about the endorsement.  

A big issue for the Mayor was that of gun violence and Bloomberg mentioned this in response to questions from The Bergen Record’s Herb Jackson as well as the New York Daily News, referencing the work that Newark Mayor Cory Booker has done to try and tackle this issue:

Herb Jackson : How much of this endorsement has to do with Garrett’s record with respect to the NRA?  

Mayor Bloomberg [A very] big issue is to protect police officers and make sure children don’t get shot by random bullets.  Congress’ protection of criminals with guns is “disgraceful”, especially on gun show loopholes and how Congress walked away from rule on dealer losing license that now allows sales of guns on the streets to anyone.  There is no longer a ban on assault rifles.  Dennis will stand up to change these things and his opponent “for reasons I can not fathom” will not.  How can you not stand up to criminals?

Dennis was also asked about guns by the Ledger in light of the fact that this has not been a major campaign issue to date.  Dennis responded with a story about his experiences as a psychologist who treated parents of children killed by handguns:

Shulman: One of the positions where Garrett is way over the line is his being against child safety locks.  As a psychologist, I treated a number of parents whose kids died from playing in neighbor’s home with a gun that had no lock.  No matter how you feel about the other issues related to gun control (and I am not interested in taking licensed guns from hunters who aren’t criminals), child safety locks is an ethical issue.  There is no reason we can’t support a bill that has child safety locks and I will address this when I get to Congress.

So why would people in this District, especially those who don’t live in Bergen County, care about this endorsement?  That very question was asked by the NJ Herald, a Sussex County paper.  Dennis responded by talking about his background as a problem solver, as well as Mayor Bloomberg’s background as a problem solver – things that are not being applied in the current Congress, especially by the current Representative:

Shulman: People throughout the district are interested in endorsement because Mayor Bloomberg represents someone who is a problem solver.  Garrett is committed to ideology not problem solving.  He votes with a rigid and narrow ideology.  [Former District Representative] Marge Roukema referred to him as a “right wing extremist”.  Bloomberg is not endorsing many congressional candidates, and he represents the opposite of Garrett – a problem solver, one who proposes solutions and doesn’t look into a playbook in order to figure out what to say.  That is what our country needs and that is what I also represent.

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Desperate Garrett looks the damn fool

For a district where there hasn’t been a Democratic House member in decades and the incumbent has an inherant significant advantage year in and year out, Scott Garrett is apparently running scared.

Amid getting swept in the three debates with Democratic candidate in NJ-5 Dennis Shulman (including this one just yesterday), Garrett found the time to send out mailers and run TV ads that were so over the top that they were laughable in the number of outrageous adjectives conjured up by Garrett to describe Shulman (my personal favorites being the one calling Shulman an extremist who would negotiate with terrorists and the one who accused him of “lacking a commitment to the US Constitution”).

Yes.  A rabbi from North Jersey who is a psychologist is committed to the destruction of Israel and hates America to boot.

Gotcha.  That should go over REAL well as an argument.

The unintentional comedy factor of this is also through the roof, since it is Garrett who is the extremist in his voting record (voting for dog fighting, against Katrina relief, against children’s health care coverage, against the renewal of the voting rights act, is against choice even in cases of rape and inest, received failing grades by veterans groups and introduced his own stimulus package consisting solely of corporate tax breaks), has voted to continue the unending financial sinkhole in Iraq that has made us less safe and was even called a “right wing extremist” himself by the prior republican Congresswoman, Marge Roukema.

The other irony here is that during the most recent debate, Garrett repeatedly accused Shulman of making attacks against him, when it was his shameless, embarrassingly ridiculous and outlandish accusations of Shulman’s links to “radical extremists”, Hamas, Ahmadinejad and of course, being “anti troops” that were being circulated.

Its no wonder why he was on the defensive and wouldn’t even stand up to his own ads whose message he approved of – he has essentially shared strategy with McCarthy-ite Michelle Bachmann with 2 of his high level staffers joining her campaign earlier in the year.  When you have a voting record that is so out of the mainstream in this district that the only thing to do is smear and attack your opponent in the most vile and immature manner, its no wonder that the NRCC has put the race as one of the most susceptible to lose.

Instead of defending his votes, his sketchy tax break for a non-existent “tree and shrub” farm and his views, we get another handful of mud.

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