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Will someone ask Scott Garrett how he feels about dog fighting when Michael Vick Pleads Guilty?

On Monday, Michael Vick will appear in Court to plead guilty to 2 charges for his role in a federal dog fighting conspiracy …

Vick is charged with conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal-fighting venture.

A few months ago, Scott Garrett had the opportunity to take a stand against this practice as was discussed in a previous blog post by doughnutman…

After agreeing to co-sponsor the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act and assuring his constituents that he would support it, Garrett opposed this bill to increase penalties for violations of the federal law to combat dogfighting and cockfighting. The vote  was 368-39 on March 26, 2007. He previously voted  to de-fund the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s enforcement of the nation’s animal fighting law, on July 14, 2003.

When Vick takes his plea on Monday, will anyone in the media ask Scott Garrett if he feels his votes against laws that would have cracked down on the practice of animal fighting were wrong?  If Garrett supports what Vick did and doesn’t feel his votes were wrong, maybe someone should give him the details of how Vick and his associates hung and drowned the poor dogs that couldn’t perform.

The next question is, what are you doing in the 5th district to get yourself a new Representative in Congress?

Will the GOP retirement wave wash out any NJ incumbents?

This is pure idle speculation for a Saturday afternoon, but i’ve been reading many of the articles lately talking about the retirement wave that seems to be building among House Republicans…

Hastert’s announcement – coupled with similar ones Thursday by Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce and Mississippi Rep. Charles W. “Chip” Pickering Jr. – brought to five the number of House Republicans who are not seeking re-election next year, compared with two on the Democratic side.  While nearly 15 months remain until the November 2008 election, the retirement decisions of Hastert, Pryce and Pickering will stoke speculation of a larger “wave” of GOP departures that would seriously hamper the party’s quest to make the 16-seat gain that they need to regain the House majority they lost last November.

So facing the prospects of at least 2 more years in the minority and possibly some tough re-election challenges, will any of NJ’s Republican Congress Members be swept up in the current of the retirement wave?

  • Mike Ferguson was first elected to Congress in 2000.  Will he leave office with the President that has led him down this path he has traveled rather than face what looks to be another tough challenge from Linda Stenderwith National Support from the DCCC because they have already identified him as a top 10 target?  Will he choose to spend more time with his four young children and make more in the private sector as possibly a lobbyist?  While he’s not a likely voluntary departure, could you blame him?
  • Jim Saxton was elected to Congress in 1984.  He has served for 24 years by the time election day comes around and has not really faced many serious, well funded opponents along the way.  The landscape of the 3rd has been changing with Democrats picking up seats in towns across the district and signals have pointed to Senator John Adler mounting a challenge including a radio ad that is currently being run by the DCCC.  Will he forgo a serious fight to retain the seat this time around?
  • Frank LoBiondo came to Congress in the Republican wave of 1994.  The landscape is much different 14 years later. Now he is acknowledging that he is a target this time around and he will have to defend his role in the Deepwater Disaster.  With rumors of a well known candidate such as Jeff Van Drew or Jim Whelan challenging him for the seat, might he return to the family business running the trucking company?
  • Chris Smith will have served for 28 years since his election in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.
  • Scott Garrett has the shortest tenure in Congress for NJ Republicans with 6 years since his election in 2002.
  • Rodney Frelinghuysen has also served in office since his election in ’94 with LoBiondo.

    They have been in congress for an average of 15.5 years each.  While I would not say it’s likely any of these incumbents wouldn’t seek re-election, you could ask yourself if any of them might find better reasons to not take up the fight this time around?  The bigger question is what are YOU doing in your area to help make their decision irrelevant?  The time to plan for these races is now!

  • Garrett loves hate crimes but hates education and the Jersey delegation

    Once again, Scott Garrett had a week in Congress that is as impressively arrogant and out of touch with reality as it is baffling in its draconian nature.

    There were a number of bills this week that Garrett was (once again) on the wrong side of, but there are three pieces of legislation that stand out to the point that they could not be ignored.

    For starters, there was the much-discussed Federal Hate Crimes Bill that expanded the original hate crimes law to include offenses based on sexual orientation, gender or disability in addition to the previously covered offenses of national origin, religion and race.  The bill passed by a vote of 237-180 but Scott Garrett thinks that it is ok for hate crimes if they target sexual orientation, gender or disabilityOnly one other NJ republican Congressman voted against this bill.  What a nice understanding compassionate conservative.

    The second bill, one whose goal was to renew and improve the Federal Head Start Program, as well as raise teaching standards was approved by an oerwhelming vote of 365-48Garrett was the ONLY MEMBER of the New Jersey congressional delegation to vote against this bill.

    Once again, Garrett stood completely alone amongst the New Jersey Congressional delegation with an amendment he proposed that would reduce the proposed growth in funding for the National Science Foundation from 7 percent to 6.5 percent.  There were no cosponsors to the amendment, and it was defeated 126-292I'll reiterate that NOBODY ELSE FROM NJ voted with Garrett on this amendment

    It is one thing to be out of step with the mainstream.  It is another to be out of step with reality.  It is even yet another to be out of step with your own party.  And it is EVEN ANOTHER thing to be out of step with the entire delegation from your own state

    Sadly, this is one thing that Scott Garrett qualifies as “all of the above”.


    Also posted at Retire Garrett


    Garrett Watch

    Interesting and certainly timely to see this post asking for bloggers to help take down Scott Garrett as I have been thinking of a few ways to do this, and what is needed.

    There really are two main thought processes here – the first is what I will call “Garrett Watch” which is to take stock of and follow his votes, actions and other things that can be used against him.  This would consist of documentation (like the “Retire Garrett” site but maybe more along the lines of “dumpmike”), as well as a long term effort to get OpEds, LTE’s, calls to radio shows, etc. in order to spread the word of Garrett’s more extreme of his already extreme votes and views.

    The other is more of a “data collection/analysis” approach, which I will explain more below:

    Scott Garrett and Jack Abramoff Sitting in a Tree…

    A bombshell article in today’s Washington Post sheds some new light on all expense paid trips taken by eight republican House members which were sponsored by foreign lobbying firms, including one owned by Edwin A. Buckham (former Chief of Staff to Tom DeLay) who is currently under investigation for his role in the scandals and crimes of republican felon Jack Abramoff.

    If you recall, Buckham was also tied to Mike Ferguson (NJ-7), who accepted approximately $6,000 from Buckham and his business partner.  But the revelations about Garrett come on the eve of this election, where hopefully this news can help Paul Aronsohn restore some decency and end the republican corruption that has now spread to NJ-5’s current Congressional representative.

    Disgraced Speaker Hastert To Campaign For Garrett

    **UPDATE – It just keeps getting better.  As Garrett takes the money and stays silent, Junior calls for Hastert’s resignation…

    As Republican Candidates across the country cancel their events with Speaker Dennis Hastert and editorials are calling for his resignation, Scott Garrett has gone in the completely opposite direction.  From Paul Arohnson’s Release

    Mr. Garrett has practically been alone in his silence on this matter.  No condemnation of Mr. Foley’s disgusting behavior.  No comments on his Party leadership’s apparent cover-up of
    the situation.  No nothing from Mr. Garrett, except for silence.

    The question is – Why.  Why has Scott Garrett been silent on this very important, very serious issue.  Even critics of Mr. Garrett’s couldn’t explain his silence.

    Well apparently the cat might have gotten Garrett’s tongue because he’s bringing in Hastert to raise money next week.

    “Scott Garrett has once again failed to demonstrate leadership in a time of moral crisis and has therefore once again failed the people in New Jersey’s 5th District.”

    “In a sense, he has allowed his silence to be bought.”

    I guess having the funds to protect his seat is more important than the safety of our children.  Just another reason to replace Garrett and elect Paul Arohnson.

    News Round-up & Open Thread, Tuesday July 25, 2006

    Lots of News today…

  • Gov. Corzine and Sen. Menendez said they’ll wait for an investigation to be completed before passing judgment on Attorney General Zulima Farber.  My Judgement, if she isn’t gonna resign, she should stop talking because she’s not helping herself.
  • Paul Mulshine says the Governor misses the big picture on taxes, but offers this question to Sharpe James…

    Well, I’ve got an urban issue for you, senator: If the people of Newark are as broke as you say they are, how can they afford to give you $124,654 a year?

  • A Press Conference in Trenton yesterday highlighted the fact that Junior agrees w/ President Bush about wanting to privatize Social Security.  Rather than answering the charges made against him, Junior attacked Menendez once again.  I’m shocked.
  • The Arohnson campaign has launched their new website with some real nice features including a google map for you to follow paul’s walk across the district, new video and a flash rollover comparing the candidates.  Check it out…
  • 1200 nurses will be picketing outside Virtua Hospital in Voorhees today.  They have been working w/out a contract since June 11.
  • You’ve heard of selling buildings or the turnpike, but the Daily Record asks how bout selling the NJ Lottery?
  • A company has nixed plans to build a strip club in Little Egg Harbor after opposition by local residents.  Reverand Steven Overholt responded…

    Overholt said he felt like “God answered our prayers” when he heard the news that the plan to build a Delilah’s Den was dead.

  • From Think Progress, “In a letter to Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), the CIA said it had no record of anyone in the administration who is no longer privy to the nation’s most sensitive secrets because of the Plame leak.”

    Thats all folks…