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Our troops protect us… does Garrett protect them?

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We can never adequately express our gratitude for the sacrifices that the members of our armed forces make everyday to ensure that we enjoy all of our freedoms as Americans. Not only do our servicemen and women risk life and limb to defend these freedoms, but they also spend months and sometimes years stationed thousands of miles away from their families and loved ones.

In a recent newsletter, Scott Garrett had the gall to claim that he has worked for our veterans and their families while representing them in Congress.  However, his record demonstrates quite the opposite, as he has consistently failed to support America?s veterans in his votes.  

Most recently, Garrett voted against the 2008 GI Bill, which overwhelmingly passed Congress and will greatly improve the educational opportunities available to our veterans.  Garrett also refused to support legislation like the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2007 (H.R. 2764), which ensures that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will receive the quality health care they deserve.  Furthermore, he opposed expanding access to the military?s TRICARE health insurance program to thousands of Reservists and National Guard members, even though 40% of Reservists aged 19 to 35 lack health coverage (H.R. 1815).  

Garrett has consistently earned appalling ratings from a number of veterans? organizations, including a C- from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a 36% from The Retired Enlisted Association in 2006, and a 0% from the Disabled American Veterans in 2005.  NJ-05 deserves a representative who will not only support our troops in word, but also in deed.

Unlike Garrett, I will work to ensure that our heroes in the armed forces will be able to return home safely and enjoy all of the freedoms that they have sacrificed so much to protect.  This includes supporting legislation like the GI Bill, as well as the Assured Funding for Veterans Health Care Act (H.R. 2514) and the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act (H.R. 5740).  These bills will guarantee that veterans are given the benefits they need and deserve.  

As a member of Congress, I will never stop fighting to make sure we fulfill our obligations to those who have served our country.  From improving health care and educational opportunities for veterans, to treating our troops with respect by rapidly and responsibly withdrawing from Iraq, I will work to ensure that the men and women of the armed forces are fully appreciated and supported.  

Scott Garrett wants to kick your dog.

Now that the primaries are over, it is time for all sane and rational people of the fifth district to get behind Dennis Shulman – even if you weren’t a supporter before – for the obvious reason of ending Scott Garrett’s reign as one of Congress’ most extreme rightists.  

We are familiar with his positions on calling himself a “fiscal watchdog”, yet he allocates money to the sinkhole of the Iraq occupation like a drunken sailor while voting against adequate troop rest, or his positions against Americans getting pinched in this economy or education or , healthcare coverage for children and how he is frequently the only NJ (and even Northeast) Representatives to vote against some of the most common sense bills.

Q: Which NJ Rep Co-Sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment?

A: Scott Garrett!

A new Washington Blade article covers the latest incarnation of the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment, which would enshrine discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R, GA-10) managed to get 29 co-sponsors for the bill, and we here in NJ-5 were disappointed, if not at all surprised, to see that Rep. Scott Garrett signed on, making him one of only two Northeastern co-sponsors.

Gen. Clark wants to help your candidate

This is pretty cool…

Today, the WesPAC and Democrats Work communities launched a contest to determine which Congressional District General Wes Clark is going to visit this summer.

This won’t be an ordinary visit.  General Clark will travel to one Congressional District where a Democratic challenger is fighting to change the direction of our country to work side-by-side with area Democrats to make a positive impact through community service.  We want you to tell us where we should put our values into action.

NJ has 3 candidates in the mix to possibly have Gen. Clark come to town and they could use your help:

  • NJ-3:  John Adler
  • NJ-5: Dennis Shulman
  • NJ-7: Linda Stender

    All you have to do is click the link for your candidate and it will take you directly to the voting page.  You can send this out to your friends and it’s an easy way to support your candidate because I’m sure they could benefit from having the General in town.

  • Engaging your supporters through technology

    I’m a big fan of campaigns embracing new technologies to help perform traditional campaign functions. In today’s campaign world, it’s about more than just putting up a website.   A contest for an ad is nothing new, but getting notified of a blogad contest by email through the Adler campaign’s facebook group is certainly a concept that can be successfully replicated…

    Do you ever see ads on websites, and think that you would do a better job at designing them? If so, enter the contest to design the first BlogAd for the Adler for Congress team!

    To me, this is a great idea.  As a campaign, you engage your supporters, support the netroots and encourage people to focus on how they can better elect the candidate to office without making the reader suffer through a press release to do it.  It doesn’t just have to be this idea with this platform. Campaigns can capitalize on other social networking platforms to reinforce the general campaign message in front of a different potential audience.  

    It’s important to note that while technology will not replace traditional campaign tactics such as door knocking and phone calls, it certainly can assist and enhance those efforts.  Technology can amplify the campaigns message across many mediums before numerous audiences.  It’s another tool at your disposal to help get the job done.

    In the recent diaries, you can see a video blog diary by candidate Tom Wyka utilizing the youtube platform so that people who are lazy like me and don’t want to read a complete message all of the time can click play to watch a video of him giving a clear explanation of money in politics.

    The Stender for Congress campaign has a facebook group.

    The Andrews for senate campaign has capitalized on the skills of Jay Lassiter and a handy dandy youtube account to incorporate videoblogging giving us a behind the scenes look at a campaign for Senate along with having a facebook group.  I’ve gotten emails about their latest videos and last week I got a message through the facebook group inviting supporters to the filming of a TV commercial.  The Lautenberg re-election campaign also utilizes a facebook page allowing people to join and show their support.

    The Shulman and Abate campaigns in NJ-5 are utilizing their You Tube accounts to post ads.  Shulman went on the air with his 1st TV ad which is also loaded on their Youtube page and the Abate campaign was able to post an ad from their Youtube page in the same thread.

    Many candidates have attempted to engage the netroots through posts here on BlueJersey and other national blogs.  We thank them for that and encourage them to come back frequently to continue the conversation.  BlueJersey is also engaging people with technology, so feel free to follow us on Twittter and join our myspace or facebook groups.

    I hope more campaigns will follow the lead of these candidates and Blue Jersey by continuing to engage technology as a tool to help enhance the great work they are already doing.    

    The Ramapough Reinforce My Decision to Run for Congress

    When I first decided to run for the Congressional seat in New Jersey’s Fifth District, I did it because I knew that I wanted to be a voice for the families of North Jersey who have not had a voice in Washington the past five years.

    Tuesday night, I met with leaders of the Ramapough Mountain Indians, whose land was used as a dumping ground for industrial waste for nearly two decades, and are now left to deal with the after-effects of an industry which has since pulled its jobs, and the wealth that came with it, out of the community.

    Some of the excruciating details of their plight can be found at this invaluable website, http://toxiclegacy.com/ .  

    Dennis Shulman on Blue Jersey Radio

    Dennis Shulman
    Dennis Shulman, Candidate for Congress, NJ-5

    Dennis was a great interview, and a thrill to chat with. Have a listen – JG.

    Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams LIVE with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls.

    This week: Blue Jersey Radio returns joined by NJ-5 Congressional Candidate Dennis Shulman seeking the democratic nomination in one of the few contested democratic primaries this season. With that other NJ primary coming up in June, find out why he thinks he is the best choice to take on Scott Garrett in November.

    We’ll take your calls starting at 8:30 p.m. at: (646) 652-2773

    But, consider yourselves warned: if you don’t call, we may just call you.

    Blue Jersey RadioListen to Blue Jersey Radio on internet talk radio

    And We’re BACK!!

    Spring Break(No, not right now – read on.)

    After a few much-needed weeks on break, Blue Jersey Radio returns later this week, with just a few nips and tucks to freshen things up:

  • less Trenton, and MORE NEW JERSEY
  • less sports, fashion and pop culture, and MORE POLITICS
  • less idle chatter, and MORE GUESTS
  • and most importantly, NO MORE SATURDAYS!

    That’s right – with batteries recharged, Blue Jersey Radio is coming back, and moving to Primetime!

    This Thursday, April 17th at 8:30pm: join us and our special guest:  NJ-5 Congressional Candidate Dennis Shulman.

    Last month, we heard from Shulman’s primary opponent, Camille Abate, on her plans to take down Scott Garrett. Now, we’ll hear what Dennis has to say about how he plans to beat the newly minted Mr. 29% himself!

    As always, we invite you to call in LIVE at: 646-652-2773. Questions ahead of the show? Drop ’em in the comments, and tune in Thursday to Blue Jersey Radio – NJ’s best political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls. Talk to you then!  

    Listen to Blue Jersey Radio on internet talk radio

  • Why Dennis Shulman Can and Will Take the Fifth

    Is the 5th winnable?

    Of course it is, with the right candidate — and here’s why we believe that candidate is Dennis Shulman.

    Dennis only began to explore a race for Congress in September, 2007, and announced his decision to run two months later.  

    The thinking is this — Shulman’s background as psychologist, educator, author, and rabbi who would be the first blind Member of Congress in generations-gives him natural fundraising constituencies and strong press appeal.  

    Can Someone Really Take the Fifth?

    Today brings some happy news to the long-suffering constituents of Rep. Scott Garrett in New Jersey’s 5th District. A poll commissioned by NJ-5 candidate Camille Abate was released showing the incumbent racking up some dreadful numbers:

  • Scott Garrett is exceptionally vulnerable with his re-elect status standing at a dismal 29 percent.
  • Given Garrett’s poor performance numbers and the unpopularity of President Bush in the district, along with voters’ extreme dissatisfaction with the way things are going both in the country (79 percent dissatisfied), and in this district of New Jersey (60 percent dissatisfied), you have an electorate that is understandably looking for a change.
  • Those are stunningly bad numbers for Garrett.

    Depending who you ask, the 5th District is either the most conservative district in the state, or a moderate republican district that was bamboozled into electing Garrett in 2002, and is inching closer to dumping him with each passing election.

    Now, if I’m being cynical (and honest), I think it’s somewhere in between – not as conservative as Garrett’s voting record, but not as “moderate” as some wishful thinkers might imagine. So, these numbers look a little too optimistic to me.

    But, if the reality of Garrett’s poll numbers are anywhere near this low, that’s very good news for Democrats, and for both Abate and her primary opponent, Dennis Shulman (even if Abate’s poll has her beating him in June en route to November).

    There could very well be the makings of a serious general election race in the 5th. It may explain why together, Abate and Shulman have raised considerably more cash than might have been expected.

    Don’t write off this race just yet.