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Sirota: Chris Christie’s Political Team Was In Direct Contact With Pension Overseer During Campaign

Chris Christie Official PortraitGov. Chris Christie, who made even public safety on a bridge subject to political payback, who is now running NJ policy for the benefit of his coming White House run, appears to have been less than truthful when he promised a firewall between his management of $80 billion in pension funds and his own political operation. Christie’s already under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for possible securities law violations in diverting Port Authority funds to Pulaski Skyway. But the SEC also is responsible for enforcing pay-to-play law. And there, Christie may have more problems. David Sirota says he has documents to back that up.

From Sirota’s piece, at International Business Times:

The head of a New Jersey board that determines how the state invests its pension money was in direct contact with top political and campaign fundraising aides for Gov. Chris Christie as the governor last fall mounted a successful bid for a second term.

The meetings between Christie’s political team and the state’s pension overseer challenge assurances from the governor that the investment of state pension funds has been fully insulated from the political process. The meetings occurred as Christie’s campaign benefited from contributions from executives at financial firms that have secured lucrative contracts to manage growing slices of New Jersey pension money.

Bill Baroni lands a law job

Let’s review:

Bill Baroni, who has since resigned in disgrace, was the Deputy Exec. Director of the Post Authority of NY & NJ. Highest-ranking Jersey bureaucrat. Salary: about $300k. Appointed by Christie. Hired David Wildstein A/K/A the insidery “Wally Edge” who founded Politicker NJ and used his own PA job for shenanigans he clued Baroni in on. Baroni, a lawyer who used to be a senator in the NJ Legislature. Baroni lied to that same legislature, trying to sell them the fabrication that 5 days of commuter chaos and first-responder confusion was  due to a “traffic study”. There were charts. Visual aids. And it was a show; he looked really earnest, lying. He knew it was bull, because was involved in the tomfoolery that wasn’t a “traffic study”. Baroni and Wildstein were players in the Christie scheme to raise tolls on Hudson River bridges (like GWB) and tunnels to help generate a “slush fund”. And that was used to finance big construction projects that fattened the law firm of the agency’s Chair – another player close to Christie – David Samson. Baroni, who documents show scheming with Wildstein to prevent Sen. Loretta Weinberg and Assemblyman John Wisniewski from asking questions at a public meeting of the Port Authority Commissioners that they were entitled to attend.

Baroni is still employable. And he just landed well, getting a law job at Hill, Wallack.

We don’t know everything that happened in the GWB scandal. We do know Baroni lied to lawmakers. He’s complied with subpoenas. He is not disbarred. He’s entitled to find work. But it’s galling to watch a former legislator who we now know abused his power on a public salary to go from one plum position to another, safe (so far) and sound. Good luck to him.

Let the investigations continue.

If the WaPo Read Blue Jersey, They’d Already Know …

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The Washington Post broke big news today that future Governor Chris Christie had lied in his first campaign about his opponents, then tried to hide the lie and eventually had to admit his lie, apologize and pay a fine.

Of course, if the media bothered to read blogs like Blue Jersey — a blog WaPo named the best political blog in New Jersey and a Twitter feed the Star Ledger called a “must follow” — they’d have learned this back on February 16, 2008.

Maybe the media could spend some time in the archives of Blue Jersey to see the archive of misuse of public resources, the willingness to skirt the rules, and the general abusiveness of Chris Christie.

Like what? Below the fold:

He’s Not Reading The Same GAO Report As Everyone Else

Mike Drewniak, commenting on his personal version of the GAO report accusing Governor Chris Christie of “misstating” facts about the ARC tunnel:

“The bottom line is that the G.A.O. report simply bears out what we said in the fall of 2010 and say to this day: the ARC project was a very, very bad deal for New Jersey,” Drewniak told the N.Y. Times.

P.S. The Democrats noted this back in October, and were ignored. Shockingly (that was snark), there’s no mention of that in any or the reports today, either.

Scott Garrett’s Statement on The Affordable Care Act is Full of Lies

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The following is Scott Garrett’s statement to mark the second anniversary of The Affordable Care Act with a bit of reality interspersed in bold type.

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) issued the following statement today to mark the two year anniversary of ObamaCare (It’s called The Affordable Care Act (ACA). Calling it anything else makes a person look petty and small.) being signed into law:

“Two years ago today, President Obama signed ObamaCare (Once again, it’s called The Affordable Care Act.  Calling it anything else a second time makes a person look immature and the kind of person who grew up constantly bullying classmates.) into law, insisting that it would bring down the skyrocketing cost of healthcare while increasing coverage for millions of Americans.  

Double Standards

The Dems are lining up now to shove Anthony Wiener out.  There is real anger for some and I can respect that, but others are making a political calculation for themselves and/or the party.  To my way of thinking, its that kind of action – taken for expedience – that makes politicians disgusting and makes it hard for me to support them.

Sure, politics and double standards go hand and hand.  

Our politicians and their many nominees regularly lie about taxes, alien Nannies, sex, infidelity, drug use caught on camera, policy positions, secret memos to the Canadians about Trade policy… and their favorite pass time… conflicts of interest.   Voters Regularly ignore/forget these many lies and re-elect them.  

So, why should I bother to even write about double standards?  Like whether Nancy Pelosi called for Bill Clinton to resign?  Did she make some noise back then about how divisive it would be to remove a duly elected person for lying about  sex?  You know, like Anthony We…  

“Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement”

Well, it looks like Governor Chris “The Bully” Christie has totally swallowed the Republican Tea Party tea in his efforts to extend his self-promotion outside of the state.  In the last few months he has proposed gutting health care for the poor while saying he is expanding it (Paul Ryan), eliminating programs to reduce the impact of global warming while claiming to want to protect the environment, and gone after police and other public sector unions (Scott Walker).

Now he appears to want to be Jon Kyl and say whatever untruths he likes publicly, because the are not intended to be factual statements.   The Asbury Park Press has him:

When Christie added in a section about the state’s job picture, he got tripped up at multiple turns on the details – misstating the number of months in a row the state has added private sector jobs, overstating that growth, ignoring that government jobs have nudged up in recent months and dramatically understating the overall size of the public sector payroll.

Most noticeably, Christie said New Jersey has the most public workers per capita in the country, when two-thirds of states actually have more.

Christie is the perfect extension of the Atwater school of Big Lie Politics — if you keep repeating falsehoods (God not allowed in schools, Christmas under attack, Planned Parenthood does only abortions, Democrats love terrorists, Obama is a socialist born in Kenya, Christie is a straight shooter) loudly and firmly and ignore facts and evidence then your lie will be believed as if it were true.

It’s nice to see the media finally catching on.  It would have been nicer if they had done it as early as Blue Jersey did.