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Has Gottheimer Got It?

With the midterms less than four months away, Democratic Representative and incumbent Josh Gottheimer (CD 5) doesn’t have the race wrapped up, but the potential is there. A recent poll indicates Democrats are more enthusiastic about voting in the midterms. The…
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The Elephant in the Room

 In one of several versions of a famous parable, “three blind men encounter an elephant for the first time and try to describe it, each touching a different part. “An elephant is like a snake,” says one, grasping the trunk….
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Musical Candidates for the GOP in the 1st District

They’re swapping candidates in what Republicans view as one of their best hopes for a pickup, the 1st Legislative District:

Frank Conrad has left the First District Assembly race, and John McCann – an Ocean City real estate agent and politician – is poised to replace him alongside Mike Donohue on the Republican ticket, Donohue said Sunday.

Party leaders in the area learned of Conrad’s decision at week’s end. The Upper Township committeeman cited a need to concentrate on pulling his small highway-safety-equipment business through the recession.

But over at Politicker, Wally speculates it may be more of a campaign team fail:

Conrad is citing business and person reasons, but sources strongly suggest that a key reason for ending his Assembly bid is that he could not get along with his running mate, Mike Donahue, or his campaign manager, Peg Emberger.

Whatever the reason, this latest swap in the first district, gets added to the fact that the GOP state party has said they won’t support the Republican candidates who won the primary in the 3rd and the recruitment fiasco in the 14th District to pick candidates. You wonder how much of a role Jay Webber will play and what will change under his leadership of the party going forward.