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Fight to Keep Neighbors From Being Deported Now, Vote for Policy Change in November

Yesterday, local and state legislators, as well as attorneys from the NJ ACLU gathered in Metuchen to celebrate a stay of deportation for three valued members of their community. One of them, Harry Pangamanan, was recently honored by the town…
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Menendez in Metuchen

Even though his re-election is virtually assured, Senator Robert Menendez is not taking anything for granted. This was amply demonstrated by his performance in this week’s debate against State Senator Joe Kyrillos. While Kyrillos spoke mostly in platitudes and talking points, Menendez had specific facts and figures at his fingertips.

Menendez is also working hard to reach out to his constituents, criss-crossing the state to meet and greet folks from all walks of life. Today, I caught up with him at the Metuchen Country Fair, where he generously took a few minutes to speak with Blue Jersey before returning to handshaking and listening.

As an added bonus, I spoke with Congressman Frank Pallone, also below.

Buono speaks of unions

The video quality isn’t superb, and the audio skips a little. But not everybody we’ve elected to the New Jersey Legislature speaks to, or about, unionized public workers this way. This is Sen. Barbara Buono, who was guest of honor at a Highland Park PBA event, recognized for her legislative work. Buono is also a former Metuchen police commissioner, who instituted that borough’s community policing program.

Just in case you think that’s how Buono speaks only when she’s in front of a room of women and men in labor, here’s what she wrote last year, as across the country in Wisconsin, tens of thousands of workers and supporters rose up to protest a movement there to break unions by drawing back on collective bargaining. Here’s Buono’s speech from a few days ago:

At Least Mussolini Made the Trains Run On Time

Chris Christie says he’s for promoting business in New Jersey. What he fails to understand is that the engine of business is not capital from his greedy Wall Street friends, but the people who build the products, provide the service, and run that engine.

Over the past two years, the state’s ubiquitous mass transit system, NJ Transit, has been left to flounder. While raising fares, the Governor has failed to support mass transit with the investment needed to get people to and from work.

Today, NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor is in a shambles. Due to a downed wire in Metuchen, riders are being swept past their destination station and are being forced to take slowly moving trains in the opposite direction to get to work. This helps business?

NJ Transit busses, especially in North Jersey, are overcrowded and unreliable. This helps business?

Mass transit reduces traffic congestion on our deteriorating highways and thus helps mitigate air pollution. Healthy workers show up for work. Sick workers don’t help Christie’s business partners.

I realize that the Northeast Corridor’s tracks are owned by Amtrak, but let’s face it. Christie’s partners in Republican crime at the federal level are doing everything they can to eviscerate the national rail service, too.

If Governor Christie wants to demonstrate that he’s pro-business, the least he can do is help ensure that the workers can get to their work place. He should put ideology aside, sit down with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Senator Frank Lautenberg, a big proponent of world-class transit, and come up with a plan to improve and promote safe, clean, and fast transportation throughout the state.

Senator Buono for LG

Senator Buono should be Jon Corzine’s pick for Lieutenant Governor, she the progressive fiscally responsible choice for Lieutenant Governor.  As chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee she has stood up to tough special interests for the good of the people of NJ.

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