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From a Star Ledger post reporting on the upcoming tv interview of our current Governor:

“No, I am not a bully,” Christie told “CBS This Morning,” according to the report. “But what I am is a fighter. I think a bully is abusive. And a fighter is someone who’s willing to mix it up to defend his or her point of view.”


Flashing through my mind are instances of his abusive treatment of his constituents – teachers, veterans, fellow visitors to the shore, journalists, Legislators and many more.

I would hate to experience his definition of abuse, that’s for sure.  

Urgent: Send Trenton Toilet Paper

Christie does not apologize for calling Navy SEAL "idiot" and adds "jerk"Urgent: Trenton needs tissue. Right now – the City is down to single rolls, single ply and dwindling squares. This should be a post in The Onion but it’s not.

It’s real. As Trenton City Council quarrels with Mayor Tony Mack’s administration over a contract to resupply paper products, that leaves a tissue crisis in City senior centers, police department, fire department, museum, water filtration plant and City Hall itself, where supplies won’t last through the week.

But that’s City of Trenton. Aside from the proximity of the workings of City Government to the Statehouse and the workings of State government, what does that have to do with Gov. Chris Christie and the AP photo here?

Absolutely nothing. But after the week the Governor has had, and his gross behavior, the proximity works.

Christie Calls a Vet an “Idiot” – the Full Exchange

There is now an audio clip of the full exchange between Governor Chris Christie and Rutgers law student and Iraq War veteran William Brown.

I’ll take this opportunity to be the first to opine:

Brown was rude, and should not have yelled over Christie’s answer. But Christie’s response was totally disproportionate. He could have let Brown finish his interruption, asked politely for civility an the chance to respond, and then given his answer. If Brown interrupted again, he could then have politely said he wasn’t going to answer if he couldn’t speak without interruption, and then have moved on to the next question.

It is clear that Chris Christie likes engaging in this sort of bullying, aggressive behavior. I still say something is wrong with the man, and that his behavior does a discredit to our state.

Your thoughts?

Something is Very Wrong With Chris Christie

Yesterday, our governor distinguished himself by calling an Iraq War veteran an “idiot.”

No, I’m not kidding. Matt Katz tells the story:

At a town hall meeting in front of hundreds of people at the Roebling firehouse, Christie said current Rutgers-Camden students would be able to graduate with Rutgers degrees. But that did not placate William Brown, 34, a former Navy SEAL and second-year Rutgers-Camden law student, who asked about the future.

“What about my son? What about my neighbors? What about my friends?” Brown asked.

More below the fold …

Mike Ferguson: It’s Sexism!!

Mike Ferguson, the backbencher who would rather give up his seat than defend it against Linda Stender, had this to say about GOP Vice Presidential nominee (tonight, anyway) and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

“She’s the governor of a state!” Ferguson cried. “To see her record of accomplishment and see the disdain, elitism, and frankly sexism from folks who see themselves as champions, has been extraordinary for many of us who know what an extraordinary vice-president she’s going to be.”

You’re right, Mike.  It’s elitism and sexism to think someone who was Mayor and councilwoman in a town the size of Watchung NJ and governor for 18 months of the third smallest state in the country might not be ready to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.  

Really, this is a pathetic attack line that is intended to insulate a weak candidate.  

It is sexism, Mikey, to attack any critique of your candidate as sexism solely because your candidate is a woman.  Not one negative story has been about her as a woman, but as a right wing nutcase with very little governing experience.

And it is elitism, Mikey, to attack any critique of your candidate as elitism solely because it is an attack on someone like you.  Obviously you consider her elite, like yourself with your rich parents who sent you to the best private schools and funded your first campaign illegally, and thus any attack on her is an attack on you.