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Paul Ryan’s Flop in New Jersey

When Mitt Romney’s campaign leaked the news last Friday evening that he was going to choose as his running mate Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan – Tea Party hero and architect of the GOP plan to convert Medicare into a voucher program – all I could think was, “gee, I thought only bad news got leaked on Friday nights.”

And bad news it has been in New Jersey, especially for Republican Senate Candidate Joe Kyrillos, who is now faced with defending Ryan’s radical budget plans to a moderate-to-liberal New Jersey electorate, or calling out the top of the ticket for being too extreme for the Garden State (and taking heat from conservatives).

In less than a week Romney’s bold boldness in going bold with the bold pick of Paul Ryan has seen little to no bounce nationally, and has been a disaster here in the Garden State.

Of course, it could have been worse. He could have chosen Governor Christie, a.k.a., Governor 9.8%, b.k.a. the Unemployment Governor. The media may overlook Christie’s abysmal record on jobs for his star turn as the GOP Convention keynote speaker in two weeks. But, let’s face it, had he been the nominee, with the glare of a national media paying closer attention, there would be no hiding from the fact that the “Jersey Comeback” is a sham, hiding behind a curtain, waiting to be exposed.

No one seriously believes Christie was bypassed because he wouldn’t resign his position as Governor – it’s a little embarrassing that they’re even trying to stand by that canard. Maybe just maybe, it was New Jersey’s jobs numbers that led Romney to instead pick a Tea Party darling as his running mate. Even if it meant burying the news on a Friday night.

Star-Ledger Christie caption FAIL

He’s got repeat letters, the first 5 – C-H-R-I-S – repeat in both his first and last name. If you have to type it out, which we do and so does every Jersey newspaper every day, it’s easy to add the T in his last name to his first.

It’s a simple mistake Star-Ledger made this morning – I’ve made the same – but it’s been up since 5:30am. It seems fitting that it’s the caption in Tom Moran’s column about Gov. Christie’s lying (he might call it something else), bad attitude and nastiness. See also Good Sunday Reading.

For your amusement (sorry, Star-Ledger):, an unintentional comment on the over-high opinion the Governor has of himself:

Star-Ledger caption FAIL

ToTD: (Christie) FAIL Edition

Our Tweet of the Day comes via Amy Z. Quinn of the Citizen Mom blog, Philadelphia citypaper columnist and prolific Tweeter:

I crack up hearing about @govchristie’s ‘rising star.’ sounds like he’s positively RACING TO THE TOP! Oh wait … FAIL. Sorry, schoolkids!

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The $400,000,000 BlueJerseyRadio Podcast. It’ll set you free.

Did you miss last night’s scintillating edition of BlueJerseyRadio? You know, the one where Jeff and I served up the pithiest political dish in the land? The one with chairman John Wisniewski rallying the troops to keep flogging Governor Christie whose latest hissy cost New Jersey students nearly a half billion dollars?

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BlueJerseyRadio welcomes John Wisniewski LIVE tonight at 8:00pm

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Our guest, Assemblyman John S. Wisneiwski represents Sayreville in the NJ Assembly. He’s also chairman of the NJ State Democratic Committee and that’s the hat he’ll be wearing tonight. After all, who better to discuss the ongoing SchundlerGate ™ story than the party’s partisan-in-chief, John Wisniewski?

Jeff and I welcome your calls — especially if your name is Bret Schundler –as we unravel the complicated layers of Governor Christie’s colossal $400,000,000 school-funding hissy fit. So if you’re in the mood to pile on, won’t you join us? at (646) 652-2773.

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An Open Invitation to Bret Schundler

Dear Mayor Schundler:

Most of us know what it’s like to have a crappy work week. But looking at what you’ve endured for the past week, I can’t help but feel for you.

After all, Governor Christie made you look like a fool. Then a liar. Then incompetent. After twisting in the wind, Governor Christie finally fired you. All while he made you look petty for not signing off on your dismissal letter.

We understand if you’re left feeling a bit jilted which is why I’d love to invite you to come onto BlueJerseyRadio this Tuesday at 8pm. Consider this an open invitation to come to unburden yourself to an appreciative crowd. It’s easy to be a guest, just call into the show (646) 652-2773 any time between 8-8:30pm this Tuesday.

Basically, we empathize with you. So if you’re looking for a warm place to cultivate your hard-earned feelings of vengeance, just know this much: you’ll always have a wide-open forum on Blue Jersey Radio.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hang in there,

Kudos to Reps. Pallone, Holt and Payne

For those who haven’t been following the latest Afghanistan funding news (other than the huge WikiLeaks story showing how horrible things really are there), it goes something like this:

Democrats in the House swore they wouldn’t pass a funding bill.  Then they swore that it wouldn’t be passed without PAYGO.  Then they swore it wouldn’t be passed without adding domestic spending for some very necessary programs in it.  Which they did pass.  Then the Senate rejected the funding (without PAYGO), sending it back to the House for a standalone vote – no PAYGO, no domestic spending.

Make this clear – this was a vote to continue wasting tens of billions of dollars on what has become a clusterf**k of an operation with no defined mission or goal or endgame – at a time when families are barely hanging on here in the US.  And it comes at a time when 90,000 documents were just released showing just how much of a disaster the occupation has become, and at a time when casualties are ever increasing.

And at a time when Republicans in the House have screamed about the deficit and helping those here in the US, it is ironic but expected that only 12 voted against the funding (all 5 here in NJ voted for it, no shocker there).  But of the 102 Democrats to vote against it, three were from New Jersey, and should be singled out for their patriotic and brave stand against this waste of money, priorities and lives.

So a big thank you to Congressmen Pallone, Holt and Payne.  You did real good with this vote.

Here is their contact info if you want to thank them as well:

Pallone: Phone: (202) 225-4671

Holt: Phone: (202) 225-5801

Payne: Phone: (202)-225-3436

Do New Jerseyans realize what is going on?

When then-Governor Elect Chris Christie started talking about the increases in “fees” and cuts in services, property tax rebates and earned income credits for the lower and middle income families, while calling for tax cuts for the super rich and corporations, we here called it “class warfare” – and some in the corporate media even followed along.

When his budget plans were released; still without any tax increase for the super rich but more cuts to services and tax, oops, “fee” increases to everyone else – it was obvious that Christie is looking to recreate the failed supply side/”trickle down” economic theories that failed so many working middle and lower income families when it was implemented under Reagan.  

But in addition to trying to recreate the supply side disaster in NJ, Christie is going one further – by taking the failed policies of his mentors George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney by privatizing NJ services:

New Jersey would close its centralized car inspection lanes and motorists would pay for their own emissions tests under a sweeping set of recommendations set to be released by the Christie administration today.

State parks, psychiatric hospitals and even Turnpike toll booths could also be run by private operators, according to the 57-page report on privatization obtained by The Star-Ledger. Preschool classrooms would no longer be built at public expense, state employees would pay for parking and private vendors would dish out food, deliver health care and run education programs behind prison walls.

Of course, there are a number of issues here – for starters, when Christie first put the panel together, it was chaired by Washington lobbyist and former Rep. Dick Zimmer, and did not include any representatives from public employee unions.  In fact, we don’t have to look far into the past to remember how much of a disaster it was when then-Governor Whitman tried privatizing auto inspections.

But it goes further than that.  

This is the model of Government that Cheney and Rumsfeld implemented during their reign of terror over the past decade.  Politically connected cronies would get no bid contracts (which we all know that Christie was fond of as well).  Under this model, there was rampant waste and fraud – look at the billions that went missing in Iraq, the “privatized” military problems with Blackwater, the scads of billions that went to Halliburton and KBR for substandard service.  Look at “No Crony Left Behind”, which pumped tens of millions of dollars into George W. Bush’s brother for his “educational program” that was sold in Florida (by edict of Bush’s other brother, Jeb) and in Texas.

Privatization doesn’t lead to lower costs.  It may lead to less government employees, but it leads to waste, fraud and substandard services – all while pumping the same or more money to friends and cronies.

This is what Chris Christie is trying to ram down NJ’s throat – failed supply side economic theories and failed waste and fraud filled privatization and corporatization of essential services.

BCDO’s strategy fail – not just lose but lose badly

Say what you want about former BCDO Chairman Joe Ferriero, but he knew how to rack up Democratic wins in Bergen County.  As for his successor, Michael Kasparian, 2009 didn’t look too good but let’s not give him all of the blame for the loss of two freeholder seats and a near draw between Christie and Corzine in the backyard of the very popular Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate.  After all, he did have to come in on the heels of a cloud of corruption and it didn’t go away (probably still hasn’t).  That being said, Kasparian did say that he was not going to be the same type of leader as Ferriero and would have more transparency in the BCDO.  I assume he also had a goal of restoring the tarnished image of the BCDO.

Which makes the information I have been hearing that much more puzzling as well as maddening.  

Now, knowing that Scott Garrett is by far one of the most out of step Congressmen, tucked safely in a district that is hand drawn for a Republican to hold on the Congressional level and the desire for the Bergen Democrats to lay as low as possible, I can understand a level of concern, given the county and statewide election results last November.  But I have heard from at least four different people in four different parts of the county who have spoken to three very well known and high profile people high up in the BCDO – all of whom have indicated the chosen strategy of the BCDO (and I am paraphrasing):

We think it would be best to not run a challenger to Scott Garrett in the hopes that Republican voter turnout will be depressed and our local candidates will have a better chance of winning

Where to even begin here?  How about the following reasons why this is quite possibly the absolute dumbest and worst political strategy I have seen in a good long time:

  • Republicans are more motivated this year than in the past 6 years.  To think that they won’t be coming out stronger and hope they will forget there is an election is fantasyspeak;
  • Having no Congressional candidate will not “free up motivated volunteers” to help with, for example, Freeholder, County Executive, County Sherriff or other lower tier races – local races where quite frankly, most people don’t know or care enough to get involved;
  • Voter turnout in an off year (i.e., non-Presidential) is low as is – without giving the base a real reason to vote – and voting just for downticket races is hardly reason enough to get the full base out to vote – will only depress Democratic turnout further;
  • Sending a signal that you don’t even want to field a top of the ticket candidate is a message of fear – a losing message.  This will likely (1) depress the base vote further, (2) depress the motivated activists who would otherwise vote for an entire ticket, tell their friends and neighbors to do the same, volunteer and talk up the race and (3) create a backlash and resentment among those who know the damage that Scott Garrett does to the people of this district; and
  • Give the impression that an attempt to save their own personal political lives is more important than helping those constituents who they hope will elect (or re-elect) them to serve.  

What message does it send to me – a motivated activist who has spent the better part of my four years living in New Jersey working to oust Garrett?  That I should not only suck it up and let Garrett walk to a win – even if he ends up embroiled in his own horrific scandal – but I should also be a sport and team player and have all of my friends and neighbors come out and vote for downticket candidates because why?

And I know that there are hundreds of people like me – people who can get hundreds more to vote for a whole slate of Democrats.  What the Bergen Democrats don’t realize, just like the New Jersey Democrats who don’t understand Garden State Equality’s stance on not donating to the Democratic Party as a whole, is that our votes, our time and our money is earned.

By not running a Congressional candidate, the Bergen Democrats are doing none of the above – and they will only lose by a larger margin than if they had a Congressional candidate.