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So what’s the real reason?

It seems that Lieutenant Governor candidate Kim Guadagno has picked up the Christie campaign tactic of just making things up it appears rather well. First we got this explanation as to why her son isn’t going to attend college in New Jersey:

During a round table discussion with Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie and a group of parents, Guadagno said that her 16-year old son will be looking at colleges this summer with his father and he would not be looking in New Jersey. Her comment reiterated a key Christie/Guadagno campaign argument on higher education, saying that Gov. Jon Corzine has made public higher education more expensive in New Jersey.

“I have a 16-year old going around to colleges this year and we are not visiting a single college in New Jersey,” she said. “That should be shameful on the current administration.”

So while she was on talking point during the roundtable, she veered off script undermining the prior message and reasoning at a press conference following the event:

During a press conference following the event, Guadagno, the Monmouth County sheriff and former federal prosecutor, offered specfic reasons for her son’s decision to look at schools outside New Jersey, that did not implicate the Corzine Administration.

During the press conference, Guadagno said her son, who is currently enrolled in a Navy Junior ROTC program in Monmouth County has been looking at colleges with a Navy ROTC program. There are no colleges with such a program in New Jersey.

Let me be clear, I admire her son and her family for their service and desire to join the Navy ROTC. But the cost of colleges in NJ has nothing to do with whether they offer a program her son wants. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good campaign message has been the Christie motto. She picked that one up real fast and was doing great, until the real reasoning just slipped out.  

Steve Audubato breaks down the LG Choices

Chris Daggett announced his running mate yesterday on the steps of the capital in Trenton. Steve Audubato appeared on NJN news last night to analyze the choices for Lieutenant Governor, now that all three candidates have made their selections. In short, he says Chris Daggett is a decent guy, but he and his choice are very close to irrelevant in this race. On Corzine’s selection of Weinberg, he says she wasn’t his first choice, but that she is a first class Senator that has fought the party bosses who will be a very energetic campaigner. He’s changed his mind on Chris Chrisitie now thinking “he knew what he was doing” in the wake of last weeks news:

What do you think of Audubato’s analysis?

“Cherry Hill will be Christie Country!!!”

Promoted by Jason Springer: Chris Christie was in Cherry Hill today and Jay Lassiter, who dubbed himself the official welcome wagon head cheerleader was there to say hello.

Chris Christie and I crossed paths today at my local Jersey diner.  Thankfully the encounter did not happen in the men’s room.

P.S.  Kim Guadagno was there too.  She was pretty smooth with the crowd and and came off appealing.  (just saying……)

I Thought He Didn’t Want Palin on His Campaign?

Somerset County Republican Chairman called Kim Guardagno — the Monmouth County Sheriff selected by Chris Christie as his LG candidate — a “diamond in the rough” today.  

Somerset County Republican Chairman Dale Florio said that in picking Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno for the number two spot on the ballot, Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie has the opportunity to unveil a “diamond in the rough.”

Anyone remember the last surprise #2 selection who was called a diamond in the rough?

The First Lieutenant Governor: The Republican Stable

As the final weeks of the Republican primary unfold, Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan will be busy campaigning, trading criticisms of one another, and making the case on the air waves and the internet that they alone are best suited to take on Jon Corzine in this November’s gubernatorial election.

Corzine, and whoever wins the GOP nomination on Primary Day, will also undertake the historic task of selecting an individual to run as their respective party’s candidate to be the first Lieutenant Governor in New Jersey history.  Below the fold is a list of ten possible Republican contenders.  It is subjective and, more than anything, written to solicit the opinions of Blue Jersey readers on the strengths and weaknesses of each potential pick.  

Please click the headline, read on, comment away, and look out this Thursday for an analysis of potential Democratic choices for Lieutenant Governor.