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Sexton endorsed by Veterans and Military Families for Progress

Rich Sexton has been endorsed by the Veterans and Military Families for Progress, a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring that the rights and needs of veterans, active-duty service members and their families are:
  – understood by the American public,
  – endorsed by our elected officials, and
  – protected by legislation, regulation, and public policy initiatives.

From his new blog…

The Veterans and Military Families for Progress (www.vmfp.org) have endorsed Rich Sexton “proudly and enthusiastically” in his campaign for U.S. Congress.  Rich received this endorsement because as a US Naval Academy graduate  and former naval officer, he understands the hard work and sacrifice it takes to serve one’s country.

Sexton understands that a sensible approach to foreign policy is vital to our national security and economic health.  The voters of the 3rd Congressional District would be well served by Rich Sexton as Congressman.

Saxton flip flops on Minimum wage too

So on the heals of his recent enlightement on Stem Cell research, I did a little looking to see if Mr. Saxton’s rhetoric matched his record on other issues.  This edition deals with raising the minimum wage.

Currently, Jim Saxton’s Issues section of his website says “Coming Soon”.  I’m wondering how much longer he needs in office to come up with issues, but thats besides the point.  Anyway, a little searching and i find this gem right in time for the election from a letter sent on JULY 12 that Saxton signed onto…

We write today to urge you to schedule a vote on legislation which would provide a substantial increase in the minimum wage before the House recesses for the August District Work Period.

Hmm, you’ve had how many years to do something and 2 weeks before recess, you decide to write a letter asking for immediate action.  How convenient that you can come home and tell people how you’re fighting to raise the minimum wage now.  Well lets see what you were saying back in 1995 at a hearing to increase the minimum wage when you had a chance to do something as Vice-Chairman of the committee…

In conclusion, compassionate politicians and well-meaning government programs like the minimum wage cannot repeal the law of supply and demand any more effectively than they can repeal the law of gravity. In fact, Majority Leader Dick Armey says without hesitation that it is the Minimum Wage Law that ought to be repealed!

I’ll take a candidate like Rich Sexton to represent me, who knows we need to raise the minimum wage without any confusion because our working families depend on it.