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Good TMac, Bad TMac

We don’t relish saying the name of the GOP Congressman from North Jersey who is running for his third term “representing” the people of the South Jersey counties of Burlington and Ocean. So we call him TMac for short (no…
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NJ-3 Lessons Noted and an Election Post-Mortem

A mentor once taught me the difference between a Lesson Learned and a Lesson Noted. By documenting things we learn and suggesting a better approach, we are generating Lessons Noted. Only if we take appropriate action to do things better have we developed a Lesson Learned.

So after a year working as a full-time volunteer on Aimee Belgard’s congressional campaign, here are some Lessons Noted. It’s up to the next candidate two years from now to make these into Lessons Learned.

Lessons Noted:

Money is King. Tom MacArthur’s vast wealth enabled him to overwhelm the airways with his negative ads, hire scads of paid canvassers, and advertise everywhere from Facebook to on-line games to Jeopardy! But it’s not just the fact that he could afford to buy the election. In order to remain competitive, Aimee Belgard had to spend a minimum of 30 hours per week on the phone soliciting donations as well as attending countless fundraisers both locally and across the country. This is time that she could have spent meeting voters – a luxury that MacArthur had and she didn’t. If we don’t correct the Supreme Court’s egregious error in Citizens United, then congressional seats will not be determined by the will of the people, but by the highest bidder.

Tom MacArthur’s Investment

Tom MacArthur may be a right-wing extremist on social issues and a Bush acolyte who still believes that “trickle down” works, but one thing he’s not is stupid.

MacArthur’s career may be summarized by the phrase “follow the money.” As an insurance executive, he is accused of shortchanging his employees on overtime pay and of denying payment to disaster victims. He’s against a federal minimum wage law and against the Paycheck Fairness Act. As CEOs are wont to do, he worships the bottom line.

So why is he investing north of $4 million of his own money to buy a seat in Congress – a seat that pays $174,000 a year? Sounds like a foolish investment. But it’s not.

Aimee Belgard on Social Security and Medicare

One of the most important issues distinguishing Aimee Belgard and her opponent in the NJ-3 Congressional Race is that of the future of Social Security and Medicare.

Today in Willingboro, Phil Rotondi of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare announced his group’s endorsement of Aimee Belgard.

Belgard understands that earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are part of a complex economic system that makes this country run. In her remarks, she points out how passing the Paycheck Fairness Act and paying a fair minimum wage would make earned benefit systems solvent for decades to come.

Where’s Tommy?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the fact that Tom MacArthur, a resident of Morris County, is carpetbagging in his attempt to represent parts of Burlington and Ocean Counties in Congress. In public forums, MacArthur consistently brushes this off by claiming that he has had a home in Ocean County for the past nine years. But that’s not the whole story.