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Democrat. Republican. Liberal. Conservative. Green, Libertarian, Tea Party.

These are labels that the mainstream media apply to politicians. Sometimes they are appropriate. But most of the time they fit like a pair of baggy pants on an anorexic supermodel.

Take our governor. What label fits Chris Christie? Certainly, he’s a Republican, isn’t he? He’s the outgoing chair of the Republican Governor’s Association, delivered a self-serving keynote speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention, and is a top-tier contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

But not all agree. At least by their definition of “Republican.”  

5 Reasons I urge you to back Roy Cho – Now.

#CHOmentum Online Flash Fundraiser for Roy Cho

If you’re looking for a place to throw some GOTV jingle, I recommend you get behind Roy Cho’s surging campaign. Today’s Team Cho’s 24-hour “flash fundraiser” – Fund the #CHOmentum.

Here are my reasons why I urge you to back Cho:

(1) Do it for Hurricane Sandy victims: It’s the 2-year anniversary. Garrett is dishonest, promoting himself as helpful to victims. In reality, he’s the only member of the NJ delegation who refused to sign a letter urging House leaders to act, and he was silent when his party’s Speaker Boehner delayed a vote. (He was against Katrina funding, too.) Star-Ledger calls him out – bigtime.

(2) Garrett’s destructive: He distrusts and undermines the very federal government he wants you to re-elect him to. That’s nuts.

(3) Newspaper endorsements, a near clean-sweep: The Record endorses, citing Cho’s “fresh look at government.”. Ditto Star-Ledger, Express-Times & Jewish Standard.

(4) Rain Hell down on the Tea Party: Rep. Scott Garrett is NJ’s worst in Congress, a Tea Party guy from before that was a thing. Boom.

(5) Send a message to the DCCC: Respect grassroots work. Not for nothing, but Team Cho got to within striking distance on their own. Even when House Majority PAC pulled funds out of Aimee Belgard’s race (DCCC’s only designated NJ Red-to-Blue race), did it go to Cho, whose climb merits support? Nope. It went to Norcross, whose race is pre-ordained by his brother’s power. F*@k that shite.

Give to Cho if you can. Today. He deserves it. And we deserve another fighter in the NJ delegation. GO.

Garrett’s voting record is extreme

Promoted by Rosi. Don’t miss the killer quote about Garrett, on the jump page.

To NJ05 local Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans:

Please consider making the time to vote in November in the mid-term elections.  I urge you vote for the Democrats, especially Roy Cho. Cho is standing in opposition to Scott Garrett after 12 years as our representative in Congress:

  • Garrett recently voted against appropriating $58 million to the DHS for drug research to address the Ebola virus. He voted against spending $30 million to DHS for the Centers for Disease Control to specifically address the rapidly escalating Ebola emergency in Africa.
  • CD05: “Gridlock:” Roy Cho new ad up on cable

    If you live in the 5th congressional district you will soon be seeing this new ad from Democrat Roy Cho, who is running against entrenched Tea Party Republican Scott Garrett, New Jersey’s long-running worst in Congress. It’s a return to Cho’s theme that the way Garrett sees governmental responsibility – or rather fails to see it, results in a failure to get the right things done, or much of anything done.

    A few examples? Women; Garrett positioning himself against protecting victims of domestic violence, opposing that women receive equal pay for equal work, and blocking access to life-saving mammograms and cancer screenings.

    American manufacturing; opposing the Export-Import Bank of the United States. In truth, by hewing so closely to the Tea Party, Garrett has left himself vulnerable to overwhelming America’s disapproval of Republicans in Congress. After all, when you align yourself with people who say they hate government, do nothing and yet seek and try to hold on to elected office in government, you should be dumped in favor of those willing to work. And then there’s this, trying to peddle the idea, now that it’s campaign season, that you helped Hurricane Sandy victims when what you really did was get in the way …

    This is Roy Cho’s new ad, up on cable in key districts in Bergen. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

    The REAL Objection to Adequate School Funding

    Cross-posted from Jersey Jazzman.

    Every once in a while, the school defunders give away the game:

    [NJ State Senator Mike] Doherty [R- Tea Party] also brought up what he said was another broken promise from Christie. He said the governor had promised to make equal school funding a key theme of the 2013 campaign, in which all 120 seats in the Legislature were up for grabs. He expanded on that when I spoke to him Friday.

    “It was the perfect issue for putting Democratic suburban legislators on the defensive and rallying our suburban base,” said Doherty. “But instead of fighting for school funding, it was all about running for higher office.” [emphasis mine]

    Brat, A Self-Made Phony Yet An Honest Representative of the Right

    Hypocrisy, exaggeration and deception are part and parcel of democratic politics, but all lies, I have learned, are not equal, nor should they be received that way. Some lies are much more deceptive, cunning and misleading than others, as are the liars that tell them. A good example is currently winding its way through the web and blogosphere, and it concerns the current darling of the Tea Party, David Brat.

    Brat’s unexpected primary victory against Republican Party Bigwig/Congressman Eric Cantor is huge news, and rightfully so. As a Tea Party favorite, Brat’s victory serves as a warning to more moderate Republicans that so-called free market, laissez-faire Tea Party values still hold credence with Republican voters.

    The Tea Party and its Republican supporters live in a sort of “way we never were” cloud where America is (or should be) rightfully a white, Christian country comprised of English-speaking hard workers who, in their noble, honest self-sufficiency are not in need, nor desire, any welfare-state handouts like Medicare, Social Security or almost anything else state-sponsored or supported. They see themselves as the once marginalized but now awakened  “Silent Majority” whose time to stand up – unapologetically so – for American values and identity has arrived. According to Tea Partiers and many Republicans, people who get a “boost” from government programs are cheating an otherwise fair and square system which rewards hard work and honesty with The Good Life.

    So wasn’t I surprised when I read that in his official campaign biography, Brat makes an astounding claim:

    “[Brat] tested his rural values against the intellectual elite while at Princeton and against the powerful elite at American University.”

    Okay, so from a reasonable reader’s perspective, the assertion here is immediately understood. Brat attended college as a sort of noble underdog undergraduate at Princeton University. The image is quite clear of a young conservative man standing up for good American Christian values in the profane, ivy covered halls of Princeton University…perhaps passionately defending the rights of the unborn against the Abortionist professors of that esteemed institution. Perhaps he made an entire U.S. government class gasp when he publicly proclaimed his stance against affirmative action or immigration or on some other hot button issue. So here’s the kicker:

    It never happened.

    Brat never gained admission to or graduated from Princeton University. He lied. He misrepresented himself and tried to convince his readers, supporters and others that he earned something that he did not.  

    In reality, Brat apparently – though I still think this needs to be confirmed – attended Princeton Theological Seminary. Is the seminary geographically located in the town of Princeton? Why yes, it is. Is it known by anyone, past or present, as being part of Princeton University? No, not by a long shot. In fact, its students and graduates either call it by name or refer to it as “PTS.”

    This is no small omission, and he shouldn’t get a break on it. America is indeed the land of fudged resumes, and of people reinventing themselves – sometimes twice over. But what we have here is a candidate who represents a movement that, like I mentioned earlier, is obsessed with merit and straightforwardness, and Brat, in his claims, honors neither. He’s a fraud and wannabe. His claims are an insult not just to Princeton alumni, but rather, to any and all of us who ever worked and earned a four-year college degree anywhere. Its especially stinging for those of us burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in college loans that the Tea Party demands we repay regardless of the cost to our families and the national economy. He’s a fake, a phony. He’s pathetic.

    But curiously enough, I will concede that Brat is a fine representative of the entire Tea Party movement, and that of the Republican Party as well. Because if you do really believe that you’ve earned everything in your life, and that you owe nothing to your society or nation or community, then you’re about as much as a hypocrite as he is. The truth is that most if not all Americans have received immense benefits, both directly and indirectly, from the various levels of government over the course of their lifetimes. Whether it was attending public school, driving on an interstate highway, breathing in relatively clean air, gaining a benefit from an unadulterated medication, cashing a Social Security/Medicare check or sending an email – we have all proven to be welfare kings and queens. We have all advanced at some point in our lives from the imperfect largesse of the Federal and State governments.

    And you don’t need a Princeton degree to figure that one out.