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Christie makes a Buono Blunder?

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Remember the fiasco surrounding Barbara Buono’s attempt to get O’Donnell in as Democratic Party Chair?  Is it just me or is there some odd parallel to what just happened with the Governor and his pick for Senate Minority leader?

Was Governor Christie riding on the airs of victory or arrogance when he attempted to oust Tom Kean Jr. in favor of O’Toole?  The inability to pick up Republican seats is as much the fault of Christie, who focused largely on his own campaign, as anything Senator Kean did or did not do.  But Christie went after Kean in a poorly planned plot and lost control.

Frankly, I am shocked that this Governor has experienced such a visible political blunder in the days following his re-election.  I kind of wonder what is next…..

CWA Burning up the Street

Keep Calm and Trust the Field CampaignYes. Yes, you are. And we’re hearing about it. I’m adding this graphic to your post in honor of all the amazing field folks talking to voters today. – Promoted by Rosi

CWA is out in force today with over 1000 door knockers in Bergen, Newark, Middlesex, Union, Mercer, Burlington and Cumberland Counties.

In addition to these folks in red CWA Votes! hoodies, we have another 45 phone bankers in Trenton and Burlington county following up with union members and making sure they have voted.

There is a lot at stake – the Minimum Wage, standing with our candidate Barbara Buono, saving the Supreme Court by maintaining a Democratic Senate, and exercising our democratic rights for as long as we still have them!

A Stunning Endorsement

I awoke this morning to read the Star Ledger's endorsement of Chris Christie for Governor. Not a surprise. I was tempted not to read it as it was so expected. But I did, and what I read was stunning.  In fact, I went back to the link to make sure I had not fallen for another piece of satire from The Onion.

My overall impression is that the Star Ledger Editorial Board has an unhealthy high school crush on the boy who is just out of reach – a sitting Governor who has refused to meet with them for 4 years.  

They acknowledge many of his failures and shortcomings – increasing property taxes, neglecting the working class, damaging environmental policy, raiding funds to balance the budget,  damaging ego (even if is sometimes entertaining), exageerrating efficacy of Sandy aid and recovery, and explicit willingness to destroy the independence of the judiciary, to name a few.  

In their own words, “Our own view is that Christie is overrated.  His spin is way ahead of his substance.”

But the Star Ledger Board endorses him anyway.  Why? Because Barbara Buono (and her Democratic party) is 'deeply flawed' in their words.  But in their own description, Chris Christie is not?  

The Star Ledger Board agrees with her on the issues, but cannot see their way to endorse her because when she did sit with them, she not 'wow' them.  And they are concerned, perhaps with justification, that she can govern effectively given the fissures within her own party.

I am not sure whether this endorsment is outrageous or pathetic.  What I do know is that for all the flaws pointed out in the two candidates, I prefer to cast my vote for the candidate who is right on the issues, who we can support to govern effectivley rather than one hell-bent on destroying the middle class and the best parts of New Jersey for his own ego and political aspirations.

I leave the high school crush of the popular and obnixious guy to the Star Ledger Board, and I choose to support the candidate of substance and character.  This is an election for Governor of a state, not an adolescent popularity contest.

The Star Ledger Editorial Board should be embarassed at best, but more likely ashamed of itself. 

November 6th

On November 6th I will wake up and know I did everything I could to help elect Barbara Buono as our next Governor.

She is our candidate – a strong, independent, progressive voice for the working class of New Jersey. A working class that has been hurt under the Christie administration.

Yes, Senator Buono’s voice has been drowned out by her blustery, bully and well funded opponent and not amplified by her own Democratic leaders.  Yes, her campaign is not perfect.

But if we give up on her now – talking about good money after bad, or that we are fighting a losing battle – we are not just sacrificing the fight for her election.  We are compromising our fight for our values – all that we have fought against and fought for during the Christie administration.

If we let this election go, giving Christie the election on a silver platter, we give him carte blanche to push ahead his agenda in his next administration.  We minimize our voice in pushing back and we discourage people from fighting for what we believe in, even when we may not win.  

Polls are predictive, not determinative.  Money makes a huge difference, but votes are not (supposed to be) bought.  We have three weeks to support our candidate and our platforms.  I hope we all wake up November 6th and know we did everything we could for our candidates and our values.  

REDACTED: Buono v Christie: An Obvious Choice As Told In Pictures

In an incidence of happenstance, I came across two pictures this evening:

The first, retweeted by the Buono campaign tonight, shows her playing with her rescue dog, Ruby, before a run. The post is in honor of National Dog Day.

The second, put out by ESPN, showed Chris Christie giving yet another frivolous interview at a Little League game.

I thought the two pictures showed a contrast between Buono, a real person, and Christie, who never met a microphone he didn’t love.

Others thought I was making a comment about Christie’s weight. I was not. For over three years, I’ve been blogging about my many, many problems with Chris Christie, and not once have I ever made a derogatory comment about his weight.

So I’m taking this post down. I thought I was being quite clear in my point, but if that’s not the case, I’m not taking any chances.

I apologize if my intent was not clear. That is on me, and no one else.

Barack Obama Is Dead To Me

This graphic, based on the poll tracker at Talking Points Memo, shows Chris Christie’s favorables and unfavorables over his term as governor. I’ve added, in blue, several key events from this period to give some context as to why his numbers may have varied.

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Notice that Christie’s three largest legislative accomplishments — 2% Cap, Pen-Ben, and TEACHNJ — have little if any positive effect on his favorables. I would argue there are only two big bounces: post-Irene, and post-Sandy. What does this mean?

Without natural disasters, Chris Christie’s re-election chances would be much lower than they are right now.

Which means the presumed front-runner in the presidential race of 2016 does not have a lock on winning by a “bigger margin than any Republican in a generation.” And he knows it, which is why he has set his sights far lower in recent months.

So Christie is mortal; in fact, I believe he can be beat. I believe this week’s news that his lead over Barbara Buono has shrunk was inevitable; with a big push by Democrats and smart campaigning by Buono, that lead should, inevitably, shrink even more.

Given all this, you would think our lame-duck president — who has nothing to lose in supporting Barbara Buono — would make at the very least a cursory showing of support. You’d think Barack Obama would show just a little effort and enthusiasm for the only prominent Democrat in New Jersey who had the guts to take on the challenge of running against Christie. Out of respect to her, the state party, and all the people Christie has slimed over this last term, you’d think our “fightin’ for you!” president could take a few hours to get on a plane and stand side-by-side with Buono, lending a fraction of his star power in the cause of at least slowing Christie’s charge at the White House.

You’d be dead wrong:

President Obama is not planning to campaign for Democrat Barbara Buono in her quest to rob Gov. Chris Christie of a second term, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

This year and next, Obama only plans to lend his political firepower to close races where he could help cinch a win for his party, a Democratic official involved with Obama’s political plans told AP. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss strategy and requested anonymity, the wire service said.

Why? Why would Obama do this?

It’s the type of delicate, race-by-race calculation the White House repeatedly will have to make in the 2014, when Obama’s own legacy will be on the line. Next fall, voters will decide whether to elect a Congress that will help Obama achieve his goals for his final two years in office, or whether to elect one that will block him at every turn.

You’re worried about your “legacy,” Mr. President? Well, here’s your legacy, at least in New Jersey:

You’re dead to me. You’re dead to every teacher Chris Christie insulted over these past four years. You’re dead to every public employee Christie broke his promises to. You’re dead to every gay and lesbian couple and their families who want marriage equity. You’re dead to everyone in this state worried that our environment is being raped. You’re dead to every woman seeking health care. You’re dead to the middle class families who suffer under Christie’s inept stewardship of our state’s economy. You’re dead to the students and parents who have to live with the consequences of Christie’s refusal to adequately fund our schools. You’re dead to those who will pay the price for Christie’s politicization of our courts.

President Obama, by refusing to back Barbara Buono, you’re dead to everyone who is appalled by Chris Christie’s unrelenting assault on the values that made this state great.

If, Mr. President, you can’t even muster up a shred of your time and your “legacy” to support Barbara Buono, then I say the hell with you.

ADDING: More from vmars.

NJ Media: Historic Choice….not that newsworthy.

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Yesterday evening, as I sat at a table for the Sussex County Democratic Committee at our local version of NJ’s ubiquitous summer concert series, the news broke of Senator Buono’s pick for Lieutenant Governor. Wow! I was blown away with excitement. This was BIG NEWS! She had chosen a female candidate! I began furiously messaging all the women I knew who have been working for the Senator. I began talking to women around the campus, and the feedback was overwhelming: they were thrilled about the historic choice! Seriously, my phone was buzzing non-stop and the best word to describe the consensus was “giddy”.

So, imagine my surprise this morning as I scrolled through the NJ news websites only to find a smattering of coverage–often on the bottom of the page– of this historic moment.(NorthJersey.com, I’m looking at you). It was the kind of media black out I’ve come to expect from my local right-leaning Herald, but even supposed progressive media, like NJ Spotlight, had a shocking dearth of coverage. This is extremely disappointing and yet another example of women, and the issues that are important to us, being ignored by the media. The NJ media seems particularly guilty of this; after all, even The Huffington Post ran a better story than any of the NJ online publications.

Still Unsure

Friday I received the “Sample Ballot” for Tuesday’s primary vote.

As I read it over I was reminded that I am always pained at the abysmal lack of political knowledge I possess about what goes on in the world.

Like some others, I refer to Gov. Christie as “Governor 1%.” And while I would like to embrace Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial strike as a hopeful alternative to Christiecrats, I cannot.  This is primarily due to what I believe is a real-world fact: George Norcross is to NJ politicians what the Koch Brothers are to the GOP, and he has a reported interest in Buono’s candidacy.  In my estimation, that ain’t good.

So what’s a citizen to do?  

There is a name on the ballot I have never heard before, and I don’t know if mea culpas are in order because I have been politically negligent.  The name is Troy Webster, an aide to the anti-establishment Mayor of East Orange.

Google reveals that Webster has a campaign website, an online model of puritan plainess sans facebook or twitter icons.  A video of Webster announcing his candidacy to a modest crowd of friends on youtube reveals a relative lack of NJ Political savvy, a local “up-front-ness” which I find refreshing even if impractical.

A popular maxim makes the claim that if voting really made any difference “they’d” outlaw it.  In recent elections I’ve been afraid to vote outside the box because I’d be “throwing my vote away.”

As I check my email account, I notice that I’ve not received one request for money from Troy Webster.  Like many of us, I receive several requests for political contributions from different sources every day.  

And so, I’m wondering if “impractical” might not be preferable to “savvy.”  I’m wondering if it isn’t time to vote “outside the box.”

The Myth Making of Paul Mulshine

The Star-Ledger’s Paul Mulshine is like a stale cover band: he has a small repertoire of hits he plays over and over and over again. And in today’s column, he pulls out his “Mustang Sally”:

This time around it’s Christie who has the fundraising edge. That means Buono faces the task of reprising Corzine’s role without the money. It’s unlikely she’ll repeat her predecessor’s infamous “Norma Rae” speech, when he proclaimed to a rally of public employees, “We will fight for a fair contract!” But her campaign website features an endorsement from the American Federation of Teachers.

The alleged Corzine speech is always on Mulshine’s set list; but has it ever been confirmed? Do we know the context of Corzine’s alleged remark? Does it stand as proof that Corzine was in the back pockets of the public employee unions?

Two years ago, I wrote about this at my blog; let me reprint the post here, so you can judge for yourself whether Mulshine is singing off-key.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Myths Are Created

A lesson in journalism this morning:

One of the New Jersey right’s talking points has been that Jon Corzine was in the pocket of the public workers unions. Christie himself has said Corzine stood on the capitol steps at a rally of public workers and proclaimed solidarity with them back in 2006.

Who or what is the source of this story? According to factcheck.org, it’s “Crazy Uncle” Paul Mulshine:

Lastly, Christie misquotes a statement attributed to Corzine at a state worker rally in 2006.

Christie: My predecessor, Governor Corzine, stood on the front steps of the Capitol at a public sector union rally and said, “I’ll fight to get you a good contract.”

Did Corzine really say that? We could not find that quote in Nexis, the newspaper database, but we found one that was somewhat similar. Paul Mulshine, a conservative columnist for the Star-Ledger, quoted Corzine as saying more than once, “We will fight for a fair contract!”

But promising state workers a “fair contract” is not necessarily the same thing as promising them a “good contract.” After all, fair – as defined by Merriam-Webster – means “marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism,” or “free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice,” as defined by dictionary.com.

Can Buono Win?

So Dick Codey’s out. Too bad: I like the man, I like the politician, and I think he would have been a good candidate. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

But right now, the only Democrat who is willing to publicly express her desire to take on the admittedly very popular Chris Christie is Barbara Buono.

Slowly, the endorsements are trickling in from throughout the NJ Democratic party. But there is hardly a rush to get behind Buono – at least until the rest of the potential candidates, like Senate President Steve Sweeney, make their intentions known.

The non-endorsement-that-sounds-like-an-endorsement of South Jersey Democratic boss George Norcross – who praised Buono before Sweeney has declared his intentions – is indicative of what the party leadership must be thinking: it’s admirable that Buono wants to go up against Christie, but can she actually win?

I’ve made this analogy before, but I think it’s worth considering again:

Yes, Buono is not a former first lady; that’s a big advantage that Hillary Clinton enjoyed in the New York Senate race. But the dynamic here is similar: Clinton – a smart, capable woman – made her opponent, Rick Lazio looks like a misogynistic jerk just by letting him be himself.

Remind you of anyone?

Chris Chrstie has a problem with women: he regularly insults and berates them, and he pushes policies that deny women adequate health care. His war on teachers is a proxy war on women. Pre-Sandy Christie had a big gender gap in his favorability ratings; it would be foolish to think the storm blew that gap away permanently.

There is a serious case to be made that the best way to beat Chris Christie is to run a woman against him. Is he disciplined enough to keep his misogyny in check? I don’t think so – and that would play to Buono’s benefit in a unique way.

Chris Christie will be very hard to beat, but the best chance we have is to attack his vulnerabilities hard. Buono is poised to do this in a way no other serious Democratic contenders could. I don’t know if that will be enough, but it is an angle worth considering.