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Our  Budget Brouhaha 

There are big stakes, and little time to resolve substantial budget differences between Governor Murphy and the leadership of the Legislature – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin. These are the three key players who will determine the…
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Some Ideas to Transform Trenton

Crowdsourcing ideas to treat our capital city of Trenton the way its people deserve. I like it. Promoted by Rosi.

New Jersey is a tough place. A tough place to make a living. A tough place for politics. And most of all, a tough place for urbanites. I love this state, its history and potential, but I’m not going to lie to you. New Jersey’s cities are in horrendous shape. Newark, Paterson, Camden and our own state capital, Trenton, are ravaged by crime, poverty and deteriorating infrastructure. In the interest of honesty, we really should change the saying on that famous bridge into Trenton to: Trenton Rots While Jersey Trots.

And it is Trenton in particular that I want to focus on here. The city was once a gem of the Garden State, with neat, brick row houses standing aside historic streets. Bold architecture stood out in marble state buildings while the Golden Dome of the Statehouse dominated all. Its high school – now basically condemned – had its own gallant neoclassical facade attesting to its civic importance.  

Today our capital city is a national embarrassment, and it’s all our fault. Trenton has become symbolic of everything that is wrong with the state and its government. It makes no sense that a geographically small city of 85,000 souls could reach its present state without cowardly neglect. Just blocks away from the Capitol Complex on State Street are neighborhoods inundated with violence and joblessness. Young adults, many clearly in some kind of mental and physical distress, stroll about at all hours, wandering. Former storefronts deteriorate and rot. Even the city’s once-proud Transit Center is, from the point of view of this experienced educator and long-time Jersey resident, damn scary.  

Good News for State Coffers — Amazon to Pay Sales Tax

I love shopping on Amazon.  I have a free shipping account, and get books, food, toys, music and lots of other stuff there.

And had I bought the stuff across the way at my local corner store it would have been seven percent more expensive even though the transaction occurred in NJ.  That’s because Amazon wasn’t collecting state sales taxes.

Now, according to reports, Amazon will begin collecting and remitting sales tax to New Jersey.

Myself, I think this is good news.  If all stuff bought over the Internet had sales tax attached it would offset the loss of sales tax from the disruption Internet commerce caused, and level the playing field a little with our brick and mortar stores here in NJ.

What do you think?

Quote of the Day: “the greatest contraction in its history”

I wrote yesterday about tax revenues coming in less than the Christie Administration had projected for both this and next fiscal year. The biggest problem with the Governor’s projections and Rosen’s come from the sales tax, about which he says this:

“New Jersey’s sales tax is mired in the greatest contraction in its history,” Rosen said in the report.

Even with the sales tax being mired in these difficulties, the Christie budget assumes a growth in sales tax revenue of 4.4 percent. He did warn us that he wasn’t good at math.