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The Millennial Vs. The Dinosaur in CD5

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A Race for the Ages

NJ’s 5th District Congressional race is catching national attention. I think of it as the Millennial vs. the Dinosaur race.  The youth vote may be pivotal here.  32 year old Democrat Roy Cho is challenging Tea Party elder Scott Garrett for what had been a safely Republican seat for many years. The differences in the candidates and their positions could not be more stark.

At Roy Cho’s HQ opening on August 4th, even I was surprised by the turnout. I had attended fundraisers for Congressional candidates in the 5th district for a few years now.  I even hosted a few. I know the district and I know the candidates, but Roy Cho has been by far the most promising according to many of the experienced campaign hands I have talked to recently. Especially the ones I met opening night.

Scott Garrett – The Invisible Man

This time I went as a blogger trying to get a sense of exactly what the chances might be of a challenger finally defeating Congressman Scott Garrett in NJ’s 5th District.  Scott Garrett, the current Congressman in NJ’s 5th was “Tea Party, before there even was a Tea Party” according to Cho. In previous blogs I have dubbed Congressman Scott Garret “The Social Darwinist Against Evolution”, and “Punxatawny Garrett”, because while voting against aid for Katrina victims as well as against aid for Sandy victims (an easy vote for him, because the only town in his district affected by Sandy was Alpine and Sandy struck an Interstate Park, not voters), constituents like me only hear from Garrett once every two years. In fact, we see the famous Groundhog from Pennsylvania more often than the agoraphobic NJ Congressman who emerges from his bunker once every two years.  According to Cho, Garrett’s public office actually has locked doors keeping the public from accessing him.  

I thought it telling that I have been receiving  more Garrett Robocalls than usual. I received an email from Garrett trying to defend his colleagues in what has been dubbed the “Do Nothing Congress” the day after Cho’s successful campaign roll-out where hundreds of Cho’s supporters were packed in the large room and even spilling out the door.

The reason this seemed extremely unusual for a 5th District rollout was the enthusiasm. Many formerly jaded politicos, the kind I could never ever get to a campaign event for a Democrat in the 5th District when I was a committeewoman here think Cho has a real chance. This is definitely new.

I’m not afraid to fight Scott Garrett

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This past Saturday, I officially announced that I am a candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District. Our priority as Democrats right now must be finding the best candidate to unseat this extremist and get real representation in Congress – someone fighting for middle class values, not right wing ideologies.   I’m not afraid to fight Scott Garrett and his extreme positions that hurt middle class families across New Jersey and the 5th District.  During my three terms on the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders I have worked across the aisle with Republicans and Democrats alike to get things done.  I will bring that same type of leadership to the halls of Congress.

We need common sense solutions, not partisan bickering.

I know what it takes to win in Republican territory.  In 2010, Democrats were swept out of office in record numbers across New Jersey and the nation.  This wasn’t the case in Passaic County.  On a ticket led by Congressman Pascrell, we bucked the national trend and were reelected by a strong margin – even with a popular Sheriff dropping out of the race only two months before Election Day.   We need a Democrat who can go into Republican territory and make a populist appeal to voters.  And most importantly, expose Congressman Garrett’s extreme record.

I know I am that candidate in 2012.

I want to join the ranks of giants like Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Bill Pascrell to put our nation back on track.  I will work with Democrats across the 5th District to ensure victories up-and-down the ballot. Now more than ever we need to come together and beat Scott Garrett.  I am going to need your help in the coming months talking to your neighbors, going door-to-door and  exposing Scott Garrett’s extreme record in Congress.  And I hope you’ll follow my campaign on Twitter and Facebook as we move forward.  

CD5 and CD3

I have lived in Northwestern New Jersey in CD5 for over 30 years, but for the last 9+ years I have had the misfortune of having Scott Garrett as my Representative in Congress. Assemblywoman Connie Wagner would be my choice to unseat him. Having served in the Assembly since 2008, representing the 38th District, she has proven to be a champion of progressive ideals and values. I also think that Connie will be able to raise a significant amount of money in order to compete against Garrett and the Tea Party money.

Dr. Tom Sacks-Wilner lives in Medford, CD3. For several years I have been a donor to Tom’s fundraising/bundling group. He is a person who raises money readily and efficiently. With an expansive donor base that he has fashioned, he can easily raise at least $6 million from now to November 6. His ability to fundraise will provide the mandatory funds needed to define Jon Runyan. He has been politically active behind the scenes, especially in progressive causes.

In light of the Republican-favorable redistricting, Connie and Tom would each have a mountain to climb to defeat their respective opponent; however the challenge is certainly not insurmountable. I believe both would make their races interesting, should they choose to run.  

Newspaper Coverage in Warren County

This is to anybody who reads Blue Jersey and lives in Warren County, or the far Northern reaches of New Jersey, and wonders why you never see anything in the local papers that concerns political issues, especially Democratic issues.  Its because the editors of the newspapers who cover this section of the state, you know that Lehigh Valley Newspaper Group, refuse to publish anything that comes from the Democrats in this area.

I am involved with four Democratic campaigns  in Warren County and  send press releases and they never make it past the editors, who say when I call them that the release was not perternent.  This has also been an issue for the Corzine people, who have been trying since March, that I know of, to get some love from the papers up here and have gotten zip.

I think we have to let these guys know that we want space and that there is a Democratic readership, things are changing in Warren County, new people are moving in and getting involved, the fifedom days are ending.  They need to review their practices, restructure and get on board with the new Warren County.

The Official Warren and Salem Counties Rule Thread

The Warren Reporter boasts that Warren County is the king of farmland preservation:

Most farms, most acres preserved, most municipalities involved — however you measure it, Warren County was tops in New Jersey last year in farmland preservation.

My Salem County follows:

Those 32 Warren farms comprised 2,119 acres of the 12,405 acres protected in New Jersey last year. That’s also the most acres preserved in any single county last year, with Salem County following with 2,105 acres preserved and Sussex next with 1,635 acres.

So, this is the official thread for Tandalayo Scheisskopf and Hopeful to boast and the rest of you to take it. Maybe you can win a corruption contest.  

Vandals Can’t Stop Celebration in Hackettstown

I love getting published. Especially when the letter I write is an awesome one like this one.

Vandals can’t stop celebration

Express-Times – Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did anyone see me dancing in the streets at the Gazebo on Main Street in Hackettstown on Inauguration Day? I had an “Unidos con Obama/Biden” sign with me. Thank you to so many people in the cars, vans, trucks and big tractor-trailers who beeped, waved and blew their horns and sirens at me! Only about a half a dozen people in 45 minutes refused to look at me, gave me a frown or some other negative look.

I am sorry someone felt it necessary to tear down the sign I had put up on my corner in Independence the following morning. They left a lot of it up there, so they were obviously not interested in cleaning up the community. When is this going to stop in Warren County? When will the Obama opposers learn that they can’t just go around breaking any law they feel like in order to stop what is going to happen in the next four years?

Oh well, the real work begins now. Viva Obama and God bless America!

Erik B. Anderson

Independence Township

Last Minute GOP rule changes in Monmouth and Warren

Warren and Monmouth Counties are busy with last minute GOP rule changes.   The Monmouth County GOP would say this is a governmental change, but has a political odor:

The Republican-controlled Monmouth County freeholder board is expected to vote Monday on a proposal that would help protect high-paying GOP loyalists just as Democrats are about to take power.

The Republicans, who bill their effort as good-government reform, have placed on their meeting agenda their proposed administrative code, which shifts hiring authority from the freeholders to the county administrator. The action comes over the objections of the incoming Democrats.

At the very least, you could question the timing because for twenty years it was ok for the freeholders to do the hiring and now one month before they lose control of the board, they change the responsibilities. I wonder why they chose the county administrator:

Part of the Republican proposal is to move primary hiring authority from the freeholders to the appointed county administrator, currently Robert M. Czech, who was named to his job by the Republican-controlled board in 2007.

Ah, in an effort to fix the “spoils” system, they give new powers to someone they appointed.   Follow me below the fold for more on Monmouth and also how the Warren GOP is trying to increase their say at the political table.