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The Insanity of Vince Micco

There is no better indicator of how far out of touch the NJGOP is – and no better indicator how desperate they are for someone to become a sacrificial lamb – than the unopposed campaign of Vince Micco to take on Steve Rothman in Congressional District 9.  What would you think a young Republican in Bergen County would run on?  If you answered “denial of reality”, then give yourself a cookie:

“The reason I’m running is I believe victory and success in Iraq are not only attainable, but they are just imperative. We must win, we can win, we are winning,” said Micco, 39, a mortgage banker who recently signed up for another six-year stint in the reserves.

First of all, I’ve never heard Mr. Micco answer the primary questions on Iraq: What does victory in Iraq look like?  How will we know when we have won?  It is irresponsible to say that we are “winning” without giving a clear and concise answer to these questions – and not even General Petraeus can do that.  If the General in charge of Iraq doesn’t know what we’re trying to accomplish, how can a low-level grunt like Micco claim that we are winning?

Answer: He’s repeating what he has been told and he chooses to believe.  It just so happens that his political position mirrors that of the Republican Presidential nominee.  So we’ll be hearing a lot of this crap in the next six months or so.

Make the flip.

Class or Crass, NJ-9 Has a Choice

I have a bone to pick with Vince Micco.  Every news release that comes out of his campaign names him as a “nine year Army veteran”.

But here is how he was described in March:

a former Army sergeant who was a counterintelligence specialist in Iraq and an Army reservist for nine years.

Either he is claiming a total of eighteen years under contract with the US Army, or he is simply misleading the public on his service.

Vince Micco & Todd Riffle Latest Republicans to Challenge Murtha’s Courage

I guess Tom Wilson is tired of looking like a jackass in the NJ GOP press releases and e-mails, so now he’s having communications director Todd Riffle do it for him.

From an e-mail sent out today (emphasis mine):

New Jersey 9th Congressional District candidate Vice [sic] Micco will appear on the Hannity and Colmes T.V. program tonight at 9:00 PM to debate Rep. John Murtha’s Democrat view of the war and the call to cut and run from Iraq.

Vince will offer a special point of view since he served nine years in the U.S. Army, including a year in Iraq as a sergeant fighting terrorism as part of a counter-intelligence unit.

He experienced the war on the front lines, not from behind a desk in Washington D.C. He saw the good things U.S. Soldiers are doing there and how much the Iraqi families appreciate what Americans are doing for them. Vince is running for the U.S. Congress in the Ninth District (Bergen, Hudson, Passaic counties) now because he believes America cannot back down in the war on terrorism.

Republican Disgraceful Attack Hits New Jersey

Vince Micco is showing he knows how to toe a party line – no matter how disgraceful it is or how much he has to bend the facts to fit his argument.  I described yesterday how the Republican plan for this election year was to simply lie.  Rush Holt was immediately incensed upon learning of this cynical attempt to use our service members for political gain.  However, I don’t think anyone was surprised that they would do so.

Now, Micco, who is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Steve Rothman, is immediately joining in lock-step with the orders from above.  He issued what can sadly be called a press release to attack Mr. Rothman for standing up on principle.

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Ugly Campaign Literature on the Right

It was bound to happen here sooner or later. This afternoon Vince Micco put out a factually incorrect statement criticizing his opponent, Congressman Steve Rothman, on the issue of immigration reform.

Micco hides behind his parents to defend his anti-immigrant views:

As the son of immigrants, Micco said he values the contribution legal immigrants have made to the United States and sees widespread amnesty for illegal immigrants as a slap in the face to my mother and father and to the millions of other people who came to this country through the front door.

Perhaps he should have asked around a little more. I’m a first-generation immigrant, and along with the majority of other immigrants, Micco has lied about our views. The largest national poll of legal immigrants ever undertaken (Feb-March 2006) finds the following:

Although some political leaders argue that legal immigrants harbor animosity toward undocumented immigrants for cutting in front of them in line and for not respecting our laws, the poll results indicate little resentment toward undocumented immigrants.

Not only is Micco’s statement ugly and divisive – it is factually false. He was probably too afraid to state his real feelings so he made up his own “facts” to project his anti-immigrant views onto millions of others.