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More LD14 Mail

Another two mailings arrived on the same day. I also noticed they’re being printed at the same shop.

This week, Greenstein & DeAngelo sent a two-sided card while Baroni sent a three-fold absentee ballot application. I don’t know why Baroni made the front (the sorting side) the one with the boring political message. Due to the fold, you know to look on the other side before you open it, but if you’re not interested in politics, you might see the pictures of the candidates and toss it with the other junk mail.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Saturday LD14 Mail

My family located in the 14th district received two pieces of mail this afternoon. One from Republicans and the other from the Assembly Democrats ticket (they’re running separately from Senate candidate Seema Singh). I’ve used my new scanner to put them online. Check them out.

Seema Singh Reaches Clean Election Threshold

14th district Democratic Senate candidate and former Ratepayer Advocate Seema Singh today became the first candidate to file the 400 contributions needed to qualify for the state’s clean election program.

“I am grateful for this early outpouring of support for my candidacy from across the 14th district….This program has allowed me, as a first time candidate, the opportunity to enter the race with a level playing field.”

Candidates are required to collect 400 $10 contributions to qualify for the program. Once certified, a candidate receives a $46,000 grant from the state plus an extra $1,200 for each additional $10 contribution – up to 400 more – collected through September.

Why Bill Baroni will paint the 14th red

New Jersey’s 14th legislative district is one of those rare places where the delegation is split, with long-time Republican Senator Peter Inverso, Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, and Republican Assemblyman Bill Baroni. Our ticket-splitting habit goes back several elections, but 2007 may change that.

Despite registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans in this district, the Republican was the top vote-getter in 2005. While local Republican Doug Forrester’s run for governor might explain part of this, the 14th could very well elect an all-Republican slate in 2007.

News Roundup and Open Thread for Monday, April 9, 2007

The calendar may say April, but it feels like winter.  Here’s a picture I took yesterday to remind you that the trees are in blossom:

Woodstown Main Street

  • The Inquirer asks why wealthy and powerful men like State Senator Wayne Bryant feel the need to break the law.
  • The New York Times has a very interesting profile of Washington Township and how its Smart Growth plan worked too well.
  • Herb Jackson and John McAlpin explain the state’s pension problems (again.)
  • Don Imus continues to apologize for his comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.  Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, and the NAACP all called for his resignation:

    James E. Harris, president of the New Jersey chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, demanded Sunday that Imus “resign or be terminated immediately.”

  • Wayne DeAngelo will run for Assembly in LD14.  Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein is running for reelection, and  Seema Singh is running for State Senate.
  • Republicans in LD12 want it chosen for the Clean Elections Program.
  • A dailyrecord.com headline says “Property-tax refunds mean more paperwork,” but the article says “the process for receiving the rebates will be the same as in past years.”  In future years there may be a direct credit.  On the other hand, David Rebovich at politicsnj.com says we still don’t have meaningful reform
  • Okay, it’s not politics, but I listened to the Devils-Islanders game on the radio yesterday, and will never forget it.  The game was meaningless for the Devils and essential for the Islanders to make the playoffs:

    Protecting a 2-1 lead late in regulation time, the Islanders saw it slip away when the Devils pulled goalie Scott Clemmensen for an extra skater and John Madden tied the game with nine-tenths of a second remaining.

    Fortunately the Islanders won the overtime shootout, so both teams make the playoffs.

    This is an open thread, so let us know what you think!

  • Real Division or Real Distraction?

    In a post titled Blue Collar vs. Blue Jersey, Wally Edge writes about the 14th district convention to choose an Assembly candidate and a “battle between two separate but important wings of New Jersey’s Democratic Party” – labor and progressives. Dan Benson is said to be the progressive candidate while Wayne D’Angelo is the labor candidate.

    I don’t have time today to write a real response, but I want to make a few quick points. In both this specific instance and in the abstract, the suggestion that progressive values do not include strong support of worker’s rights is wrong. I’ve seen this idea repeated elsewhere, but it doesn’t make it true.

    Wally is right that Benson is a progressive, but those familiar with his voting record while on the Hamilton council know that he’s had a consistent pro-labor record. This doesn’t come as a surprise to any progressives.

    There are plenty of real divisions within the Democratic party and among progressives. Let’s not create them where they don’t exist.

    Is the Clean Elections Program Too Expensive?

    The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) has released the dollar amounts needed for the Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Program.  There will three districts chosen for the program:  One represented by three Democrats, an entirely Republican one, and a mixed district.  According to the Courier-Post:

    Candidates in one-party districts would get $100,000, but those in split districts would be funded based on the average of the last two Senate and Assembly races in their districts. ELEC released those figures Friday, ranging from $282,275 per candidate in the 7th District, which covers parts of Burlington and Camden counties, to $534,375 per candidate in the 14th District, which includes parts of Mercer and Middlesex counties.

    According to the article, there is criticism that the numbers are too high. 

    Here’s what Speaker Roberts said in a press release:

    “The last thing the public needs is to experience Clean Elections sticker shock,” said Roberts (D-Camden).  “I am happy ELEC today expressed willingness to allow clean candidates to voluntarily agree to lower spending thresholds.  The point of Clean Elections is to wean candidates off big money and allow them to run real grassroots races.  Candidates should not be forced to wage high-priced campaigns with public money simply because funds are available.”

    What do you think?  Should the public put up over a million dollars for LD14?  Is that just encouraging spending?  Or is it a necessary cost of having fair elections?


    Singh & are there groups now backing Baroni over Greenstein?

    From Wally Edge today:

    Greenstein, suddenly mulling a State Senate bid, is trying to mend fences with her Democratic base — especially after several groups that have supported her in past Assembly races told her yesterday that they intend to back Republican Bill Baroni for the Senate.  She asked for a meeting with some anti-war activists to discuss her vote…

    I was at the meeting.  None of us there were talking about backing Baroni. She didn’t seem to be aware of any groups that had switched their support. 

    I hope Singh will run for the assembly where she has a chance, whether or not Greenstein decides to run for the senate seat against Baroni.

    According to CAWP there are only 29 South Asian women in state legislatures in the whole country.  It would be a first for NJ.

    Candidates for the 14th

    When Democrats decide on a candidate for the open Assembly seat in the 14th, it will likely be someone from Hamilton – the largest municipality in the district. The names I’ve seen mentioned so far as possible candidates include Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore, Mercer County Freeholder Keith Hamilton, former Hamilton Councilman Dan Benson and Mercer County Central Labor Council president Michael Maloney.

    Am I missing any?

    Update: Hmmm, I’m not so sure about Maloney being a candidate. He was in DC this morning introducing Baroni at the Building Trades meeting. Maloney urged them to endorse Baroni’s senate campaign.

    Update 2: I got that wrong. Maloney is indeed one of the possible candidates being considered.

    Polling the 14th

    Sources say that the Assembly Democrats are putting a quick poll into the field to assess potential candidates in the 14th to run against Bill Baroni for the open Senate seat. Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein is waiting for the results before making a decision on whether to run. The Senate Democrats are mum on whether they are going to compete in the district and may focus on more competitive races in the 12th or 2nd.