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Because math.

Sen. Linda GreensteinWith the LD14 Senate race vote count at 31,386 votes for Linda Greenstein to Peter Inverso’s 29,903, former senator Inverso says he won’t seek a recount. So Greenstein’s whole ticket – including Assembly Dems Wayne DeAngelo and Dan Benson – in the hotly contested 14th prevail, with Greenstein winning the closest Senate contest in the Nov. 5th election.

“Let’s put it to rest and be done with it,” says Inverso.

Congratulations, Senator Greenstein. Hard-fought.

“Because math” is borrowed from the dead-accurate and funny Regan M.. No better way to put it.  

Christie Election Spin: Where’s the Media?

Chris Christie’s spin machine has been at it again since Election Day, doing everything it can to try and claim some kind of mandate for or validation of the Governor’s politics and governing philosophy. In trying to do so, he’s tied himself in rhetorical knots. Amazingly, the press has given him a free pass on this one.

Here’s what New Jersey’s Chief Executive Spinner had to say after Election Day (video courtesy of NJN):

I really felt like we needed to bring some balance back to the congressional delegation, and I saw [the 3rd Congressional District race] as the best opportunity for us to do it…That’s why the Runyan/Adler race was to me the most important.

So the 3rd Congressional District was the most important race to him, where the candidate he endorsed and campaigned for won. Quite an interesting statement, especially considering he sang a very different tune only the day before Election Day:

“Brought in by the Jersey anthem “Born to Run” but his accent now distinctly twanged from his tumbleweed campaign tour of the country, Christie repeatedly staked his name on hometown Hamiltonian Goodwin.

“I said from the beginning that the most important race was Tom Goodwin in the 14th District,” said the governor. “He’s been the hardest working candidate in New Jersey this year, and that’s why he’s going to win.”

Christie’s “guy,” of course, lost in LD14, so he clearly needed to change his “most important race” to suit his political agenda. The question I have is, where’s the media on this? They’ve been almost eager to find validation of the Governor’s politics, but you’d have to think even this brazen attempt to change facts would be subject to some basic reporting.


Democrats Go Grassroots in Mercer

Some of the most watched campaigns in Central Jersey this season are Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein's race for Senate, Congressman Rush Holt's re-election in CD12 and Hamilton Council race of Joe Santo.    

This weekend, volunteers across CD12 and LD14 fanned out across the various communities to talk directly to voters about the importance of electing these three Dems on November 2nd.   These aren't your paid canvassers of years past.

Following the Obama for America model, they are using volunteers within the communities to reach out directly to voters.   As a 2004 Yale study revealed, these kind of personalized door-to-door contacts are the most successful and cost effective ways to get a campaign message across.

Greenstein volunteers prepare to canvass in LD14
Greenstein volunteers prepare to canvass in LD14 at the Hamilton HQ on Route 33


At 10am Saturday morning, the Greenstein and Santo HQ’s campaign staff provided lists of voters, scripts of questions to ask, and maps of the streets to be canvassed. Volunteers included a mix of students (Rider, Rutgers, South Brunswick High School to name a few), teachers, state workers, Democratic committee people and a few first time political volunteers. Of course donuts and coffee were also provided to help fuel them on their way, and bottled water to keep them hydrated on the campaign trail.

Christie’s plan to privatize and the 14th district Senate race

While the Governor continues to push his plans to privatize, it’s creating an uncomfortable situation for Republican Senator Tom Goodwin, who is challenging Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein for the Senate seat in the 14th districti:

Privatization became an issue for Goodwin and his campaign last week after a special panel released a report recommending ways to farm out state government functions to private firms.

The document does not specifically mention layoffs, but they are expected if privatization is implemented. That, combined with the slap of potentially having to pay to park at work (one of the commission’s suggestions), could be a bitter pill to swallow for public workers among the district’s voters.

“Do I think it’s a liability? Well, he’s doing what he feels is the best for the state of New Jersey,” Goodwin said of the governor. Christie “is looking at the whole state … I don’t think he’s looking specifically at my district and saying ‘Whatever is good for Tom.'”

But the question will be is Tom looking out for the good of his district or will he get the back of his Governor? It’s a tough spot for the candidate and that point isn’t lost on his opponenent:

Greenstein said the privatization issue could play well for her, though she said she wasn’t sure if Goodwin would try to ignore it. “I would if I were him,” she said.

If he’s not ignoring it, he’s certainly not willing to take a position yet:

The new GOP senator from Mercer County tells The Auditor he isn’t ready to take a stance, specifically, on Christie’s call for privatizing certain functions of state government.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know,” Goodwin said.

To be honest with you, he better figure out an answer or that will be an opening that Greenstein can drive a truck through in the 14th, where a good portion of the voters are state workers and public employees.

Why New Jersey Needs Clean Elections

Promoted from the diaries – – Rosi

When you look at the configuration of New Jersey Congressional and Legislative districts the most apparent characteristic is fairly straightforward: the district either heavily favors a Democrat or Republican, and the latter usually has little chance of winning.  Most elections are uneventful, unwinnable, and inherently bad for a representative democracy.  

As a Democrat I look at the legislative map and think, this is great, there is probably not one feasible electoral scenario that will give Assembly Republicans the opportunity to control a majority.  They have to run the electoral board, holding every potentially vulnerable seat and performing well in LD1, LD14, LD36, and one of LD4 & LD38 in order to take back a majority.  All on limited resources with a broken party infrastructure.  

Out of 40 Legislative Districts in New Jersey any politically savvy person will tell you that there is probably only 2 battleground elections.  In LD1 Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matthew Milam will fight to be reelected with Senator Jeff Van Drew not at the top of the ticket.  In LD36 Gary Schaer and Frederick Scalera are facing 2 candidates who came very close to unseating them in 2007 due to a series of local issues, mainly the Encap fiasco.  I would put Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo higher on the list of potentially vulnerable Democrats, but the Republican recruiting effort there was just embarrassing, especially in what could be a very competitive. election in LD14 where alienated State workers are a large portion of the electorate.  

John Kerry Slams Right Wing Group Attacks on Linda Greenstein

Senator John Kerry today weighed in on the controversy surrounding the anti-gay, right wing front group Common Sense America that’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 14th district – one of three clean elections districts (press release):

“The smear and fear tactics of this Republican front group are no match for a public servant who stands on principle and voters who reject the backroom deals and underground attacks that seek to distort and divide at all costs,” said Sen. Kerry.  “These right-wing front groups are becoming more and more brazen in their efforts to infiltrate elections on any level, but Americans are increasingly tired of Republican fat cats who think their big money can steal elections.”

Senator Kerry said that it is important to speak out against this group and their extraordinary spending that spread lies and distortions against a respected community leader like Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro).

“The fact that the right wing is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars against someone like Assemblywoman Greenstein shows how desperate they are to stop their Party’s bleeding and get back in the business of promoting an out of the mainstream agenda,” said Kerry.  “I applaud Linda for standing up to this group and fighting for the preservation of the Clean Elections Program which is clearly a bold step in protecting the integrity of elections.”

Libertarian Sues For Fair Clean Election Law

14th district Libertarian Assembly candidate Jason Scheurer successfully raised more than the 400 $10 contributions needed to qualify for the clean election program. He accomplished more than any of the Republican candidates in the 37th district (none of them even qualified), yet he’s received less than one fourth what he would have gotten if he had a D or R after his name.

So he’s going to court to fight the arbitrarily discriminatory law:

A lawsuit filed on behalf of Jason Scheurer claims the program imposes “enormous” disadvantages on independent candidates, including state funding that is a fraction of that bestowed on major party candidates. It seeks to compel the state to provide equal funding to all candidates. […]

Scheurer’s Republican and Democratic opponents all got the maximum of $526,375 in state funding by raising 800 contributions of $10 each. As an independent candidate, Scheurer got $23,521 for raising 448 contributions of $10 each. If he were a Democrat or Republican, he would have been entitled to $103,645 under the formula for distributing state funding.

“His money is just as clean as the other candidates’ money. He just gets an awful lot less of it,” said Scheurer’s attorney, Walter Luers of Atlantic Highlands.

What are the major parties afraid of? He did the hard work, engaged voters, and despite being a third-party candidate, received over 400 qualifying contributions. There is clearly substantial interest in his message in the district, and he deserves the same resources that Seema and Bill received to share it with the voters. I don’t have a clue what his platform is, but I support his effort to make the law fair.

McClellan Responds to Merkt

Echoing General Anthony Clement McAuliffe, Mercer County Democratic chair Rich McClellan today responded to Assemblyman Merkt’s call for 14th district Senate candidate Seema Singh to drop out.

FROM: Rich McClellan, Mercer County Democratic Chair
TO: Republican Senate candidate Bill Baroni and his henchman Assemblyman Dick Merkt

RE: Your suggestion that Seema Singh drop out of the race for Senate in the 14th Legislative District


That’s some pretty big nuts.