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Christie ducks questions, cancels interview

This morning I gave Chris Christie and Joe Pennachio the Stinky Fish award. This afternoon, they’ve done nothing to take away the smell of the situation and the AP doesn’t like it:

It’s the very situation that Christopher Christie has labeled “pension abuse” and vowed to stop if elected governor.

Christie refused to say at a public event Thursday whether he would call on friend and fundraiser John P. Inglesino to give up the pension credits he is earning as a $3,000-per-year political consultant for Republican Sen. Joe Pennacchio. Christie then abruptly canceled an interview with The Associated Press that had been scheduled weeks ago but did not give a reason why.

Christie said this week he had “no idea” that Inglesino, one of his closest campaign advisers and a friend for 15 years, remained in the government pension system because of a job with the state senator from Morris County, where Christie lives. Inglesino, a corporate lawyer, began working for Pennacchio after losing re-election as a Morris County freeholder. Without the job, he would have been out of the pension system on Jan. 1, 2008, the day he was enrolled in the plan through Pennacchio.

Asked whether he’d call on Inglesino to give up his pension or the political job, Christie didn’t give a direct answer.

“I’ve made it very clear that my position on pensions and politicians is that when I get into office pensions for politicians in this state will be eliminated,” he said. “Anybody, whether they’re a friend of mine, and adviser of mine, an opponent of mine, if they’re into this public service to get a public pension, they’re going to be sorely disappointed.”

So just like Christie’s stance on dual office holding, it’s only a problem he will deal with if elected. And you may remember, Inglesino is the same person who Rick Merkt says tried to bribe him with a “major position” to get out of the race for Chris Christie. Maybe we should just start calling Christie two face, the face that talks the game he thinks people want to hear and then the other one that doesn’t live up to those standards by a long shot. Now Christie supporters will point to the bad Democrats and try to turn away attention, but the moral of this story seems to be that pension padding is a bad thing for everyone except Christie’s friends, similar to many of his other questionable situations.

Christie hypocrisy watch: Fundraising for someone he’d fire

The walking contradiction that is the Chris Christie campaign for Governor continued this week.  Christie once again said that he would support legislation to ban dual office holding, only this time the hilarious part is not what he said, but where he was headed when saying it: to a fundraiser for dual office holder Carl W. Block who is both the mayor of Stafford and clerk of Ocean County.

He’s not just accepting the support of dual office holders any more. Now he’s actively helping to perpetuate the practice. Christie’s response?:

“It’s certainly not a conflict of interest.” […]

“Listen, Carl is an outstanding guy who right now is operating under the law as it stands, which allows dual-officeholding,” Christie said before the event. “But Carl knows that if I’m elected governor, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he can only have one office.”

Why wait until he’s elected governor? Actions speak louder than words, and as the de-facto leader of the state GOP, he could use his influence to end the practice now if he wanted. But he’s doing the exact opposite. Be on the look out for what Christie has to say when the “Do as I say, not as I do” tour comes to a town near you.

Lance doesn’t like his Hypocrisy Hall of Fame Status

Generally people like honors, but Leonard Lance is not thrilled with his inclusion by the DCCC in their “Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.”  Lance was inducted after he started claiming credit for projects he opposed. Here’s what vmars said at the time:

You never heard Lance say this before the stimulus vote.  It would have gone against the GOP bosses position that stimulus spending was bad if Lance had suggested we should put the Green Brook Flood Control Project in the stimulus package.  And going against the bosses can be bad juju for a freshman Rep.

Further proof that this was a partisan effort to take credit for a bill he voted against, Lance toured the area solely with Republican Pilato — former staffer for Mike Ferguson — and none of the Democratic council members from Bound Brook.  

He didn’t invite the Democratic Mayors of Green Brook, Manville or North Plainfield either, three towns that flooded massively in the 1973 storm that spawned the Green Brook Flood Control Project, flooded again in 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit and gave new impetus to the effort.  Manville again flooded in 1997 when the Nor’Easter hit.

No, after voting in lockstep with his party against the Democrats in the House Lance blocks out Democrats from working with him in protecting their homes and businesses from flooding.

In the State Senate Lance had a reputation for bi-partisanship and working to solve problems without being a blind party follower.  In just a month as a member of Congress he’s giving up that hard earned image to become another drone in the national Republican party.

It was then pointed out that Lance was taking credit for these projects he voted against on his facebook page too.  But rather than admitting he was caught claiming credit for something he opposed, Lance fought back over the weekend:

Making an appearance at the special convention at the Clinton Township Middle School after attending the Union County Republican Convention today, Lance said he preferred a GOP alternative stimulus package proposed by Republican Whip U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Richmond) to what he saw ultimately as a bloated Democratic offering.

“I favored the Cantor package totaling $500 billion, which included money for shovel-ready projects,” Lance told PolitickerNJ.com.  

But which shovel ready projects?  Lance’s claim is he supported the bill put forth by the minority whip, whose job it is to keep members of the party in line?  Did that bill even include specific funding for the Green Brook project he’s claiming, or just other projects?  That would indicate he played follow the leader with his party rather than standing out as a maverick for his district. By the Lance standard, everyone could claim credit for supporting everything if the standard is legislation that doesn’t go anywhere.  Lance opposed the stimulus package that was signed and will fund the projects he’s standing with for photo ops.  And it’s more insulting to see him stand there after opposing, while the NRCC hammers John Adler for having the courage to vote for the package before touting its results. Where was the Lance amendment in this package dealing with Green Brook if he was so passionately committed to the project?  He could have introduced that to be included in the final package.  Instead he’s hoping you either don’t realize or aren’t paying attention.