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Inside the Cho Campaign

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I started this post-mortem a week out from election as the ramp up to the final push was in full swing. The copy machine was running full-time as the cases of paper came in waves off the delivery trucks. In my many years of working on political campaigns, I’ve never witnessed what has taken place since the Monmouth University poll [showing Cho just 5 points back, “within striking distance of Garrett – ed.] was released and the rest of the country learned what we already knew; the Cho campaign was one of the few opportunities in a Republican year where a Democrat threatened an entrenched Republican incumbent.

The electricity among the volunteers and even some of the staff grew with every article from The Record, The Ledger, The Herald, Politickernj, the AP, etc. The second poll from Monmouth University was released around Noon that final Thursday and the news wasn’t good: down by 11; trailing in Bergen where we were once up by 12. Looking deeper into the crosstabs we had made up 5 points in the western part of the district where we had spent no money. Something wasn’t making sense. If we trashed the poll in the media, I had visions of Team Romney poo-pooing the pollsters and thus Romney being caught flat footed having not prepared a concession speech. So we sat silently despite internal concern over the Monmouth findings.

You Know the Republican Brand is damaged When…

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Scott Garrett refuses to admit he’s a Republican.  Scott Garrett’s got a campaign ad running on his website.  I doubt he’ll ever run it, but it’s there for anyone to see.

The ad is all about cutting spending way back as a means to restoring fiscal sanity.  Now I would argue that government spending in a recession is the only thing standing between us and another Great Depression, but that’s an argument for another day.  What struck me is that nowhere in the ad did Scott Garrett identify himself as a Republican.  Instead he characterizes himself as an “Independent Voice for Change.”  Why would that be?

At the Debate

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My apologies to all for missing the Sunday debate between Congressman Scott Garrett and challenger Adam Gussen.  Family responsibilities made my attendance impossible.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to get a good idea as to what took place from friends in attendance and from reading reports from the news agencies covering the event.

Here’s something that jumped out at me from Phillip Molnar at The Express Times (Lehigh Valley):

Garrett said small businesses needed “certainty” in health care laws, financial markets and the tax code before they could hire new people. He said Congress needed to repeal and reform parts of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial legislation and reform the Affordable Care Act.

“Provide certainty in the marketplace and people will have the optimism going forward in the economy in hiring and that will be good for the country and New Jersey and the 5th Congressional District,” Garrett said.

As A Public Service to Voters in the 5th CD

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We’re entering the home stretch.   As a public service I thought I’d let you know about some important dates and information to keep in mind as we speed toward the November 6th General Election.

General Election: November 6,2012

Voter Registration Deadline for the General Election: October 16, 2012  14 days left

Deadline to apply for a Mail-In Ballot by Mail for General Election: October 30,2012   28 days left

Mailing of Sample Ballots for General Election: October 31,2012  29 days left

Deadline for Application to Receive General Election Mail-In Ballots by Electronic Means for Qualified Overseas Civilian and Military Voters:  November 2, 2012  31 days left

Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for General Election: November 5, 2012 (by 3pm)  34 days left

Deadline for Submission of General Election Mail-In Ballots to County Boards of Election: November 6, 2012  35 days left

Scott Garrett’s Ambition

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Folks, we’re living in an alternate universe. It’s a universe in which Scott Garrett is vying to become Chairman of the House Budget Committee should the Romney/Ryan ticket prevail and should Republicans remain in control of The House of Representatives.

You may recall that for the last two years, Scott Garrett has offered up the Republican Study Committee’s more conservative alternative to the Ryan Budget proposal.  Apparently adding an $4.6 trillion to the deficit and gutting discretionary spending on such “frivolous” programs as monitoring the safety of our food, immunizing our children from disease and keeping airline safety regulators on the job (as proposed in the Ryan Budget) didn’t go far enough toward harming our economy and the removing the safety pieces put in place over the lifetime of our Republic.

Looking into the Numbers

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Scott Garrett received 87% of the 27, 567 votes cast in the Republican Primary.  That’s about the overall percentage one would expect to see for a five term incumbent running in a primary.  What surprises me is how he won it.  The narrative everyone has come to rely upon is that Warren and Sussex Counties are the most “Republican” parts of the district whereas Bergen and Passaic Counties tend to lean more toward the middle but still favor Garrett.

Would it surprise you to learn that Garrett performed best in Bergen County?  How is it possible that Scott Garrett got 93% (12, 090) of the votes cast there?  Bergen County is the home of both of his primary opponents and he thrashed them in their own backyards.

Garrett’s second best performance was in Passaic County.  He received 90% (1,843) of the votes cast there.  In Sussex County – the county where Scott Garrett resides – he “only” received 83%  (6,225) of the votes.  His worst performance was in Warren County where he still managed to garner 78% (3,897) of the votes cast.

What explains this possible anomaly?  Was Garrett focusing all his efforts on the new parts of Bergen County and taking his “home turf” for granted?  Did his challengers figure they’d do best in Bergen where people knew them so they shifted their attention out west?  Have Bergen and Passaic Counties warmed up to Scott Garrett’s brand of conservative politics?

A Quick Blurb that Says So Much

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I’ve got to give Scott Garrett credit.  He’ll meet with any group no matter how much damage he’s done to the issues they care about and try to convince them that he’s worthy of their votes in November.

I saw the following blurb while scanning through The Paramus Post:

Residents, staff and guests of The Atrium Assisted Living at The Allendale Community for Mature Living recently voiced their questions to U.S. Congressman Scott Garrett during a Town Hall-style meeting at the senior living residence. Congressman Garrett described his role in Congress and answered attendees’ questions about social security, Medicare and the upcoming presidential election. Pictured with Congressman Garrett (second from left) at the event are (L-R) Allendale Mayor Vince Barra and The Allendale Community’s Jolanta Giancarlo, Vice President, and Dr. Hector Giancarlo, President and Founder.

The senior residence regularly hosts cultural, educational and social events, as well as interactive discussions with elected officials to encourage its senior residents and older adults to address matters that are of concern to them. For more information on upcoming events open to the public, call (201) 818-7979.

Another Health Care Post

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Scott Garrett’s primary opponents – he does have a pair – were both quoted in The Patch stating their agreement with Scott Garrett in their opposition to the Affordable Care Act.  Specifically:

Businesses with 50 or more employees will be required to purchase insurance for their workers under the new law, and Cino said businesses will deliberately not hire more than 49 workers to avoid the expense of purchasing healthcare for their workforces.

“You have a system which creates disincentive for businesses to hire,” Cino said. “Obama’s healthcare plan will produce results that people don’t want.”

Small business owners who employ fewer than 50 worker are largely exempted from being required to provide coverage to their workers. These companies will not pay a partial tax penalty for failing to provide insurance. Businesses with more than 50 employees that do not offer coverage will be taxed based on the size of their payrolls, but the cost will be significantly less than the cost of providing insurance benefits.

How Scott Garrett Operates

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Laurie, I hate to be the one to tell you this but Scott Garrett is not telling you the truth and you deserve better.   From looking at her blog – Cook Scrap Craft, Laurie is a constituent of Scott Garrett’s and among her other interests and passions, she interested in seeing strong FDA labeling practices as it relates to gluten-free foods and medicines.   In fact, she’s so concerned about the issue that she took the time to write her Congressman to let him know how she feels.  Further, the Congressman wrote her back and she was so excited she was compelled to post it on her blog for all to see.  She writes:  I was very happy to receive a positive email back from Congressman Scott Garrett on the topic, and I wanted to share it with you.

We Need to Hold them Both to their Word

Interesting that the future of the 5th came up as a call to commitment from the candidates in the 9th. And it’s a more constructive for the 5th to come up than some of what we’ve heard in this race. – promoted by Rosi

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Last night was the third and likely final debate between Congressmen Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman.  The debate was hosted by Bergen Grassroots and the Ethical Culture Society of Teaneck.

As I mentioned yesterday, there was reason for residents of the 5th Congressional District to pay attention to what was said by both candidates last evening.  News was made, and we may improved our odds at defeating Scott Garrett.