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Write-ins: Live in LD23? Please read this before you vote.

Just a quick heads up for Dems who live in LD-23: There are no Dems on the ballot for Assembly in the 23rd, but there are two candidates you can write in:

Mary Beth Maciag & Maria Rodriguez

They’re running against GOP incumbents John DiMaio and Erik Peterson. Mary Beth Maciag’s from Hackettstown and Maria Rodriguez is from Bridgewater. (Not to be confused with GOP Asw Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, who reps the 8th District).

LD23 has more Rs than Ds, by a wide margin, but unaffiliated voters outnumber both. So a vibrant campaign behind Maciag and Rodriguez, once your write-in puts them on the November ballot, forces the GOP to spend in a district where they’d rather not and allows Maciag and Rodriguez to make their best case for change not only with Dems but the District’s 76,929 unaffiliated voters.

Towns in District 23: Parts of Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren

Alexandria, Alpha, Bedminster, Bethlehem, Bloomsbury, Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Califon, Clinton, Clinton Township, Franklin (Hunterdon), Franklin (Warren), Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Greenwich (Warren), Hackettstown, Hampton (Hunterdon), Harmony, High Bridge, Holland, Kingwood, Lebanon Borough, Lebanon Township, Lopatcong, Mansfield (Warren), Milford, Peapack-Gladstone, Phillipsburg, Pohatcong, Raritan (Somerset), South Bound Brook, Tewksbury, Union (Hunterdon), Washington Borough (Warren), Washington Township (Warren)

Polls open 6am-8am. Do you know your polling place?  

Need help with how to write in 2 candidates? Ask your poll worker.

Are there other Dems who need write-ins on your local ballot? Feel free to add them in Comments below.

I go to Hunterdon GOP HQ & watch Chris Christie endorse Steve Lonegan

Chris Christie comes to Hunterdon for an obligatory moment standing next to Steve Lonegan, and goes after Cory Booker for hanging out with Oprah Winfrey, despite the fact he’s warmed Oprah’s couch plenty himself. Promoted by Rosi

Chris Christie endorses Steve LoneganGovernor Christie could not have chosen a more out of the way place than Hunterdon County GOP HQ – hot, crowded, poorly ventilated – to endorse Steve Lonegan for United States Senate. I thought the endorsement would take place outdoors, at least in the parking lot. Or, on this beautiful cool August day, Lonegan could have opted for the Flemington Borough Park. But then the press would have noted just how sparse the crowd actually was. Packed in a room they look much larger.

However, all the key players were there: Rep. Leonard Lance (whom called Lonegan his “partner in fiscal conservatism” from his support of the then-State Senator’s lawsuit against then-Gov. Jim McGreevey). Lance mustered up just enough faux enthusiasm to sound almost real in his endorsement.

After Lance, State Senator Mike Doherty took the stage and sincerely endorsed the former mayor of Bogota. The two of them have been in simpatico since 2009 when Lonegan coattails enabled Doherty to crush Marcia Karrow in their State Senate primary in Warren and Hunterdon – two of the counties where Lonegan resoundingly beat Christie in 2010.

Then the show really began, when Christie showed up. Looking slimmer and ready for the road show for 2016 that he’d like to see begin for him the morning after Election Day 2013, Christie went right for the jugular on Mayor Cory Booker (a mayor with whim he has shared the stage many times; many more times than he’s shared any stage with Lonegan, I think). He attacked Booker for being the choice of the “Hollywood elites”, for appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and being a liberal. Never mind the fact that Christie himself has also warmed Oprah’s couch, has done his share of the TV circuit (Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and the new Michael J. Fox show in the fall).  

Chris Christie comments on James Gandolfini’s death

Christie’s press operation sent this to reporters this evening:

“It’s an awful shock. James Gandolfini was a fine actor, a Rutgers alum and a true Jersey guy. I was a huge fan of his and the character he played so authentically, Tony Soprano. I have gotten to know Jimmy and many of the other actors in the Sopranos cast and I can say that each of them are an individual New Jersey treasure. Mary Pat and I express our deepest sympathies to Mr. Gandolfini’s wife and children, and our prayers are with them at this terrible time.”

I told Bob Ingle tonight that I’d probably be more interested in what he had to say about Gandolfini’s passing, given that he called the book (and later documentary) he wrote about Jersey politics The Soprano State. Ingle wrote the following on his Facebook:

“When the movie based on our book, “The Soprano State,” premiered in New York, most of the cast of “The Sopranos” sat in the row in front of me, Sandy and our colleagues and families. They also were at the after party at Patsy’s, the Sinatra hangout. Not among us was James Gandolfini because that night he had a premiere elsewhere. Always regretted that, now especially.”

Gandolfini, a 1983 Rutgers grad, lived not too far from me in Tewksbury, Hunterdon County but much closer to former governor Christie Todd Whitman.

Facebook’s been all-Gandolfini for hours. Terrible shame. Rest in Peace.