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DFA Training & Jim Dean Interview

Today was the DFA training session that took place at Raritan Valley Community College and below are some photos from the event. I’d estimate about 100 people came out for the training, which continues tomorrow as well. Also, our very own Jay Lassiter had a chance to interview DFA president (and Howard Dean’s brother) Jim Dean (not to be confused with the famous sausage entrepreneur). We’ll have a podcast of the entire interview hopefully by Monday, but for now, here’s a video clip of Jay asking Jim about the future of blogging.

Jim Dean speaks at DFA training The room at DFA training

Making Blue Jersey Work!

Hey, all you Blue Jerseyans out there!  Want to make Blue Jersey all the better, more responsive and interactive?  Think that an active blog community would be frickin’ awesome?

Then do three things at least once a week and help us build the community:

  • Post a diary.  See a news article that pisses you off?  Heard a rumor that sounds credible?  Have an opinion you want to share?  Write two, three, five or 20 paragraphs in a diary just once a week.  The more people who write diaries, the more conversations we cna have about making Jersey a better state.  And, if you are really good, you may get invited to post on the front page!
  • Recommend diaries.  Diaries that are not on the home page have a “recommend” button on the right column.  Diaries that have been recommended by a few people get special recognition on the home page, and may get the attention of a front page blogger and get promoted to the home page.  If you like a diary, recommend it to others so they can see the good stuff going on here.
  • Rate Comments.  When reading comments we all think, “What a crock!” or “That’s dead on!” or “TROLL!”  A the bottom of each comment is a little drop down number field that you can use to rate the comments.  People who get a lot of high ratings get noticed by the front page bloggers, and comments that get low rating get deleted by the software.  That should only be done for Trolls and not for honest comments you just disagree with.

Blue Jersey is set up as a meritocracy, but we need the users here to tell the software that runs our blog what merits promotion, and what merits a sharp carrot in the eye.

If everyone did these three things just once a week, and encouraged others to join in, Blue Jersey would become even awesomer than it already is.

Call for Writers

Democrats and Progressives have always disagreed.  It’s part of our strength that we can vigorously oppose each other, even to the point of jabbing fingers in each other’s chests, and still come together on important projects.

This blog is an important project.

There are many people in our political system who don’t feel like they have a voice – that’s one of the reasons I began blogging.  That’s the reason this blog exists.  Speak up, be heard.  We love your comments (even when they are infuriating – so please don’t stop) but we’d love to see you write diaries even more.

Should We Sell Blue Jersey T-Shirts?

Over the past several months we’ve received a handful of unsolicited requests to sell Blue Jersey T-shirts. We’re thinking about doing it, and they would look similar to the logo on the top left side of the page. The problem is that in order to make the shirts blue, we would need to go through a screen print shop (CafePress only does white, and some black shirts) and pay for all the shirts upfront. We’d like to gauge what the demand is for these shirts, so take the poll below and let us know if you would buy a shirt (or shirts).

If we do this, we’ll also have some kind of slogan contest, so if you have ideas you can let us know in the comments.