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Passaic County mayors coming together to lower taxes

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Today I was proud to announce the endorsement of mayors across Passaic County in my bid to be Woodland Park’s next Mayor.  More importantly, Bloomingdale Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy, Haledon Mayor Domenick Stampone, Passaic Mayor Alex Blanco, Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, and West Milford Mayor Bettina Bieri all endorsed my shared services platform to find new and creative ways to work together and the lower the burden on our local taxpayers.  

You can read the full press release here.

Local governments must face a new reality: work together or risk wholesale cuts to vital municipal services.  Under Governor Christie’s new tax cap, we can swim together or sink alone.  In Passaic County, we are pledging to come together and find out where we can do things collectively to save money.  I’m proud that mayors from diverse communities up-and-down Passaic County recognize that we need to work cooperatively to solve the problems facing our municipalities.

A new generation of leadership in Passaic County

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I am proud to announce that I am the chosen candidate of the Woodland Park Democratic Committee and Democratic Club for Mayor in November.  Over the last three months I met with residents, members of the Council, Mayor Pat Lepore, and our elected county committee officials to make my case as the best person to hold this seat for the Democrats.  I am honored they put their faith in me to make sure we hold onto this seat in November.    

I hope you can all join me this Saturday in Woodland Park for the grand opening of our campaign headquarters on McBride Avenue. more below...

The cause endures

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“For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

-Senator Ted Kennedy, 1980 Democratic National Convention

It wasn’t an easy week for progressives in Passaic County and New Jersey.  I was unsuccessful in my efforts to seek a vacated assembly seat in the 35th District. My friend Jeff Gardner was defeated at yesterday’s convention of the Democratic Committee of Bergen County by Maywood Mayor Tim Eustace.  But this doesn’t mark the end of our fight, it marks the beginning of a new era of progressive politics.  

Every day we are seeing a slow death to the old way of doing things.   Back room deals and political horse trading are becoming a thing of the past.  The process is becoming more transparent, more fair, and more accessible to normal people looking to serve their communities.  In the end this will mean more accountable representation for us all in Trenton.  

I know I’m not done fighting for my core progressive beliefs: worker’s rights, economic empowerment, and keeping property taxes stable while maintaining a high level of municipal services.  There will be other fights and campaigns.  And I know Jeff and I will be at the frontlines in Passaic County making sure we are living up the ideals of Senator Kennedy’s Democratic Party.    

Your Map

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Blue Jersey, this is your map. Period, point blank. This week, when rumors started swirling of a new legislative map that would have pitted Senator Barbara Buono and Senator Joe Vitale in one new legislative district, many of us took it as a gut punch. These two Senators have consistently stood up for the interests of New Jerseyans, in and out of their respective districts.

Some suggested that the rumored map was the product of Republican fantasies meant to disrupt the Democratic coalition. Others ascribed other darker motives to a few actors within the Democratic Party. We may never know the truth, but either way, none of that matters now for one simple reason… You organized. You mobilized. You fought. And you won.

Senators Buono and Vitale released a joint statement today that you may or may not have caught, so I’m reposting it here after the jump, along with a few more thoughts of my own.


Domenick is the Mayor of Haledon, NJ. – promoted by Rosi

Last December I wrote an op-ed for the Hall Institute of Public Policy about unions and Governor Christie.  The main point of my piece was simple: union members are not the enemy, they are the backbone of our middle class.  We need real dialogue for reform, but that does not mean a wholesale annihilation of a hundred years of progress for expanding worker’s rights.  

Now with the recent events in Wisconsin, unions are again at the forefront of political chatter. But just like in New Jersey, Governor Walker does not want to compromise to save tax dollars.  He wants to totally dismantle the right to organize and collective bargaining.  We all understand the need for give-and-take in reform.  As a proud member of American Federation of Teachers Local 2375 and a local Mayor, I see both sides of the coin.  

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Separate is never equal

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As the Mayor of my hometown one of my greatest privileges is performing marriage ceremonies for residents, friends, and family.  It is very special to play a small role in such an important event for people. So when I picked up last Sunday’s edition of the Bergen Record this article caught my eye. What is lacking in the content and warrants a more in-depth look is the real politics of local Mayors performing marriage ceremonies.

The process allows Mayors to refuse performing Civil Unions.  This puts same-sex couples in precarious situations where they are forced to drive hours from their home just to obtain someone willing to perform the ceremony.  I experience this firsthand.  As one of the only Mayors in the greater-Passaic County area willing to perform civil unions, I am often performing ceremonies for people outside of Haledon.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy to help, but it shouldn’t be this way.  This is the definition of discrimination.  

Separate is never equal.  Whether it is banning interracial marriage, segregating African-Americans in the South, or not hiring someone because of their gender, it all falls under the same umbrella of prejudice.  As a society we need to evaluate the message this is sending to our children. This legalized and open intolerance of same-sex couples is shameful.  Whether it is through the courts or in the State Legislature, we need to continue fighting for marriage equality.      

After the Votes Are Counted

Some things, like the bad economy, our governor, and the Tea Party won’t have gone away. We may have lost one Democratic congressman but our NJ legislature will not have changed much. It is in county and municipal elections where there may be more change and portent for the future. There will certainly be increased voter turn-out on the part of Republicans. The storm will leave an unpleasant trail for progressive politics in both the U.S. and New Jersey. For the moment GOTV is everything.

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One week out

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Pundits and experts around the country are predicting a wave election for Republicans, wiping out all of the progress made over the last four years.  The only way we can prove them wrong is by helping Democrats up-and-down the ballot on these seven crucial days until Election Day.  As everyone on Blue Jersey already knows, we faced a competitive Democratic primary in Haledon.  Although we always hope to solve issues within our party in-house, the primary was a blessing in disguise.  We had a trial run for our GOTV program, canvassed our entire community, and got our network of volunteers organized and motivated.  

The Haledon Democratic Organization is now a well-oiled operation ready for Election Day.  This is what grassroots organizing is all about.  We had a local leader who was more self-interested than moving the Democratic Party forward. After I stepped in to block a high paying post for him at the Manchester Utilities Authority, there was no reconciling the relationship.  The best interests of Haledon’s residents and taxpayers are always put first in my administration.    

We didn’t complain or sulk when he threatened us with a primary – we got organized and ran candidates for every County Committee seat in our six districts. After winning 10 of 12 on primary day, we now control the local party.  If we want to start moving the Democratic Party forward in Passaic County and New Jersey, it has to start at the local level.  One County Committee seat at a time is the only way to get real, lasting change in our party.    

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