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11 Million Reasons to be Happy

Grownups now, please.  – Promoted by Rosi

There are 11 million new reasons to be happy today.  By now I’m sure many of you know that, yesterday, President Obama signed a bill into law that has been far too long in the making.

This landmark legislation will expand health coverage to 11 million uninsured kids through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – up from 7.04 million last year.  In New Jersey, we’ll be able to reach an additional 116,000 children through FamilyCare – reducing the ranks of uninsured children by a substantial 43 percent.

President Obama signing the CHIP bill.

It’s only been a month since our new Congress got to work and less than three weeks since President Obama took the oath of office. Yet, already our new Democratic majorities are bringing about real, lasting change for our families.  Thanks to this new law, nearly four million more American children will have better access to quality healthcare.   And there is no doubt these kids will now have a far better chance to live healthy and productive lives.