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The Forgery Trial is Over

It’s been almost six years and finally one person, who was charged with one forged resignation came to trial in Superior Court in Bergen County.  Elaine Rabbit who was the Vice Chair of the Bergenfield Democratic Committee during the time I won the convention to become the State Senator from District 37, was charged and found not guilty before Judge Donald Venezia this afternoon. Carol Hornlein has chronicled this saga several times for the Blue Jersey audience.

There were approximately six forgeries in the Bergenfield Democratic Committee during the same convention.  But only one other person was charged with just one of these forgeries and opted for pre-trial intervention rather than stand trial.  Ms. Rabbit chose instead to face trial.

And today the verdict was in.  

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Rabbitt Season – 6 years later

My, but the wheels of justice turn slowly.  Elaine Rabbitt, former Bergenfield Council Woman indicted for a forgery  that nearly changed the course of a State Senate special election in 2005, finally got to face a judge.


I wished I could have been there yesterday, I love good courtroom drama.

For those who need refreshers on how we all got here, I offer up some old Blue Jersey Diaries:

The Arm-Twisting Continues

Today, I received a letter from Mike Kasparian about his “candidacy” for Chairman of the BCDO.  The format is similar to many letters from the BCDO in the past.  It lists all the elected officials whom Joe has “requested” to support his hand-picked candidate. Here is the text:

Dear Democratic Leader,

Since announcing my candidacy for Bergen County Democratic Organization Chairman, I have been overwhelmed by the kind words of encouragement and positive feedback that I have received.  Though my candidacy is of short duration, I am humbled by the ample and enthusiastic grassroots support it has garnered so far.

Attached is a list of distinguished elected and party officials who have endorsed my candidacy which includes several State Legislators, a majority of the countywide elected officials and a significant number of municipal party leaders.

I have been a longtime County Committee Member, candidate for the State Assembly and a Democratic fundraiser for local, state and national campaigns.  I believe that by working together to implement an aggressive platform of ethical reforms we will unify our party and improve our operations.  Change is in the air this week and we must strive to meet President Obama’s challenge as faithful Democrats!

It is my hope that you will join us on Thursday, January 22, 2009 from 5:00 pm- 8:00 pm at the Hackensack Middle School, 360 Union Street, Hackensack and vote in support of my candidacy, thank you.

It is on Mike Kasparian’s letterhead, but is not actually signed by him.  I bet this was sent out by the BCDO on his behalf.  

I have a few comments on the text of the letter:

1) Substitute the word “coronation” for “candidacy”. That is nearer the mark.

2) What “grassroots” support is he talking about?  The letter of folks supporting him reads like a who’s who of Bergen County Pay-To-Play folks.  Not only are many counted TWICE, but at least one is INDICTED.

3) Ethics REFORM?  Is he kidding?  See #2.

4) FAITHFUL was an interesting choice of words to come before Democrat.  Substitute the word LOYAL and you get a better picture of the state of the BCDO right now.  They are circling the wagons.  

5) Obama talked about the creeps that would squash dissent, which is what happens at elections where only one guy is on every damn ballot.  

What Obama ACTUALLY said yesterday was this:

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.  

By continuing to cancel meetings or use Parliamentary maneuvers to make sure our voices remain unheard at the BCDO, the supporters of Kasparian are not only keeping their fists clenched, they are smashing the very idea of democracy into a thousand pieces with them.  How dare they use Obama’s words to make loyalty to the idea of legalized bribery seem not just OK but part of the Democratic platform.

The only really fun part of the letter is WHO is on the list of supporters:

County Executive Dennis McNerney

Sherriff Leo McGuire

Freeholder Calabrese

Freeholder Ganz

Freeholder McPherson

Freeholder O’Brien

Freeholder Walton

District Chair Robert Riccardella

District Chair Ralph Rivera

District Chair Janice Anzevino

District Chair John Susino

District Chair Frank DelVecchio

Democratic State Party Chairman Joe Cryan

State Senator Robert Gordonanointed by Joe

State Senator Paul Sarlo of the Encap debacle, who is also Borough Engineer in Carlstadt

Assemblywoman Joan Voss

Assemblywoman and former Freeholder Connie Wagner

State Committee Members:

June Montag

Karl Rove, sorry, I meant Lynne Hurwitz wife of Howard Hurwitz, Executive Director of the Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority

Vi Etler

Disgraced indicted alleged forger Elaine Rabbitt

Kevin O’Conner

John Susinocounted TWICE as he is a District Chair

Omar Rodriguez

Vernon Walton ( he’s counted twice – I guess that’s par for the course)

Next Come folks listed as elected officials, even though some are simply County Committee members:

Allendale – Michael Monaghan

Alpine – Mayor Paul Tomasko

Bergenfield – (this cracked me up  – they use the word HONORABLE in front of all the names on the list even the INDICTED ones) – the HONORABLE former Bergenfield Councilwoman Elaine Rabbitt, girlfriend of Keven Clancy who as Director of Veteran Services had to step down as Bergenfield Municipal Chair when WWII Veteran Tim Driscoll’s name was forged on BCDO resignation letters, again another flunkie counted TWICE and an indicted one at that on charges of forgery.

Bogota – Mayor Pat McHale

Cliffside Park – Mayor Gerald Calabrese and his junior, the Councilman

Closter – the HONORABLE Municipal Chairman Jack Kelly who doesn’t allow ANY challengers for County Committee in HIS town.

Cresskill – Borough Administrator Andrew Vaccaro

Demarest – Karen Whritner

Dumont – Irwin Buchheister

Englewood – Councilman Jack Drakeford

East Rutherford  – Richard DeLauro

Edgewater – Annamarie O’Connor

Emerson – the HONORABLE Willie Ortiz – heir apparent to the Oury octopus title, who is poster child for Hudson County style Pay-To-Play attorney appointments in places like Hasbrouck Heights (Just ask Carol Skiba…)

Fair Lawn – Barry Winston

Fairview – Paul Juliano

Fort Lee – Catherine Nest

Franklin Lakes – Christine Ordway

Garfield – Joseph Delaney

Glen Rock – Irene Brown

Hackensack – Phylis Diller, sorry, I mean Lynne Hurwitz,chief Joe Ferriero cheerleader and enforcer, wife of Howie who works at a shadow government utilities authority, Bergen County Employee, and also counted TWICE in the list since she is on the State Commitee

Harrington Park – Mary Grillo

Hasbrouck Heights – Alice Vega

Haworth – Peggy Blumenthal

HoHoKus – Dennis Mcnerney again counted TWICE in the list

Leonia – Robert Pacicco

Little Ferry – Mayor Mauro Raguseo

Lodi – Councilman Marc Schrieks

Lyndhhurst – Louis Stellato, Jr.

Mahwah – Todd Sherer

Maywood – Clara Krejsa

Midland Park – Councilwoman Marion Plumley

Montvale – Laurena Marte Organ

New Milford – the HONORABLE Eilleen DeBari – who is currently the subject of a lawsuit in Teaneck for illegally firing poll workers who attemped to enforce THE LAW when the BCDO interefered in NON-PARTISAN municipal elections.

North Arlington – Nick Antonicello

Northvale – Russell Kunz

Norwood – George Hertzberg

Oakland – John Biale

Old Tappan – John Shahdanian

Palisades Park – Mike Pallotta

Paramus – Pete Caminiti

Ramsey – Julie O’Brien – counted TWICE – she is also a Freeholder

Ridgefield – Steve Pellino

Ridgewood – Frank DelVeccio – counted TWICE – since he is also district Chair.

River Edge – Esther Fletcher

Rockleigh – Brendan McAleer

Rutherford – Denise Ross

Saddle Brook – Omar Rodriguez, counted TWICE since he is a State Committee member

Saddle River – Joseph Ariyan

South Hackensack – Janice Anzevino, counted TWICE  – she is ALSO a district chair

Teaneck – Yitz Stern

Upper Saddle River – Ronald O’Malley

Waldwick – Laura Litchult

Wallington – Katherine Polten

Washington Township – Jackie Grillo

Wood Ridge – Robert Riccardella, counted TWICE, due to also being a district Chair.

Check back.  I will be also adding indicators of WHO on the list has a county job.  I found it telling that Corzine is NOT on the list even though his campaign caused a one man race.  Wonder if they are too worried about Joe being shipped off to prison right around election time.  I’d be.  Especially running against the man who got Joe indicted  – Chris Christie.  

Connecting the Dots

Mike Kelly connects the dots for the public on the Bergenfield forgeries.


Not many folks realized that Kevin Clancy is alleged forger and former Councilwoman Elaine Rabbitt’s live-in.  

Kelly muses on how large a net was cast in the hunt for the forgers who hoped to rig the NJ State Senate District 37 special election in 2005 in favor of Ken Zisa, who is now on the Bergen County Board of Elections, and against Loretta Weinberg, who won after all the real votes were counted.

At the time, Kevin Clancy was Municipal Chair of the Bergenfield Democrats and staunch Ferriero-crat.  He was also on the Board of Elections too.  What you’d call IRONY if you realize Clancy knew enough about the fact that these were forgeries to TELL Tim Driscoll not to show up at the election because he was no longer on the CC. If Clancy simply received these forgeries FROM Driscoll, why the need to tell Driscoll what he already should know??

Thank you, Mr. Kelly.  There IS more to this story than footnotes.  If we don’t find out the rest of this story soon, more embarassment for the BCDO and Democrats in Bergen County may be on the way during the NEXT election.