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The Clearwater Comes to Alpine

This is a repost of a diary I wrote Aug 25, 2011 about  exactly the kind of legacy that Pete Seeger left to us all. Pete Seeger’s sloop Clearwater often docks here in New Jersey and we are so grateful to know these wonderful folks. Please check out the video clip at the end it will help you see and understand just how Pete Seeger saw the Hudson and why he worked so hard to save it.

Last nite I witnessed something extraordinary and heartening.  I was at a special campfire in Alpine NJ, along the Hudson below the Palisades.  The campfire was a collaboration between the Clearwater ship of Pete Seeger fame and the Palisades Interstate Park’s NJ Section.  The Clearwater often docks at the Alpine Boat Basin while traveling up and down the Hudson and giving their environmental programs and sails for the public.  The sloop houses a wonderful crew of young folks who live on the boat and not only care for its upkeep, but teach young people how to sail and about the health and ecology of the Hudson river.  It is NOT an easy job. It is, like the Peace Corps – the toughest job you’ll ever love.  One week on the Clearwater is a physical workout like Cory Booker has never seen.  The huge sails are raised by human strength alone.  The sleeping quarters are not much different than they were over a hundred years ago when these boats plied the waters of the Hudson .  No modern conveniences, but that is part of the charm.

Climate Change – Now It’s Personal

It’s hard to know where to even begin.  

The public is finally realizing just what Global Warming actually means.  It hit home for all of us. Now it’s personal.

Several years ago, Bergen Grassroots – the Teaneck Progressive organization run by Paul Eisenmann had a guest lecturer from NASA at a meeting at the Ethical Culture Society. I was already a water resources engineer by this point, inspired by RFK Jr. and his friends, the Hudson River fisherman and the Riverkeeper, working to protect waterways from flooding and pollution caused by soil erosion, when I attended the lecture that would keep me up at night ever since.  What the NASA scientist had to say was a watershed moment for me.  But it has been heartbreaking witnessing Hurricane Sandy in real time.  I did not lose power and was compelled – as when Hurricane Katrina was heading for New Orleans – to be glued to the weather channel for days as I watched my favorite city prepare for the unthinkable.  

Why Infrastructure Investment SAVES $$$

Glug, glug, glug, ew. – promoted by Rosi

Here is why we need to invest in infrastructure.  Once again, during the height of boating season and swimming season, problems with New York’s sewage infrastructure has caused raw sewage to enter the Hudson.

The Ironman competition – which is supposed to be a triathalon, may have to become a BI-athalon because New York has polluted the Hudson AGAIN.  

Having a reputation for a sewage filled river, is not going to be very good for business along the shoreline.  Nice going, New York.  Way to invite international competitors to the Tristate area.  

I was down by the river yesterday. On a boat. NO clue that they had poisoned the river again.  There were probably jet skiers who had no clue either.

Any legislators out there who want to make NY pay for the impact this has on NJ?  This is getting to be too regular an event, and now it has just become an international embarrassment.  New Orleans had its oil spill, we have this. Every darn year. Sometimes several times a year.  Disgraceful.

Tyler Clementi’s body is identified

tyler-clementi_370x278CNN is reporting (via the Breaking News banner) that a body pulled from the Hudson River has been identified as violinist, Ridgewood resident, and Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi, 18, the victim both of an apparent suicide jump off the George Washington Bridge and of two classmates who broadcast a secretly recorded private sexual encounter over the internet.

At Blue Jersey, we’re subdued today, so troubled by apparent cruelty, so saddened by the loss of a talented young man getting ready for the world at our state’s university. More than anything, we want to join you in any efforts toward strengthening our young people – all our young people – so that we don’t miss out on what glory they can bring to us with their hopes, their dreams, and their long, long lives.

Rest in Peace, Tyler Clementi. We’ve got you, little brother.

Pete Seeger’s Sloop Clearwater, now patrolling the Hudson with help from Stevens

This is very cool.

Sloop Clearwater

The Sloop Clearwater is now sailing the Hudson River carrying a sensor from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken that generates real-time transmission of position, time, surface water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen concentrations in the northern area of the Hudson River. And that can provide information that will improve the health of the entire river, including the part that forms New Jersey’s state line.

Founded in 1969 by musician/environmental activist Pete Seeger and a group of friends, Sloop Clearwater – centerpiece of the organization bearing its name – is a 106-foot replica of 18th-19th century sailing ships. It’s a combination environmental workshop, musical stage, and populist movement. And bringing environmental education to the people of all ages that come out to see it, is its heart and soul. New Jersey Friends of Clearwater is an ally offshoot, with an annual music festival that highlights the health of our part of the river.

The Stevens sensor’s $16,000 cost is funded by the Hudson River Foundation, and will be displayed at HRECOS – the Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observation System. The data generated will help scientists and environmentalists understand what goes on under the water’s surface. But it’s also a boon to recreational users like kayakers (wind conditions) and anglers (salinity and water temperature).