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Health Care Reform Update: Bio-Medical Research

Here are some ideas from the congressman on how health care reform can impact economy. We’re going to be asking you – in a few days –  to help us find out from Rep. Pallone just how strong his commitment to the public option is. Stay tuned – – promoted by Rosi Efthim

I hope everyone at Blue Jersey is enjoying the Summer now that the rain has calmed down a bit.  In Congress, we’re working hard to craft real, meaningful health care reform legislation.  I just wanted to assure my friends here in New Jersey that we’re fighting to make sure any new law includes a public option.  We need to expand the access and affordability of health insurance, and I want to make sure our legislation reflects these principles. A public option will help lower costs, give consumers more choice and create more competition in the marketplace.

Additionally, I wanted to bring your attention to an op-ed I penned last week for newjerseynewsroom.com concerning how health care will play a role in helping America move out of the current economic recession and the types of reforms we need:

We have to do more than spend money on healthcare; we need to invest in reforms that will improve the quality, expand the accessibility and lower the long-term costs of healthcare. One of the best areas for investments is biomedical research and development. By investing in biomedical innovation and research we are strengthening an industry that already leads the world in progress and influence, while at the same time ensuring the next generation of medical treatments and therapies.

By investing in biomedical research and development, we strengthen an industry in New Jersey that creates high-paying jobs and produces new medical techniques to improve our lives.   Biotech is very important to our state’s economy in so many different ways, and we must continue our investment in this important industry.  

Fighting For the Public Option

Promoted by Jason Springer: There has been a good deal of talk about healthcare.  What do you want to see included?

Last week marked 6 months on the job for President Obama and the 111th Congress. Together, we’ve already accomplished a lot when it comes to health care reform. Though we’ve taken the first major steps to reform our broken health care system, there are still many steps left until we finish the job.

This week President Obama addressed the American Medical Association and stressed the important role doctors will play in overhauling our health care system.  As the New York Times opined just this past weekend, doctors largely decide what procedures or treatments are performed on patients. Everyone should know that the reforms will preserve the doctor-patient relationship. Those who want to keep the insurance they have and the doctors they have can do so. Nothing in the reforms will allow anyone or anything to come between doctors and patients in making health care decisions.

Locked Out

Promoted by Jason Springer: I posted about the Hospital planning to lock out out last night along with the Union’s response.  Here is Ann’s update today.

As a sign of our broken health care system, nurses and health care workers at both Bayonne Medical Center and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center are now locked out.

In Bayonne, scab workers were shuttled-in early Tuesday morning.  But even as most workers were locked out, some were locked in.  It became clear that the hospital had not considered the needs of the patients and were ill prepared for the lockout. The lockout became a lock-in for some HPAE nurses and techs were not allowed to leave the hospital, because there were not enough temporary staff hired to replace them.

Health care reform: Contact Menendez

Bob Menendez is a member of the Senate Finance Committee.  Right now the Senate Finance Committee is holding meetings on health care reform.  The public option is on the table (a public health insurance plan to compete with private insurance companies).  The problem is that many members of the Senate Finance Committee are bought and paid for by the insurance lobby, and the insurance lobby doesn’t want the competition.  Consequently, they are trying to kill the public option any way they can.  We need to contact members of the Senate Finance Committee (that’s B-o-b M-e-n-e-n-d-e-z) and tell them we want a public option and no “trigger plan”.

Making Health Care Work for Working Families

Glad to hear Rep. Pallone talk about a public option in our health care system. Also, don’t miss the fact that the congressman’s now twittering (read through to the end). So are we. — promoted by Rosi

We’re working hard in our drive to “Make Health Care Work For New Jersey.”  Last Thursday, I was in Trenton with my good friend, AFL-CIO President Charlie Wowkanech, where we heard from working families confronted with  America’s broken health care system. Their stories really hammered home how, now more than ever, we need comprehensive health reform.  

Fixing a Broken Health Care System

The congressman wants to hear from people on health care reform. I’m for a public option, a little like the one he qualifies for. Thanks for writing, Congressman Pallone – promoted by Rosi

It’s common-knowledge that our health care system is broken.  But, here is a fact from a recent report by Families USA that underscores just how bad things have gotten.  Over the last two years, one-third of all Americans under the age of 65 went without health coverage. This stark statistic underscores the urgent need for national health reform.

Let’s Make Health Care Work for NJ

Promoted by Jason Springer

Last week I stood on the steps of the Statehouse in Trenton to launch a state-focused initiative to give the people of New Jersey an active role in the Congressional efforts to reform our nation’s broken health care system.  I want to Make Health Care Work For New Jersey, and I want to get everyone involved in the reform process.  

11 Million Reasons to be Happy

Grownups now, please.  – Promoted by Rosi

There are 11 million new reasons to be happy today.  By now I’m sure many of you know that, yesterday, President Obama signed a bill into law that has been far too long in the making.

This landmark legislation will expand health coverage to 11 million uninsured kids through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – up from 7.04 million last year.  In New Jersey, we’ll be able to reach an additional 116,000 children through FamilyCare – reducing the ranks of uninsured children by a substantial 43 percent.

President Obama signing the CHIP bill.

It’s only been a month since our new Congress got to work and less than three weeks since President Obama took the oath of office. Yet, already our new Democratic majorities are bringing about real, lasting change for our families.  Thanks to this new law, nearly four million more American children will have better access to quality healthcare.   And there is no doubt these kids will now have a far better chance to live healthy and productive lives.

Small Businesses Ante Up for Health Care

Small businesses are among the groups hit hardest and left most vulnerable in our current health insurance system.  Yet, the small business community has been almost uniformly typecast as down on reform.  So goes the conventional wisdom.  But is it true?

This is not solely an academic question.  Where small business stands on health care is critically important to the prospects for meaningful reform in 2009.  As the debate over reform heats up, a whole lot of people – from Members of Congress to the media to the public – will be looking to hear from small business owners to find out where they stand on health care.

Rather than stand around and pontificate about what small business owners are thinking about health reform, we decided to go out and ask them.  To get a beat on small business owners’ priorities, we conducted a survey project in 2008 where organizers in twelve states around the country went door to door, got face to face with local small business owners, and surveyed them about their experiences with health insurance and their perspectives on different reform proposals.