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Gun Nuts Who Base their Views on 2nd Amendment Cannot Seem to Read

With an incendiary headline this post makes an an interesting point about Second Amendment Rights. promoted by Bill Orr

The recent round of protesters who continue to pester State Senate President Sweeney outside his home think they have the ‘constitutional high ground.’ They yell and scream about a lot of things, but mostly, about how the New Jersey legislature, by enacting over the past three decades a fairly strict regimen of gun control, are violating their sacred “Second Amendment Rights.”

Gunnies love to point out that the Amendment’s text contains the “right to keep and bear arms,” and alas, it does. But what they so frequently ignore, or at least, twist, is the opening phrase, written by none-other than James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. In it, Madison predicates that ‘right’ on being part of a “Well-Regulated Militia.”  

From Madison, Wisconsin: Thank you, Blue Jersey


ikI wanted to send a personal thanks to the good people of New Jersey for your solidarity action on behalf of working people in Wisconsin.  I am a second grade teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We have been horrified at the hostile attempt to take over our beautiful state.  We continue to fight in every capacity at our disposal against this injustice being dealt to our workers and our children.  We know that working Americans do not support these attacks on working people-and we very much appreciate your efforts to amplify that message.  We also stand in solidarity with the workers of New Jersey in your own struggles with your governor.

I hope you can pass on our appreciation to your members.

In solidarity,

Holt Andrus

Standing with the middle class

For almost 15 years I was an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board – so I know union busting when I see it.  What is going on in Madison and across the nation is a collective attempt to weaken worker’s rights.  We can’t let it happen in Wisconsin, and we can’t let it happen here at home in New Jersey.  We need to continue to stand with union members and the middle class they represent.    

The local effects of a corporate merger: What’s left behind

The deal to buy Wyeth Pharmaceutical may be a win for Pfizer, but it could be a huge loss for Madison and has local businesses concerned:

The 19,500 firings Pfizer plans after the acquisition may wipe out the 960 jobs at Wyeth’s headquarters. Financial industry bankruptcies and buyouts already are pinching the economy of the commuter town west of Manhattan. Wyeth, based in Madison since 1993, is the town’s second-biggest private employer.

Separate from the employment impact on the region, Wyeth has had a huge impact on the local economy in Madison:

On Main Street, merchants already have seen sales wither, said Joe Duffy, owner of Duffy’s Deli. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s bankruptcy and Wells Fargo?s acquisition of Wachovia Corp. have erased jobs for the bankers, brokers and other financial professionals who live in Madison, Duffy said.

Elliott said his jewelry sales fell by a third in December from a year earlier, and more customers want to sell him old gold watches, chains and bracelets. Duffy estimated his corporate catering business fell 40 percent last year.


Wyeth is Madison’s biggest tax and utility payer, pumping $2.1 million into the town’s coffers last year, as well as a generous supporter of local charities, Codey said.

Wyeth’s workers sustain Madison retailers, including business-card printers, law offices and sandwich shops, said Maggie Peters, executive director of the Economic Development Corporation in Morris County.

We’ll have to see where the cuts come from and whether Pfizer maintains a presence in Madison.  If not, that’s a big blow to the local economy on so many levels.

Dems pick up Council seat in Madison by 3 votes

Talk about a razor thin margin:

With a three vote lead over Republican Jerry Stevenson, Democrat Dan Dunham, who petitioned to reopen the recount, has won the three-year Borough Council seat. Mr. Stevenson had been the certified winner by one vote back on Nov. 25 when the first recount took place after the Tuesday, Nov. 4, election.

Almost seven weeks after the General Election, on Christmas Eve, Judge Theodore Bozonelis directed that the prior certification of the elections results be invalidated and that the results be re-certified, with Mr. Dunham declared the winner with a three vote lead. The recount took place on Monday, Dec. 22, at the Board of Elections in Morristown. Mr. Dunham’s total number of votes rose four to 3,370 while Mr. Stevenson’s remained at 3,367, the same number since the Nov. 25 recount.

And that’s why it’s so important to make sure you file for a recount. We touched on that when the Democrats missed a deadline to file for a recount in Closter after a 3 vote loss.  In Madison, they actually got this one on the recount of the recount:

Four previously uncounted ballots were opened and counted on Dec.22. Out of the four ballots, three votes were cast for Mr. Dunham and no votes were cast for Jerry Stevenson. Another unopened ballot was also discovered and counted, and that one also was for Mr. Dunham.

Ms. Tiritilli noted “pure clerical errors remedied the election. The correction of clerical errors was the sole factor for change in the election results. An election contest was never even reached,” she said, adding that it was paramount that the votes that were properly cast be counted.

Mr. Dunham filed a petition on Friday, Dec. 5, to reopen the recount after he learned that he was only one vote behind Mr. Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson had 3,367 votes while Mr. Dunham had 3,366 votes. Both parties’ attorneys met with Judge Bozonelis on Friday, Dec. 12. On Friday, Dec. 19, the judge granted the request to re-open the recount action. On Monday, Dec. 22, the recount took place.

That’s a pretty significant clerical error.  It actually will change the makeup of council creating a 3-3 split when Dunham gets sworn in on January 1.