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Will GOP Congressional Challengers campaign with Mr. 20%?

bushOh, I can’t wait for the President to come to town…

Despite his low approval ratings, President Bush will still be welcome on the campaign trail for Republican congressmen in 2008, said Rep. Tom Cole, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

So here’s the question, will he be welcome and invited to campaign for the challengers in NJ-3 and NJ-7?  Let’s see how NJ voters currently feel about their fearless leader…

Only a fifth (20%) say they approve of the job President Bush is doing, a seven point drop from October.  And stark partisan differences are evident, with just 4 percent of Democrats approving of President Bush but about half of Republicans approving of him (48%).

Do you think Chris Myers, John Kelly, Kate Whitman and Leonard Lance want the President to come join them on the trail and “give them a boost”?  Maybe someone should ask them.

The NRCC Won’t Have Money for NJ3

We’ve already pointed out that, by her own estimate, Diane Allen needs “millions of dollars” from the NRCC to run in NJ3, yet the NRCC currently does not even have two million dollars on hand.  In case, though, anyone thought they would certainly be able to raise enough money, Bloomberg reports:

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a much smaller goal this two-year election cycle of $33 million, including dues from members and all other funds raised, said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, the chairman. Cole said he is concerned his party is lagging behind.

So, we now know that — at best — the NRCC can only fund 16 districts at the $2 million level.  With 25 Republican incumbents threatened according to The Rothenberg Report, not to mention eight more Republican open seats and eight Democratic toss-ups in cheaper areas, it’s obvious the NRCC cannot devote so much to NJ3. 

90 Percent (!)

This is a statistic that no one should miss.

If you’ve been volunteering your time to contact voters this cycle, you’ve definitely heard people complain about the negative tone of political advertisements.

I know what I’m saying from now on.

“Sir, the Republicans’ campaign committee has devoted 90 percent of their money to bombarding you with negative ads. An astonishing 90 percent — it’s a documented fact coming straight from their mouths. Sir, if you would like to see a change in our government, and if you would like to see candidates run on issues and not smears, then you should be supporting our Democratic candidates. I sure am.”