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Christie for President of Twitter and Other States

This week Chris Christie was in Washington D.C., speaking at a National Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser. If nothing else, a couple of small details surrounding the speech help confirm that many (if not most) of the governor’s biggest fans are people from other states, who don’t have any grasp of just how unpopular, disingenuous and ineffective he actually is. Much of what they do know comes from YouTube, Twitter, and the GOP marketing machine; a mythology reinforced as Christie struts across America, trumpeting half-truth “accomplishments” and tossing red meat to partisan loyalists. Do his conservative fan-persons go home to fact-check his speeches after they’re done swooning? Of course not – that might shatter the illusion.

One reason for the non-Jersey adulation: Chris Christie says he is awesome, and people who don’t live here don’t know any better! Of course, to most Garden Staters (and probably at least a few of his allies), the governor’s self-aggrandizing has long jumped the shark. But for our neighbors across America who only see him in bits and pieces… well, they’re taking whatever Christie hands them, not reading the label, and gobbling it up. He’s street meat, or mystery pills from a mystery person, acquired in a nightclub bathroom. Truth is irrelevant – you’re under the influence of Chris Christie, and things will be getting weird.

For example, take this whopper, courtesy of @dcseth, who live-tweeted the governor’s speech to the NRCC:

“How do you explain a conserv GOP Gov. having a 58% approval rating in NJ? Bc we’re saying ‘No’ and restoring fiscal sanity” – @GovChristie  more below…

NRCC shoots (themselves in the foot) first, asks questions later

Fille this one under oops:

The National Republican Congressional Committee, in one of those generic press releases both parties use to insert the name of the incumbent they want to bash, is trying to link U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) to Charles Rangel, the veteran New York congressman who was admonished by the House Ethics Committee last week.

But as Wally points out, Adler called for Rangel to resign hours after the ethics committee ruled:

“Members of Congress must be held to the highest standard and face the appropriate consequences for their actions,” Adler said. “Congress should be focused on creating jobs and turning our economy around, and a prolonged discussion about Mr. Rangel’s chairmanship is a distraction. Mr. Rangel should step down as chairman, so Congress can get back to work.”

I always love the generic press releases that are supposed to work, but end up blowing up in your face. That’s why you shouldn’t shoot first and ask question later. Rangel has agreed to temporarily step down as the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee.

Adler among 70 GOP targets

I don’t know that it’s much of a surprise that a first term Congressman in what has been considered a more conservative district is a target of the GOP, but John Adler makes the list:

Republicans hope an improved national political environment will help them contest many of the seats it recently lost. Of the 70 targets, 45 are freshmen and sophomores elected in the 2006 and 2008 wave elections.

House Republicans also appear confident that difficult votes on health care and energy legislation will put battle-tested members from conservative districts in trouble. There are over a dozen Blue Dog Democrats on the list, including those who have coasted to re-election in recent years.

Adler has been flooded with calls against healthcare in his offices. According to a staffer when Jay called, he’s not for a “purely public option citing business concerns.” The House E & C Committee put out this summary of the impact the bill could have on his district. He has been very active on Veterans issues as they make up a large segment of his district and has received good reviews for that work. Separate from the issues, he has been one of the most prolific fundraisers raising more than any Frontline Democrat in the 2nd quarter. He has over 850K Cash on Hand.

When asked recently, potential challenger Diane Allen said it was “kind of early” for her to make a decision yet, but that she was watching and he hadn’t done what she felt he needed to do yet. Their challenger in 2008, Chris Myers has been rumored to be the next Senator from Burlington County when the current Senator Phil Haines is appointed to be a judge in the fall, seemingly taking him out of the running. I’ll put the full list and NRCC memo below the fold.  Adler is the only NJ Democrat targeted by the NRCC.  

NRCC considers Lance 1 of 10 most vulnerable

Mathew Jordan made the Politico story a quick hit, but the NRCC is looking for incumbents to protect and Leonard Lance is on the list:

The NRCC plans to unveil the first 10 incumbents who qualify for their Patriot Program at a Tuesday briefing to political action committees. The list includes a mix of GOP members, including veterans facing serious challenges for the first time, freshmen in competitive districts and lawmakers representing Democratic-leaning seats.

Among those on the list are Reps. Dan Lungren, Ken Calvert and Brian Bilbray of California, Judy Biggert of Illinois, Anh “Joseph” Cao of Louisiana, Thad McCotter of Michigan, Erik Paulsen of Minnesota, Leonard Lance of New Jersey, Christopher Lee of New York and Dave Reichert of Washington.

They don’t want to see the money wasted and made Lance promise to be a good candidate in order to get on the list:

The NRCC also intends to monitor the members? list of political consultants to make sure their resources are being spent effectively. All qualifying participants signed a contract laying out their fundraising goals and defining their campaign?s responsibilities. Republicans hope the new program will provide a level of accountability that committee officials believe was absent from vulnerable incumbent retention programs in previous election cycles.

Lance’s next test will be the July 2nd quarter fundraising reports. It’s just smart politics for them to try and protect what they have. The question will be can the Democrats recruit a top tier candidate to challenge Lance after the past failures in the district, or will people sit on the sideline until after redistricting. The most vulnerable candidate can only lose if there is a credible challenger giving voters the choice.

Lance doesn’t like his Hypocrisy Hall of Fame Status

Generally people like honors, but Leonard Lance is not thrilled with his inclusion by the DCCC in their “Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.”  Lance was inducted after he started claiming credit for projects he opposed. Here’s what vmars said at the time:

You never heard Lance say this before the stimulus vote.  It would have gone against the GOP bosses position that stimulus spending was bad if Lance had suggested we should put the Green Brook Flood Control Project in the stimulus package.  And going against the bosses can be bad juju for a freshman Rep.

Further proof that this was a partisan effort to take credit for a bill he voted against, Lance toured the area solely with Republican Pilato — former staffer for Mike Ferguson — and none of the Democratic council members from Bound Brook.  

He didn’t invite the Democratic Mayors of Green Brook, Manville or North Plainfield either, three towns that flooded massively in the 1973 storm that spawned the Green Brook Flood Control Project, flooded again in 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit and gave new impetus to the effort.  Manville again flooded in 1997 when the Nor’Easter hit.

No, after voting in lockstep with his party against the Democrats in the House Lance blocks out Democrats from working with him in protecting their homes and businesses from flooding.

In the State Senate Lance had a reputation for bi-partisanship and working to solve problems without being a blind party follower.  In just a month as a member of Congress he’s giving up that hard earned image to become another drone in the national Republican party.

It was then pointed out that Lance was taking credit for these projects he voted against on his facebook page too.  But rather than admitting he was caught claiming credit for something he opposed, Lance fought back over the weekend:

Making an appearance at the special convention at the Clinton Township Middle School after attending the Union County Republican Convention today, Lance said he preferred a GOP alternative stimulus package proposed by Republican Whip U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Richmond) to what he saw ultimately as a bloated Democratic offering.

“I favored the Cantor package totaling $500 billion, which included money for shovel-ready projects,” Lance told PolitickerNJ.com.  

But which shovel ready projects?  Lance’s claim is he supported the bill put forth by the minority whip, whose job it is to keep members of the party in line?  Did that bill even include specific funding for the Green Brook project he’s claiming, or just other projects?  That would indicate he played follow the leader with his party rather than standing out as a maverick for his district. By the Lance standard, everyone could claim credit for supporting everything if the standard is legislation that doesn’t go anywhere.  Lance opposed the stimulus package that was signed and will fund the projects he’s standing with for photo ops.  And it’s more insulting to see him stand there after opposing, while the NRCC hammers John Adler for having the courage to vote for the package before touting its results. Where was the Lance amendment in this package dealing with Green Brook if he was so passionately committed to the project?  He could have introduced that to be included in the final package.  Instead he’s hoping you either don’t realize or aren’t paying attention.  

Is the NJGOP going to model itself after the Taliban too?

Well look at how Pete Sessions, the Chair of the NRCC is advising his members to fight the stimulus package.  I don’t know if this is the most effective messaging ever (Emphasis mine):

“Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,” Sessions said during a meeting yesterday with Hotline editors. “And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying an example of how you go about [sic] is to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.”

Nope, of course he’s not saying the Republicans are like the Taliban.  He’s just saying Congressional Republicans will study the Taliban to develop their strategy. As head of the NRCC, is he advising Lance, LoBiondo, Smith, Frelinghuysen and Garrett plan to sign up for insurgency training?  Is the NJ GOP planning to study the Taliban for tips and tricks too?  So much for toning down the rhetoric.

NRCC Comes To NJ3

James Pindell of Politicker says the National Republican Congressional Committee dropped $16,500 on Chris Myers’ behalf in NJ3.

That’s in comparison to the $1.7 million — 100 times as much — that the DCCC is dropping for Democrat John Adler.

Who knows, the NRCC may do more in the future but still $16,500 is spent on mayoral races in small towns.  It’s really a drip, drip, drip out of the bucket.

Update: James L. notes that this is funding for a poll.  If we see money flowing into this race that’ll mean that the poll looks good for Myers and the GOP.  But if the NRCC walks away from this race then that’s good news for the Dems and Jon Adler.

APP picks up on lack of national support for Myers

Somebody better get Tom Wilson some tums.  Last week he talked about how sick and pissed he’d be if the NRCC doesn’t support Chris Myer’s campaign for Congress.  We’ve talked about the lack of national support here at Blue Jersey, but today the Asbury Park questions their non-interest:

Are Republicans doing everything they can to help Medford Mayor Chris Myers become the next distinguished gentleman from New Jersey?

Late last month, the National Republican Congressional Committee purchased media time in 14 congressional races across the country, but the 3rd Congressional District in the Garden State did not make the cut.

Actually, those 14 races were the 2nd media buy the NRCC has made.  In fact, with less than sixty days until election day, NJ-3 is still not even among the top 26 races for the NRCC. If I’m the Myers campaign, this doesn’t re-assure me that support will be coming as we move forward:

“The NRCC is working very hard in a very difficult environment to raise funding for its races nationwide,” Spain said. “There are many competitive races, and the NRCC is the main source of assistance for a lot of the candidates out there across the country.”

NJ-3 is one of the most expensive media markets in the country with the district split forcing you to make buys in both the Philly and NYC market.  Tom Wilson better pull a Cuba Gooding Jr. and start shouting “show me the money”, followed by extensive begging when that doesn’t work because Myers is going to need it to get his message (which so far has seemed more like a campaign for state office than Federal) out to the voters.

Quote of the Day: Sickened and Pissed

Tom Wilson may just be preparing himself for the inevitable.  It seems like he’s going through the stages of grief over possibly losing 2 GOP held Congressional seats.  It looks like he’s currently floating between denial and anger.  When asked how he’d feel if the NRCC didn’t invest in Chris Myers after Jim Saxton gave 400K to the national party, Wilson said this:

“If they don’t, I’ll be more than disappointed. I’ll be sickened, and I’ll be pissed,” he said. “I can tell them to. They don’t have to listen to me. Once the money is in their treasury it’s theirs to do what they will with, but hopefully his colleagues will be respectful of his commitment to the caucus and make sure that his seat stays in Republican hands.”

His colleagues will look out for their own self interests and he knows it. That’s why he’s making the statement. I was torn over whether to make that the QOTD or this response in the thread to his comment in the story:

I would be sickened, too, if I had on my resume that I was the state Chairman, the year Republicans lost two historically red districts.

Other than the fact that Tom Wilson doesn’t want to lose a seat, is there a logical reason why the GOP should invest in NJ-3 or NJ-7 when they have so many other seats to defend?   With 2 rounds of NRCC investments down, neither seat has made the list of ad buys meaning they’re not even 2nd tier races for the national party, so apparently they don’t see any reason to invest in them either.

$17 million on ads, but no love for the NJ GOP

In the last few days, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has made 2 ad buys, the latest and then the original buy, totaling $17 million dollars for 26 districts across the country. Before NJ GOP candidates get themselves excited, they should realize that not one of the districts is in Jersey.

I guess the National Committee isn’t willing to make an investment in candidates that can’t inspire others to do the same in kind for them.  This is particularly troubling for challengers like Leonard Lance in NJ-7 and Chris Myers in NJ-3 whose opponents are already very well funded and the national party has actively come on board.

As of now, if challengers like Lance and Myers want to join their friends in Congress, they will have to do all the heavy lifting on their own.  I guess it’s a good thing Chris Myers agrees with George Bush and John McCain thinking the economy is basically strong because he’s gonna need to get alot more of people’s money.