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Share this graphic with Republican women.

EMILY’s List produced this graphic and it strikes me as a quick and clean way to open a conversation with a woman determined to support Christie, no matter what party she may be in.

His apparent comfort with the status quo of pay inequity puts the governor on the wrong side of basic fairness, sensible policy, and the economic security of families, particularly those where mothers are the chief breadwinner. Yesterday, Barbara Buono talked about the wage gap that still exists here. Christie should be concerned about something that may affect half his constituency, but he’s not much of a champion of economic justice.  

By contrast, Buono, in her Senate tenure, sponsored a bill calling on Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would prohibit employers from paying a man more than a woman for the same job and stop employers from punishing women who call them out for pay disparities. As polling released today indicates, Christie is vulnerable on the metrics of his economic policies, his approval rating dropping on economic issues. Easy to understand that. Kitchen table issues get most voters at gut level. And they should.

Christie by the Numbers

More of some of the numbers that apply to Chris Christie can be found at Christie By the Numbers.

EMILY’s List endorses Barbara Buono

Barbara BuonoIt’s no surprise – given this, earlier this week – but today EMILY’s List formally endorses Sen. Barbara Buono for governor of New Jersey.

No surprise, but it is important – for fundraising, and for access to  EMILY’s massive national email distribution list which includes both progressive pro-choice men and especially pro-choice Democratic women across the country who want to see like-minded women ascend in government.

Read their endorsement: after the jump.

EMILY’s List Top 10 Reasons To Defeat Chris Christie

EMILY’s List is out today with a fundraising email making the case that defeating Chris Christie in November is the best way to close out his hopes to reach the White House in 2016. Yes, we make the exact same point. But it’s reassuring when it’s underscored by national groups. EMILY’s List has a 28-year history of powering behind precisely the kind of candidate who is now gearing up to run against him.

In case you don’t remember what EMILY stands for, here’s a vintage West Wing clip, in which CJ Cregg explains to Toby Ziegler about “that girls’ group with the stupid name” just before she teams up to elect the fictional president that got me through the unfortunately real President Bush.

Here’s the last 3 of EMILY’s List’s Top 10 Reasons We Need to Defeat Chris Christie – find the Top 7 after the jump.

10. Chris Christie Vetoed Same-Sex Marriage

With the tide in America turning against bigotry and discrimination, and in one of the most solidly blue states in the country, Christie vetoed a bill sent to him by both houses of the New Jersey legislature that would enshrine marriage equality into law.

9. Chris Christie Is No Friend to Workers

Christie has built himself a reputation as one of the most anti-union governors in the country, referring to public school teachers as “thugs” and supporting a bill that would “destroy collective bargaining.”

8. Chris Christie Doesn’t Believe in Universal Pre-K

Not only does Christie oppose government-funded preschool for every child in his state, he attacked his predecessor’s plan as “simply wrong” and called it “government babysit[ting].”

Emily’s List for Clinton

My wife and I have both voted for Barack Obama, but I thought these were interesting.

Although I have not received any direct mail from any of the Presidential campaign, a series of mailers supporting Hillary Clinton have been arriving addressed to my wife.  At first I was just happy that a Democratic campaign didn’t send us duplicates.  However, they turn out to be paid for by Emily’s List, so they’re one of the famous independent expenditure groups, in this case targeting women.  

Frankly, I’m very impressed with them.  Obviously aimed right at middle-aged women, they feature a strong message about the economy– families are struggling, prices are rising, good jobs with good benefits can’t be found, etc.  The experience angle is hammered (“Experience,” “Prepared,” “do more than talk”).  Some also mention family members in Iraq.  I think they’re better than anything I’ve seen out of the official Clinton campaign (online obviously).  I recall that one of the openleft guys (Stoller or Bower) remarked once that women hear a more progressive message from Clinton than men do, and I’d say this is a pretty good example of it laid out plainly.  I bet they help Clinton.  

EMILY’s List Endorses Stender

EMILY’s list today announced its endorsement of Assemblywoman Linda Stender for NJ’s 7th Congressional district:

“Linda Stender has been a tenacious and dedicated member of the New Jersey General Assembly,” said Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY’s List. “She will continue her commitment to creating positive change and common sense solutions as the congresswoman for New Jersey’s 7th district. EMILY’s List and our members are pleased to support Linda Stender and are committed to finally getting a Democratic woman from New Jersey back in the United States Congress.”

BREAKING NEWS – Emily’s List Endorses Linda Stender

EMILY’s List, America’s largest grassroots political network and financial resource for women running for elective office just, minutes ago, endorsed Linda Stender who is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District.

EMILY’s List = Early Money Is Like Yeast. It raises the dough!

Hey, this is just HUGE news. Assemblywoman Stender is widely seen as New Jersey’s best opportunity both to send a woman from here to Congress – and – the best opportunity to snatch a congressional seat in NJ from the Republicans.

Jump here…. or just do the happy dance like me

Buzz and Breaking News over at Stender HQ

UPDATE: As of 3:15 PM, they are only $12,875 $10,975 short of their goal.

So far, our Act Blue fundraising page has 9 contributions totalling $1275.18.

There’s suddenly a lot of buzz coming out of the Linda
Stender for Congress
office. She’s having a really great week and her fundraising, which has always been solid, is suddenly just…taking off. A huge goal is suddenly in reach. And she needs our help.

Incredibly, with just 48 hours left before the filing, Stender is just $15,000 from crossing the March 31 Viability Threshold; that’s the number (and it’s big) set by national organizations like DCCC and Emily’s List to consider you viable for funding on a national level. This is huge; we need 15 seats to Take Back Congress, and one of them could be the first woman in the NJ Congressional Delegation in years.

If you’ve been thinking about giving to Stender, this is the moment. Every dollar you give now is effectively multiplied if Stender’s growing national-profile results in added resouces from national groups pouring into New Jersey to turn the reddish 7th CD bright blue.

Stender needs to raise $15,000 by Friday. Blue Jersey has set up a netroots ActBlue page to track how much the netroots can raise. You can contribute directly through this form:

Linda Stender (NJ-07) $

Stender’s got the stuff: She’s already raised $300,000, more than the 2004 & 2002 Dem candidates combined raised by March 31. And the lady can win an election: She’s been a Mayor, a Freeholder and is now Deputy Speaker in the Assembly. This candidate is worth your bucks.
Help the netroots effort to launch Linda Stender national.