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From The “He Waited This Long Why?” Files

Jim McGreevey filed for divorce today:

Lawyers for James E. McGreevey filed a two-page document in Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth seeking to dissolve his union with Dina Matos McGreevey. A spokeswoman for Union County Superior Court, Sandra Thaler-Gerber, confirmed receiving the filing Friday.

The two have lived apart since November 2004, when McGreevey resigned following a stunning public announcement that he was “a gay American” who had had an affair with a male staffer.

“It’s a sad day for everyone,” McGreevey told The Associated Press Friday. ”It is something that had to be done. We are blessed with a wonderful daughter who remains our focus.”

Just to totally start a rumor based on no evidence at all, he is finally filing for divorce just 17 days before civil unions become legal.  Could there be non-nuptuals in the offing?

And, to further start rumors with no evidence or even substance, Dina McGreevey is writing her own version of her life with the former Governor.  Could Jim be having a fit of niceness and filing for divorce before she cashes in on the book, allowing her to keep the whole bag of booty?

Any other unsubstantiated, made up rumors or interpretations can be put in the comment section.

Another McGreevey “Tell All” Coming

Well, if Jim McGreevey’s book wasn’t enough for you now we are going to get a tell all from his ex-wife (though she may not be ex yet).

Hyperion announced today plans to publish a book by Dina Matos McGreevey, the ex-wife of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, who resigned from office in August 2004 with the public pronouncement that he was a “gay American.”

In her memoir, SILENT PARTNER, Ms. Matos McGreevey will speak openly and honestly of her life with the former governor. The book is scheduled for publication in spring 2007.

If it’s coming out this spring, then it is probably already written and in the galley stage.  The timing also suggests that this is a response to McGreevey’s book, which came out in the fall.

I didn’t read the Governor’s book, and I probably won’t read this one.

When Andrew Met Jimmy . . .

When Jim McGreevey high-tailed it out of Trenton in 2004, Andrew Sullivan published a piece in New York magazine that I found unduly credulous toward McGreevey’s insistence that his gayness, rather than his connection with some of the greasiest sleaze weasels in Middlesex County, was the issue at hand.

Over the weekend, Sullivan interviewed McG on C-SPAN 2’s Book TV about his book My Life As New Jersey’s Worst-Kept Secret. I  haven’t had a chance to view this video clip yet, but Sullivan thinks he asked McG some tough questions. Take a look and tell us what y’all think.

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The clock is ticking on the Senate Majority Leader et al

Rather than give the Democratic majority 6 months to establish marriage equality, the progressive community should give them 6 weeks.  As far as I am concerned, the clock is ticking on Trenton Democrats.

If marriage equality has not been established by Wednesday, December 6, and/or our State Senators or State Assemblypersons have not at the very least stood up and been counted as supporters of marriage equality by then, progressives need to begin shopping around for alternative representation.

I don’t know when the filing deadline is for the 2007 legislative primaries, but I do know that April 25 is definitely too late to begin launching primary challenges.

Boycott the Book and Certainly the Movie

I was watching Catholic League President, William Donohue, on one of the talking-head programs the other day denouncing Hollywood’s latest, the Da Vinci Code.  Hello?  It’s fiction!  Although when I look at the artist’s masterpiece, the Last Supper, I either see Mary Magdelene or someone who could have orginated the church’s sex scandal. But what I’m saving my boycotting dollars and energy is for the new tome purported to be by our former governor Jim, errr James McGreevey. At least Christy Whitman’s My Party Too will have company on  library shelves marked “self-serving revisionist  histrionics.”

McGreevey’s Memoir: The Big Snoozy

That rumble you hear off in the distance is the first tremor of the massive, city-shaking, continent-shifting, world-girdling yawn that is going to greet the September publication of Jim McGreevey’s memoir The Confession. Why, just reading this Star-Ledger story about the excerpts from the book now being circulated by McGreevey’s publisher had me stumbling into the kitchen to make another pot of coffee. Even so, I nearly lapsed into a coma before I was able to get the cup to my lips.

NJ Correspondents Club Annual Show

Tonight was the NJ Legislative Correspondents Club Annual Show – where the NJ media gets to roast New Jersey’s politicians. My table was a pretty interesting bunch – Newark mayor-elect Cory Booker, CWA President Carla Katz and Assemblyman Bill Baroni, among others – all of whom were easy targets and took the roasting in stride.

One of my favorite skits was a song sung by reporter Robert Schwaneberg of the Star Ledger. The song, titled “In the Book,” is his take on what we can expect to find in former Governor Jim McGreevey’s new book. If you’re subscribed to our podcast, it should download automatically for you. If not, you can use the player below to listen (it may take a little while to load before it plays). My best attempt at transcribing the lyrics is below the fold.



(I’ll post more audio tomorrow…)