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Immigration activists protest after Camden County Democrats ignored pleas for help

What would it take to get Camden County Democrats to act boldly and decisively to protect immigrant communities?  A diverse coalition of activists in Camden County has been working for months trying to get an answer to that question. The coalition includes:…
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Norcross chosen to replace Roberts

From an email sent out by Chairman Angelini of Gloucester County and Beach of Camden County:

Donald W. Norcross was unanimously nominated today to be the Democratic candidate for the 5th District State Assembly seat being vacated by Speaker Joseph Roberts. Norcross, a longtime labor leader whose work on behalf of working families, charities and civic ventures has earned him the respect of ordinary citizens as well as government and community leaders, was chosen at a special meeting of the Camden and Gloucester Democratic county committees. A resident of Camden, Norcross will be seeking the position left open by Roberts’ decision not to run for another term in the November election.

And a comment from the new Assembly candidate:

“I believe we must change the way business is done in Trenton,” Norcross told hundreds of Democrats attending the meeting at Brooklawn American Legion Post # 72.  “We must put our partisan differences and the special interests aside to do what is best for the ordinary, hard-working taxpayers of this state. The status quo is not working. The state government is wasting too much of our money.”

Norcross called for a state-government spending freeze and a moratorium on tax increases. He said that if elected he will push initiatives to create jobs for the growing number of unemployed New Jerseyans, institute tax breaks and other economic incentives for small businesses and stimulate New Jersey’s struggling economy.”

Norcross will now run with Camden City Council President Angel Fuentes for the seats in November. The changes may not be done in the 5th however, as State Senator Dana Redd is expected to win Mayor of Camden. That would mean that a new Senator would be coming as well and Wally speculated about the implications of that change on a potential contest for Senate President. I’m sure there are varied opinions on this as always. Have at it, but let’s try to keep it civil.

Ripa sworn in as Camden County Clerk

When State Senator John Adler was elected Congressman, sitting County Clerk Jim Beach became Senator. Now Freeholder Joe Ripa has become Clerk Ripa and he was joined by a well known family member as the Governor swore him in yesterday:

It’s funny that even the title of the video by ABC is “Kelly Ripa’s dad new county clerk” because I heard him introduce himself to younger crowds as Kelly’s dad many times. She brought more media attention to the event than the Governor himself. They actually asked Ripa and Corzine in the video clip if Kelly being there, but not Regis was dissing the new Clerk. Yes, really. Only the important questions and vital news.

The changes aren’t done in Camden County however, as now Ian Leonard, chief of staff to Speaker Joe Roberts will seek the Freeholder seat opened up by the Ripa move. He is on the ballot in November with Democratic incumbents Rod Greco and Jeff Nash.

Beach to get Adler Senate Seat

Camden County Clerk Jim Beach will be the replacement for State Senator John Adler when he resigns his seat to head for Washington:

Beach, who also is co-chairman of the county party, will be asked to assume the 6th District Senate seat in early January, Donald Norcross, his fellow county co-chairman, said Tuesday.

“We don’t have the exact date when John will be resigning,” Norcross said, “but once he does, we’ll convene the committee people from the 6th District and recommend that they pick Jim.”

Beach was elected. Freeholder when Adler won his Senate Seat in 1991.  He served as Freeholder until his election as County Clerk in 1995 and has held that position since.  Prior to the naming of Beach, Assembly members Greenwald and Lampitt took themselves out of consideration for the seat.  And as for replacing Beach as clerk:

An interim replacement to the county clerk’s position will be made by the governor, Norcross said, with input from himself and other county leaders.

“The governor will solicit input from a lot of people,” Norcross said.

The discussion on replacing Beach as clerk is just beginning, Norcross said

Beach is very popular in district and has done alot of good work as County Clerk including expanding access through the use of county stores.  The question of where Beach stands on the issues will have to be answered for many as well.  He will serve the year as an appointed State Senator and then be required to stand for re-election when the Assembly is up next year.  A Beach, Lampitt, Greewald ticket will certainly be pretty formidable, but its not like the 6th is one of the most competitive in the state.