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Senator Bob Smith, Trenton’s Trigger-Happy Democrat

“Whenever the Democrats compromise, it seems to involve appeasing hunters, in this case at the expense of homeowners.”

-Sue Russell, Wildlife Policy Expert

The Animal Protection League is an organization dedicated to the well-being of companion animals, wildlife and farmed animals in New Jersey. We’re also committed to preserving New Jersey’s landscape to accommodate an abundance of species here in our state. Above all, we’re non-partisan and have a history of working with Democrats, Republicans and third party candidates. But you guys at BlueJersey are partisan and you do a great jobs keeping politicians on their toes, particularly when they wander off the ideological reservation and abandon party principle.


Democratic Senator Bob Smith (Middlesex Co.) has a voting record on issues such as gay rights and reproductive choice that largely squares with public opinion and his party’s platform. It seems to work for him and his district, where voters have returned him to Trenton by comfortable margins. A cursory glance at Smith’s voting record on environmental and wildlife management doesn’t suggest anything sinister. As per Sen. Smith’s Wikidepia Page:

“Smith sponsored and passed laws dealing with such critical matters as increasing penalties for violations of environmental laws, repairing outmoded combined sewer systems, and reforming the state’s oil spill prevention efforts. Senator Smith’s legislative accomplishments include authoring the Ocean Pollution Bounty Act, Sludge Management Act, Oil Spill Prevention Act, the Worker and Community Right to Know Act and the Clean Water Enforcement Act.”

Just the sort of thing you’d want to see the chairman of the NJ Senate Environmental Committee to boast about, right?

But a closer look at Senator Smith — particularly with regards to wildlife management — reveals a curious relationship with the Hunting and Gun Lobby as well as the recently infamous American Legislative Affairs Council (ALEC), a right-wing organization “composed of conservative legislators, businesses and foundations which produces model legislation for state legislatures and promotes free-market and conservative ideas.”

Let’s go beneath the fold for the gory details.

Who Gets the Gavel?

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The new Senate committee lineups are taking shape and I just got my hands on the list of committee chairmen/women. Some seem like a natural fit (Vitale, Scutari for ex.) while other appear wildly out of place given their backgrounds and leadership skills. But that’s just my take.

Anyway, follow me below the fold to learn who the Senate’s gavel-bearers will be for the next 2 years.

Quote of the Day from CamCo

Jim Beach defends Adler’s “consience” vote on health care in today’s Courier Post:

“I think John Adler voting his conscience is a great thing,”

said Beach — who holds Adler’s former seat and is co-chairman of the CamCo Dems.  And without a trace of irony.

It’s rich that Jimmy Beach —  who’s too timid to vote on tough issues — feels compelled to advise Adler about….anything.  Especially something as important as disgusting as Adler’s NO vote on Heath Care reform.  

TGIFriday News Roundup, Open thread

How high was the high court…

When they voted to relax (demolish?) campaign finance laws?  One GOP NJ lawmaker calls it “destabilizing” but it’s John Adler who possibly has the most on the line this November.
Slots envy?  
Our neighbors in Pennsylvania are generating more revenue on slots than we are. But don’t worry, folk:  our property taxes are still #1.

Camden County Freeloadersholders

Thank God the Camden County Democrats can still hand out fat contracts because they sure aren’t doing anything policy-wise. Read as they tie themselves in knots over what to do with a new prison no one wants.

Beach Slapped.
A reader has some harsh words for Senator Jim Beach‘s abstention on marriage equality in today’s Courier Post.  Whoever wrote that editorial sure was pissed!
More on marriage
APP weighs in for equality + kids of LGBTs take their stand.   This ain’t over till the fat lady sings (at my wedding.)
Al Doblin takes a look at Donald Norcross’ meteoric rise in New Jersey politics to explain voter antipathy.
Buyer’s remorse?
Is Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittle having second thoughts about his Christie endorsement? Maybe check under the hood next time, homie?
Be careful of that Simon guy….
A Jersey Fresh twofer heads to Los Angeles to compete on American Idol.   Show biz is a lot like politics really:  One day you’re in…. and the next you’re OUT.
An oasis in Camden
Fr. Michael Doyle is the Camden priest recently profiled in a documentary called the Poet of Poverty.   The movie was screened last night in Cherry Hill and I cried and laughed and cried and laughed some more.   Here’s the trailer.   And yes, that’s Martin Sheen doing narration.
And finally…..
Blue Jersey founder Juan Melli has always been a mover and a shaker.  And now he’s a businessman.  Congrats on his new consulting firm Melli Strategies, which you can follow on Facebook.  
Blue Jersey on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   It’s a party and you’re invited!

Joe Ripa for Camden County Clerk

Sources say that Freeholder Joe Ripa will get the endorsement of the County Committee this Saturday to become the next County Clerk.  The seat opened up after Senator Adler became Congressman Adler, leading to Clerk Beach becoming Senator Beach.  Now Freeholder Ripa will become Clerk and there will be a new Freeholder.

Along with the new clerk and now freeholder, they will be choosing new candidates for the seat held by Nilsa Cruz-Perez in the 5th District and Sandi Love in the 4th District.  There will be lots of new faces in different places from South Jersey. And the dominos may continue to fall if Dana Redd becomes Mayor of Camden.

Beach to get Adler Senate Seat

Camden County Clerk Jim Beach will be the replacement for State Senator John Adler when he resigns his seat to head for Washington:

Beach, who also is co-chairman of the county party, will be asked to assume the 6th District Senate seat in early January, Donald Norcross, his fellow county co-chairman, said Tuesday.

“We don’t have the exact date when John will be resigning,” Norcross said, “but once he does, we’ll convene the committee people from the 6th District and recommend that they pick Jim.”

Beach was elected. Freeholder when Adler won his Senate Seat in 1991.  He served as Freeholder until his election as County Clerk in 1995 and has held that position since.  Prior to the naming of Beach, Assembly members Greenwald and Lampitt took themselves out of consideration for the seat.  And as for replacing Beach as clerk:

An interim replacement to the county clerk’s position will be made by the governor, Norcross said, with input from himself and other county leaders.

“The governor will solicit input from a lot of people,” Norcross said.

The discussion on replacing Beach as clerk is just beginning, Norcross said

Beach is very popular in district and has done alot of good work as County Clerk including expanding access through the use of county stores.  The question of where Beach stands on the issues will have to be answered for many as well.  He will serve the year as an appointed State Senator and then be required to stand for re-election when the Assembly is up next year.  A Beach, Lampitt, Greewald ticket will certainly be pretty formidable, but its not like the 6th is one of the most competitive in the state.