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@GovChristie’s Casual Relationship With The Truth

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Here at Blue Jersey, “interested observer” finds proof that Chris Christie wasn’t telling the truth when he said he only met Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in 2013. It turns out this past December Christie claimed he had been friends with Jones for far longer:

And that would also seem to back up what he said with Steve Adubato this past December:

However, in an interview with Steve Adubato on PBS in late December,

Christie was far less specific, telling his interviewer, “I’ve become friends with Jerry over the last five years.” Adubato, looking a bit surprised, took note that the two men were apparently on a first-name basis, interjecting, “‘Jerry’?” To which Christie said, ” “Yeah. Jerry.’ He allows me to call him ‘Jerry’. I don’t call him, ‘Mr. Jones.’ I call him ‘Jerry.’ And I’ve become friends with Jerry over the last five years.”

So if “Jerry” didn’t meet Chris until 2013, why have they been friends for 5 years with Christie saying he got his first call way back in 2009?

We’ll have to see how all this impacts the investigation into whether Christie influenced the awarding of a contract to Jones’s firm by the Port Authority. But we don’t have to wait to put this incident into a larger context that explains the character of New Jersey’ governor.

Because for a long, long time, Chris Christie has had a casual relationship with the truth:

5 Myths about the NJ Department of Education

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For anyone who heard, or read about (in the ever excellent blogging of Jersey Jazzman) the remarkable speech given by Commissioner Cerf at the NJEA convention in Atlantic City this week, I offer my own list of myths.

Myth 1: The Department of Education is committed to accountability and transparency

Nothing comes out of this DOE without OPRA requests, usually delayed by extension requests. Commissioner Cerf says he considers the ELC a bother for the quantity of OPRA requests they file. That is clearly a bother of his own making. Likewise, reaching people with information by phone at the NJDOE is nearly impossible for the general public. 


Christie’s Staff Privately Admits He Lies

So, Chris Christie says there’s no politics in his decision on when to hold the special election to replace Senator Frank Lautenberg.

His staff apparently disagrees.

He repeatedly denied that political calculations were at play. But his advisers privately conceded that adding the Senate contest to the Nov. 5 general election risked energizing Democrats, who outnumber Republicans by 700,000 registered voters in New Jersey.

Joe Kyrillos’ Alternate Universe

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I know it is tough to distance one’s self from Governor Christie and Mitt Romney’s disastrous record when it comes to the economy and unemployment if you have served as the Chairman of Christie’s Gubernatorial campaign and as New Jersey Chairman of Mitt Romney’s failed 2008 presidential campaign as Joe Kyrillos did.

It is also difficult to differentiate between your policies and Christie’s when you vote for those failing policies and have been part of the New Jersey legislature as Joe Kyrillos has – especially when New Jersey is lagging far behind the rest of the region and country in terms of unemployment and economic measures.  

And….it is difficult to gain traction in a Senate campaign that has been flailing and tied to those failed Christie/Romney policies that are dragging New Jersey down, but as a candidate, Joe Kyrillos can’t run on this failed record and expect to win.  So instead, we go to the wayback machine and do what Republicans do best – cut a very misleading ad with doctored video and quotes blaming someone else, even though the accusation makes no sense, has no connection to the failed policies that Kyrillos supports today, and, surprise surprise, is twisted and taken out of context:

In fact, Menendez’s three second quote came at the end of a lengthy response in which Menendez said he’s voted for middle-class tax cuts, tax credits to pay for college tuition, and spearheaded an effort to keep two million New Jersey residents from being subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. The Kyrillos ad skips past those quotes.

Not so ironically, this is the third time that Kyrillos has put out YouTube ads that heavily edit quotes from Menendez, and while I was going to embed the video ad that Kyrillos is running, it is so outlandish in terms of the heavy edits to mislead, I decided not to do so.  But if you really want to see the depths to which this sinking campaign will go, you can click here and see it yourself.

But don’t come to me when you want those 16 seconds of your life back.

Pearl Clutchers

One of the most reliable things about the Republicans, conservative and their dittohead supporters is their ability to whip themselves into a frenzy on cue – as if they were a two year old whose favorite toy was just taken away.  Go no further than this week’s latest manufactuversry after Vice President Biden forcefully called Paul Ryan and his party’s utter nonsense, lies and hypocrisy for exactly what it is.  For that, somehow, it wasn’t Ryan and the Republican wall of lies and deception that was at issue to the right once the light was shined on it – no, no – it was the absolute temerity of someone to be so rude and disrespectful and to mock it for the total trash that it was.

Contrast that with Romney’s constant interrupting of Jim Lehrer, President Obama and his close to 30 complete lies in under 40 minutes, which was hailed as confident, strong, an excellent campaign-saving performance.

Right here in New Jersey, we are used to this.  Governor Christie – that same Governor who has spent countless time capturing his own steamrolling, interrupting and insulting of teachers, reporters, critics, facts and anything else that gets in the way of his very own wall of lies and misdirection as his own YouTube trophies to showcase how awesome he can bully others – is in hot demand by that same Republican party around the country to put on this show and insult his critics or those pesky people who dare ask him questions he doesn’t’ want to answer or who have those damn facts that get in the way of his fake narrative.

And what happens here?  Christie “tells it like it is”.  “Is brash and brutally honest”.  “Stands up for what he believes in”.  

Excuse me while I clean up the barf on the floor.

So when it is a Republican with an agenda of lies, hypocrisy and deceit to cover up the façade of failure or class warfare to extract more from the middle class, the elderly, teachers, police, libraries, children, towns, families so that their cronies can get another Bentley or yacht – that is just so very totally awesome.

Until someone has the gall to call them on this and punch the bully in the mouth.  Then the bully becomes the victim and it’s just so unfair and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Spare me.

Is Christie’s VP “Snub” Justification for a Face Saving Lie?

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For Chris Christie, politics and optics are the rule and have consistently been shown to be the basis for his thoughts, quotes, actions and his basic agenda.  And even though too much slips through the cracks and isn’t reported in a way that weaves together the many inconsistencies, exaggerations or outright lies – it doesn’t take a super sleuth to spot them.


And when it comes to Mitt Romney, well, let’s just say that lies, doublespeak and lack of ethics are the rule when it comes to anything he does or says.  Mix the two together and you have enough to fertilize Central Park for a decade.

Take the recent report that Christie was not picked for VP because he refused to resign as Governor to run.  Now, this allegedly came from the Romney camp, not from Christie himself – although that probably doesn’t matter as much given how cozy Christie and Romney have been (not to mention the relative ease of lying when convenient).  But here is the rub – this doesn’t make any sense on a number of levels.

Let’s go to the NJ Constitution …

Maybe we’d “just let it pass” if you didn’t keep misleading and exaggerating

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It looks like the Christie administration continues to operate under the assumption that what they say is fact and how dare anyone question, even when they’re completely full of it.  Take for example this latest example of lack of truthiness from our fair Governor:

“And in two years, what we’ve done is to protect the most vulnerable here, even when we had to cut 13 billion dollars in state spending over two years.”

What’s wrong with this statement? Oh so much. Follow me for the rest …