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Union County GOP: Minorities Too Stupid To Vote For Us

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Hi all,

As you may know, I was a candidate for Township Council in Berkeley Heights this year. As a Democrat running in a Republican-leaning town in a Republican “wave” year, it’s not surprising that I lost. Union County, however, saw a surprisingly strong victory for the Democratic Party’s County-wide ticket, with Sheriff Ralph Froehlich and Clerk Joanne Rajoppi each garnering 60% of the vote; our Freeholder candidates weren’t far behind.  

I can imagine that the Union County Republican Party’s Election Night gathering wasn’t that joyful – neither was mine. When I conceded, however, I certainly did not attack the voters of Berkeley Heights by saying (for example): “You hit them [the Republicans] with a cattle prod, and they’ll go under; there’s no brain power involved.” It would be incredibly offensive, and would do a tremendous disservice to my supporters, some of whom were registered Republicans.  

Final thoughts on Berkeley Heights 2010

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Hi all,

So I lost. As many good Democrats did nationally (and a few bad ones, I might add), and in different parts of New Jersey. In the end, I finished with 1, 208 votes, or about 27% of the vote in a 3-way race. I finished 4th out of 6, beating the two Independents. My running mate, Linda Weber did much better, drawing 1,762 votes and missing a Council seat by less than 400 votes. In a different year (2006 or 2008), she would have won.  

Linda Greenstein wins big, heads to Senate

One more democrat in the overly androgenic NJ State Senate. Congrats to Senator-elect Linda Greenstein!

Garden State Equality’s FaceBook page:

BIG WIN FOR US IN NEW JERSEY POLITICS: In the most hotly contested state legislative election of 2010, pro-marriage equality Democrat Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein WINS her election for state Senate! Linda has been a target over the years of anti-marriage equality organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and the New Jersey Family Policy Council. Congratulations, Linda! We are thrilled for you.

Election Results

The AP’s compilation of  New Jersey results is here.  CNN has the same NJ data here.

At this moment (9:14PM), the Republicans lead in all three battleground districts. However, we only have Ocean County (NJ3) and Monmouth County (NJ6/NJ12) results plus a bit from Hunterdon (NJ12).  These are Republican strongholds and the results are consistent with the Monmouth University pre-election polls: Runyan eads 59-37 in the Ocean County votes and led 54-37 in the poll. Runyan looks likely to win, but it’s too soon to call.  DeStefano only got 2% in Ocean County so he’s not draining Runyan’s support.  I’m nervous about Holt but he was expected to do badly in Monmouth.  

Update: Holt (NJ12) and Pallone (NJ6) both win.  Right now they are 51%-48% and 55%-44% respectively but not all districts are in.

Update on my campaign: 48 hours to victory!

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Hi all,

Stephen Yellin, aka “Mr. Liberal” here. As a blogger at Blue Jersey since 2005, I’ve been able to take some of the lessons learned from writing here in the blogosphere, and put them to good use as a candidate.

I want to give you all a final update on my campaign for Township Council in Berkeley Heights, in Union County . With E-Day just 48 hours away (45 in New Jersey, since the polls open at 6AM EST), I can truthfully say that I have a good shot at victory on Tuesday.

It hasn’t been easy, running in a Republican-leaning town in a Republican-leaning year. So why do I have a “good shot”? Read on below to find out…

Poll: Rush Holt leads by eight

I’ve been waiting for the new Monmouth University Poll of Congressional District NJ12 (PDF) and it’s good news:

Congressman Rush Holt has slightly widened his lead in the race for New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, according to the Monmouth University Poll. The incumbent Democrat garners support from 51% of likely voters in the district, which is identical to his support level from two weeks ago. However, Republican Scott Sipprelle’s support has slipped by 3 points to 43% in the current poll…

The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by telephone with 1042 likely voters from October 25 to 27, 2010. This sample has a margin of error of +/- 3.0 percent.

51% is enough to win but not enough to take anything for granted.  Volunteer this week to help our best Representative.  

Rutgers Poll: This one has Adler and Runyan tied

I did not intend to spend the day writing about polls but it seems the local universities had a different idea. Now Rutgers-Eagleton has weighed in with a poll of NJ3:

We are out today with our third and final poll of the NJ third congressional district race between Democratic incumbent John Adler and Republican challenger Jon Runyan. Oh, and don’t forget purported “Tea Party” candidate Peter DeStefano. The upshot? It’s tied. All locked up. 44-44. No space between the two candidates. At least among those we believe to be likely voters. And DeStefano – his 4-5 percent could be making the difference.

Professor Redlawsk discussess the cell phone issue (Rutgers polls land lines only), party unity (Democrats more united), donkeys (even Republicans bothered by their use as a tax dodge), the enthusiasm gap (helps Runyan), desire for an outsider (that would be Runyan) and DeStefano (helping Adler at 5%, but also provoking a backlash.)

Obviously the combination of two small Runyan leads and an exact tie is still a narrow Runyan lead, but it looks too close to call. Redlawsk suggests the key to Democratic victory is turnout of registered Democrats. That’s why we see President Obama pushing supporters to volunteer to contact voters. You can even do it online.

Heading into the Home Stretch

Good luck in Berkeley Heights, Stephen Yellin! By the way, as ABC

News reports, Stephen is just 21 or 22 years old. – promoted by Rosi

Hi all,

With just 11 days left until November 2nd, I’ve been working hard to win in Berkeley Heights, where I’m running for Township Council. My website is http://www.bhdems.com , so take a look if you want to learn more about me after reading this.  

Lessons I’m learning as a Candidate

I love the “Are you a Jew?” question. Hilarious. Your Lesson #4 is excellent. I wish all candidates would do this, and your honesty got you a vote you deserved. – promoted by Rosi

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Hi all,

A little over a month has passed since I last updated the blogosphere on how my campaign for Township Council (in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey) is progressing. You can read the previous updates here and here.

With a month and a day remaining before Election Day, I wanted to provide an update on the race, and offer some thoughts on what it’s like to be a candidate.

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