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Rodney “always there” for vets?

The first time I ran into Robert Tracey, the noted veterans’ advocate of Morristown, I was at a Bill Bradley book signing in Mendham, passing out flyers for my congressional campaign.  Mr. Tracey kindly waved me off with a smile saying that he strongly supported our incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen, indicating that he’s “always there” for veterans.  In politics, conventional wisdom says that you need to spend your time engaging the “persuadable” voters, and I sensed that Mr. Tracey was probably not going to be very receptive if I tried to engage him in a lengthy discussion about his congressman’s voting record.  It’s painful for me to resist these opportunities – as I’ve always prided myself in educating the electorate.  I believe in what Jefferson said when he stated “an informed democracy will behave responsibly”, but this probably wasn’t the time or place to talk about how our incumbent is currently rated the worst representative in NJ according to Disabled American Veterans, an advocacy group for disabled veterans with a history dating back to WWI.  Yet our same representative is quick to steal photo ops with vets any chance he gets, and touts votes for veterans benefits that are non-controversial and passed by overwhelming majorities.

Unlike our congressman, I’m not a veteran myself, and no deed that I can lay claim to even comes close to the sacrifice that these people have made for our country…..

Wyka wins Morris Democrats Convention

    Morris County Democrats convened this evening for the purpose of selecting a Democratic candidate for Congress, to endorse to run against Rodney Frelinghuysen.  The three candidates, Harry Hager of Chester Township, Ellen Greenberg of Mendham Township and Tom Wyka of Parsippany, gave 10 minute speeches in front of the approximately 150 Morris County Democratic Committee members present.    Following the speeches, a brief question and answer session was held.  

   The Morris County Democratic Committee then voted in a voting booth for who they wished to endorse in the coming primary.  The results were as follows:

  Tom Wyka, 111 votes

  Ellen Greenberg, 35 votes

  Harry Hager, 3 votes

This means that Tom Wyka will be the official endorsed MCDC candidate in the upcoming primary.   Wyka had already won the endorsements of the Essex County Democratic Committee and the Somerset County Democratic Committee.  He now will be in the first column in parts of the 11th district representing where 95% of the Democratic primary voters live.

Wyka responds to Frelinghuysen’s Energy Vote

Matthew Simmons is the head of one of the largest investment banking firms in the world and a former energy advisor to George W. Bush.  Simmons has a great concern about the global use of fossil fuels, but it?s not for reasons you might think.  Simmons spends a great deal of his time traveling the globe at his own expense ? preaching about what he sees as a looming global crisis commonly known as ?Peak  Oil? ? a point where global oil production reaches it?s practical limits as demand continues to increase.  There?s a lot of debate as to whether we may have already passed a disastrous tipping point as the price of a barrel of oil topped $100 recently.

In addition, I don?t need to rehash points set forth about Global Warming.  Just about everyone has heard it all before.  Sadly, people seem to find themselves on either side of the argument depending on what television pundits they view most often, rather than based on the warnings of the scientific community.


Putting Ideology Before Kids

The latest battle on Capitol Hill over the reauthorization of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), accentuates some notable ideological differences between Bush-style conservatism and real compassionate conservatism.  However, I would tend to think that putting childrens’ well-being in between an ideological struggle should be off limits for any person that calls themselves compassionate.  The President vetoed the bill this week, and the House is unlikely to have a majority sufficient enough to override the veto.  While all members of NJ Democratic contingent stand with the bill, the NJ GOP is split.  Standing up for uninsured kids were Frank LoBiondo, Chris Smith, and surprisingly, Mike Ferguson,  Standing with the President were Scott Garret, Jim Saxton, and our own Rodney Frelinghuysen.

The Super Double-Secret Debate Tape Flapperoo

The Frelinghuysen campaign must be worried about Tom Wyka, because they have resorted to misinformation and spin.  That misinformation was picked up by the good folks at The Daily Record.  Althought I appreciate the Record covering the story, I am afraid that Fred Snowflack, the editorial page editor, got a couple of things wrong in this article.  Allow me to correct the record, and then I have a few words to say about Congressman Frelinghuysen’s role in this.

Tom Wyka & Rodney Frelinghuysen debate video

Thanks to Eagle at Blip.tv for getting this recorded and uploaded so quickly.  The debate between republican incumbant Rodney Frelinghuysen and democratic challenger Tom Wyka, took place at Morristown Highschool friday evening. I think the video starts after Rodney Frelinghuysen’s opening remarks, right as Tom Wyka gives his opening statement. It took no more than 10 seconds after opening his mouth for Rodney to invoke 9-11. Sounds familiar, right?

I believe in Tom Wyka’s effort. I also know Carol Gay, and I love Carol as a candidate,  Afterall, I wrote her 2 checks, she needs to be in Washington DC too. But after seeing Tom Wyka onstage with Rodney Frelinghuysen, it is clear to me that Wyka, may be one of the best challenging candidates in this cycle, short of Linda Stender. Wyka owned the stage, he was authoritative, without being overbearing, articulate, knowledgable. This guy Wyka just plain makes sense.

Ok, enough hyperbole. Lets go to the video tape…


Oh yeah, the file is Windows Media, click on the image.