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New Jersey, 2008 or Mississippi, 1964?

Promoted by Jason Springer:  This is disturbing.  Here is an SL Story with additional info on the cross burning.

I got some news today that really made me think twice about where I live. As the election season progressed, and it looked more and more like an Obama win, the anger in Warren County became visible. Every election, signs are stolen. But this year, they were stolen, damaged, defaced, destroyed, and burned. In some cases, additional property damage was done. There was a constant stream of people coming into Democratic headquarters reporting these problems.

In one particularly nasty incident, an Obama sign, stapled to a plywood panel and screwed to a tree high off the ground, was torn down. The Obama sign was burned off, and a pornographic portrayal of the candidates was drawn and obscenities scrawled on the plywood. The plywood was nailed back to the tree.