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How I paid for Freedom’s Watch to bash Adler

Believe me I’m not proud of it and I was kinda annoyed to learn this news about Ed Snider:

Snider, who oversees the Flyers and 76ers as the CEO of their parent company, Comcast-Spectacor, has not only donated more than $34,000 to GOP causes, including John McCain’s campaign, but also is reportedly a major donor to a hawkish pro-Iraq War group called Freedom’s Watch.

Earlier this month, Snider had Sarah Palin drop the puck for the 1st Flyers game this season and tried to defend the move when it brought boos and heat:

Comcast-Spectacor turned down a request by the Daily News to interview Snider. Last week, Snider told the Inquirer that Palin’s appearance “has nothing to do with politics. This is to have some fun with the fabulous statement she made” – that is, describing herself in political appearances as a “hockey mom” from Alaska.

The Flyers, in the wake of the publicity over the phrase, held an “ultimate hockey mom” contest and then invited Palin to drop the ceremonial opening-day puck with the winner on Oct. 11. The team went out of its way to brand the event as nonpolitical and didn’t even mention her vice-presidential candidacy in its news releases.

Ok, so she’s a hockey mom.  I think that’s a lame justification, but I’ll let it go.  She only dropped the puck. So how the hell do you explain the group you helped fund bashing my Congressional Candidate. Here’s what I posted Oct 20:

Earlier in the cycle, Freedom’s watch reared their head for Leonard Lance going after Linda Stender. Now we have them doing the bidding of Chris Myers attacking John Adler with a new robo call going into district homes.  You can hear the audio and the caller goes after Adler for supposedly supporting:

“legislation that could give taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens and taxpayers like you would pay for it.”

I have spent more money than I care to admit on merchandise, concessions and tickets to games over my lifetime as a Philadelphia sports fan.  Ed Snider is perfectly entitled to do what he wants with his money but it would be great if he’d stop using my sports teams to fund lies and racist robocalls.  The 3rd Congressional district has a large amount of Philadelphia sports fans.  I can’t imagine it’s good for business to take sides in an election and piss off a nice chunk of your fan base.

John Adler v. Freedom’s Watch

I live in Barnegat, Ocean County and I’m getting all kinds of negative junk mail from Freedom’s Watch, a pro-war GOP attack group, about John Adler.  This group is putting out racist flyers against immigrants and accusing John Adler of raising taxes to pay for services to immigrants.

I’ve read that Freedom’s Watch is bankrolled by Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, and among their biggest contributors is Philly Flyers and Sixers owner Ed Snider.   I wonder if Snider is aware of his money being spent to defeat Adler whose constituency provides a significant number of the fan base.  Some of those fans, like myself, may want to boycott games or in some other fashion make Snider aware of their displeasure over his support for Freedom’s Watch.  We all know about Sarah Palin being booed at the Flyers game, but I doubt if many of those fans are aware of the extent Snider’s money is being used to defeat John Adler and promote xenophobic hostility to immigrants.