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The Press of Atlantic City talks to Frank LoBiondo’s Democratic challenger, Gary Stein:

The Democrat running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, criticized LoBiondo’s decision to vote against emergency federal funding to boost jobs for teachers…

In a written statement, Stein said, “LoBiondo has got to be feeling very uncomfortable now that he has voted to abandon his unionized supporters, because there are more teachers than Tea Party activists in the 2nd District.”

Preach on, Stein! Oh wait…

Gary Stein, of Mullica Township, says he would have voted the same way.

You can’t imagine how depressing this is.  I blame party bosses for not recruiting even a symbolic candidate.

The 2nd’s Dem. challenger, asks for input

Hello Blue Jersey Democrats, I’m a life long Republican- a working class stiff by the way- who recently hitched my wagon to the Democratic Party in order to do something unusual.  How often does a Congressman’s supporter in 6 previous elections, change parties, successfully make it through the primary and become his chief opponent in the fall?

Anyone serious enough about their politics, to be “on-line” on a political blog on the 4th of July weekend, is dedicated enough for me to solicit an opinion on my progress to date.  My opponent is Frank LoBiondo….

Quote of the Day

Independent NJ2 Congressional candidate Gary Stein has endorsed Democrat Dave Kurkowski.  The quote of the day is:

“There’s no point in my mucking up the debate dais at the next debate,” Stein wrote The Press of Atlantic City in a letter Wednesday, “which is precisely why Mr. LoBiondo saw fit to personally shake my hand and invite me to the next round, even though I’ve criticized him severely in my Web site and attempted to do so again on Tuesday night.”