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Frank LoBiondo’s Jerky Energy Position(s); An intelligent analysis by his opponent

The politics of oil …. in a bit, but first I ask and I answer this vital question:  “How are you feeling today (2nd district) candidate?”   Answer; less than hopeful.  Blue Jersey, I might be the man down here…… I might be THE Democrat. Forget your squeamishness, send help.

I’ve noticed there are Congressional candidates (yes, some, like me- Jason Castle comes to mind- who’ve never held elected office) with the good fortune to have pals on this site writing upbeat things about their campaigns.  And then there’s Stein, fending for himself.  Maybe me, chronicling my efforts, is enough for now….  


Subject: RE: I’m confident. A letter

Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:04:23 -0500

From: jperskie@pressofac.com

To: thebigmoosenj@hotmail.com

Cut it in half and we’ll run as a letter.

From: gary stein [mail to:thebigmoosenj@hotmail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:46 AM

To: Perskie, Jim

Subject: letter

Mr. Perskie, I cut 30%.  It’s 346 words.  It would be generalities if I cut it anymore.  I’ve got more at stake then the typical letter writer, I’ve put more on the line.  I’ve  come right to the edge of wrecking our business, finances, domestic tranquility, you name it……..you have no idea.  Please, let me know.


Blue, follow the bouncing ball under the fold, would you please?  Just this morn, I got another rejection; the guest column I submitted to the Press of Atlantic City.  It’s deja vu all over again since I always get rejected there.  Let’s establish the fact that I’m no writer.  OK, that said, please follow the email exchange with local editor.

And since I’m a challenger to Congress Frank LoBiondo (REPUBLICAN) this year (as I was in 2010) maybe you’d feature this diary in “featured stories?”  No matter that the non biased local editorial page editor didn’t care for the guest column, now submitted below for your perusal  (with some red hot email exchanges included… woohoo) perhaps you’d feature this?  You folks are on my team…(I hope, and I count on it.  I need you.)

Groundhog Day, deja vu, you name it, below the fold.

News This Week; LoBiondo and House Republicans Hell Bent On Wrecking (Affordable) Health Care

As reported by, Roll Call: “Health Care Law Stuck In Limbo

House Republicans on Wednesday took a symbolic swipe at President Barack Obama’s health care reform law when they voted to repeal its long-term care provisions, the CLASS Act, which the administration abandoned last year as unworkable.”

…the thought of another long, lonely run for office….

Huffington Post: ” ‘Republicans are committed to repealing and defunding it, piece by piece if necessary,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said of the health care bill after the CLASS Act vote.’ ”

…they (the voters) love this guy LoBiondo, isn’t it obvious by now…

… Politico Pro: “House Passes CLASS Act Repeal

The House on Wednesday voted to repeal the CLASS act – with the support of several moderate Democrats – in the latest attempt to take apart a piece of President Barack Obama’s health care law…..”

…what the f*@% I voted for him 6 times.  I didn’t know …

In South Jersey, news of the pointless Republican maneuver was reported on local politico’s facebook page Thursday, this way ….

On The Record with 4 Time Losing Candidate, Gary Stein. Subject: Vince Polistina

But first, a word about Congressman Frank LoBiondo; Assemblyman John Amodeo; and a letter that will not be printed in Press of Atlantic City.

Some South Jersey resident certainly said to himself last yr, or the year before, or the year before that, “Whats that? LoBiondo in the news again getting another few mil for the region.  But Frank complained about Washington insiders last week on the local talk radio?”  Fast forward to June, 2011.  A Tea Party type perhaps, this time reads  about  17 million more dollars for the local airport and another building the Airport doesn’t really need…..to house firetrucks.  The old building looks pretty adequate?  And all this generosity is thanks to Frank LoBiondo again.  This person thinks, times have changed, and asks himself why nobody takes this big spender on at the ballot box?

Single Payer Our Way To Prosperity @ Stein for Assembly

In NJ’s 2nd district there’s a contested primary next week with me, a long time Republican, recently converted to Democrat, challenging the two handpicked Democratic candidates.  I’m for Single Payer and I’m wondering why isn’t everyone, more specifically, the other two Democrats in this race?  My opponents have said  little or nothing for two months.  But when questioned about their stances for an article in a weekly newspaper ( which I initiated by calling the papers main office and getting hold of a reporter) they, as opposed to me, chose to talk about schools.  Schools?  Is that what voters really want to hear about this fall?

Immigration Reform, 2nd District Style

Here’s a  quick diary for anyone who may be interested in learning what’s doin here in South Jersey, and just as importantly,  hopefully, I’ll  get an opinion or two on one national issue I (a possible survivor of the upcoming June primary for Assembly) might turn to good effect, locally.  

No announced candidates by the “legit” Democrats for the two seats, and one seat is actually open.  

Chris Chrisitie in S. Jersey today and Stein 4 Assembly

Chris Christie is in S. Jersey today attempting to make a silk purse out of a sows ear at an event in the unfinished Revel Casino in Atlantic City.  I’m filing to be a candidate for State Assembly and I think his ideas for propping up the Revel are hogwash.  The Atlantic City Press wouldn’t publish an essay I wrote laying out my complaints with the Governor’s plan, so I reworked into something else, and I’m publishing it right here everybody, because I can.  Thank you Blue Jersey.

For immediate press release:  From Darmstadt Democrats, 1729 Darmstadt Ave, Mullica Township, 2/1/2011 (aka, my humble abode)

The Tea Party franchise suffers a set back today as first term conservative governor, Chris Christie  uses his “tool kit” to resuscitate……

2nd District, a Banana Republic?

Frank LoBiondo loves to throw around the word “gaming the system” i.e., some people on extended unemployment insurance are “gaming” the system (no doubt a few are……and, thanks for pointing that out, Frank). Or, the Iranian gov’t is “gaming” us as they continue developing a nuclear weapon (hmmmm, Frank, that’s terrific, good observation!).  Always with the criticism, usually going overboard (he begs for trouble when he does that) and not one idea of his own!

When this arrogant Congressman broke his term limit pledge- the center point of his campaign for an open seat in 1994- he gamed the system!

Update On A Campaign, mine

A possible scandal- the high road taken (ooooh, that wasn’t too smart, “Longshot”).  http://theessentialsteinforcon…

A truck for auction on ebay….http://theessentialsteinforcongress2010.com/Auction_News.html….19 bids, and going nowhere- because car enthusiasts are broke- like the rest of us.

Next, a very unusual contest in which voters can enter to win a rugged, mans table lamp…


And a letter to the editor….


Best Acting By A Politician: 2008

Catching up on this site, Blue Jersey.  Read a few diaries and the morning roundup.  Good luck with all your endeavors.  Fight the good fight; I’ll continue with my crusade. One last diary about me, before I literally hit the road campaigning.  

Unfortunately you folks- and what’s looking more and more like a  majority here in  S. Jersey- might waste a golden opportunity to unseat a real political hack, just because (as been pointed out) I don’t score A’s and B’s in certain specified categories thought needed to run and get elected.