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Here come the natural gas hikes

If skyrocketing gas prices at the pump were the left hook, natural gas increases for heating your home this winter may be the follow up right.  The BPU has approved hikes in Natural Gas costs, effective immediately:  First, NJ Natural Gas:

Average residential customers who heat their homes with natural gas will see a combined increase of 12.5 percent as a result of the approved price adjustments. Residential customers who do not use natural gas to heat their homes will see a smaller increase to their overall bill this winter.

Here’s what that means for you:

NJNG said the average residential heating customer using 100 therms of gas per month will pay an additional $18.78, boosting bills from $150.76 to $169.54.

That’s actually less than the 25.5% increase they were seeking, so I guess customers should be thankful? And the news for PSE&G customers:

Recognizing that the cost of natural gas has increased substantially since last winter, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) today approved PSE&G’s request to increase natural gas supply rates by 14.3 percent for the average residential customer. It is the first gas supply increase in three years.

A residential gas heating customer who uses 100 therms in a winter month will pay $165.93 per month, or $20.47 more under the new rates. On an annual basis, this customer’s bill for 606 therms will be $1,027.24, or an increase of $124.12.

These increases certainly aren’t going to make life any easier for people when you add them to everything else that has gone up.  What are the chances I can get a bailout helping hand on my heating bill?