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It Fell On Deaf Ears: my warning for the Lieberman 2006 campaign

This is such an interesting coda to the diary I wrote last night. In my read, it’s both sad and inspiring. For sure, Joe Lieberman didn’t deserve Stephen, who is a candidate for office right now Berkeley Heights Township Council – Rosi

I read Rosi’s article on the front page of Blue Jersey with great interest. It was wonderful to see how she and so many NJ-DFA members came up to Connecticut to support a progressive Democrat in Ned Lamont.

However, I have a confession to make: not only was I not among them, but at the time I was trying to help his opponent win renomination. It was a futile effort on my part, and one I now regret.

NJ News: Menendez hits 50%; and My Canvassing Report

First, an update on my $5,000 Blogging Scholarship contest; I’m at 46% currently, with my nearest opponent at 18% in a field of ten. While my chances of winning are strong, every vote counts, so head over to http://www.scholarsh…. to help me earn this distinction. You can also read more about why I deserve your support at http://www.dailykos….. (although the headline is inaccurate, in that I goofed on the prize).

As for today, I got up early to take part in the canvassing for Linda Stender’s campaign for Congress (http://www.lindasten…)in NJ-07. Hopefully, she’s my next Congresswoman.

A Day at the Rallies with Bob Menendez and other Democrats

Yesterday at 10AM I was warm and cozy, sleeping in my bed on a cold October morning at Drew University (Madison, New Jersey). I was dreaming peacefully about a Democratic landslide in November, with Democrats picking up 35 House seats and 7 in the Senate, and Bush being forced to resign, and Al Gore was somehow Vice-President again, so…

Then my phone rang. It was Chip, the Morris County Democratic Campaign Coordinator. I had forgotten to set my alarm for earlier. Oops.

“Hey Stephen, do you want to go to some rallies today?”
“(Yawn)Sure, what time?”
“I’ll pick you up in a few hours.”
So began my day at the rallies.

NJ-07: I’m Challenging You To Four Duels

Mike Ferguson, R-NJ7, is well known in political circles for being a bit distant, not spending much time in the district or meeting with everyday folks.  It’s helped him stay fairly unknown to most of the voters, and he uses that to define his image through taxpayer funded mailings and meetings in front of supportive groups.

But the truth is that Mike Ferguson is presenting an image 180 degrees away from his reality.  He wants us to believe he supports the troops, but he voted against allowing service women in Iraq to have safe abortions in military hospitals.  He wants us to believe he is a family friendly politician, but he voted to slash funding for catching dead-beat Dads and to increase the cost of student loans.  He wants us to believe he cares about the environment, yet has a 17 percent rating from the bi-partisan League of Conservation Voters.  He wants us to believe he opposes privatizing Social Security, but supports using Social Security funds in private Wall Street accounts.

Ferguson has been able to obscure his positions for six years, helped out by a favorable redistricting and a lot of out-of-state money from people like Tom DeLay and Bob Ney.  But now the time for a fair election where the public knows the truth about the candidates is at hand.

Therefore, I am challenging Mike Ferguson to a series of four debates – one in each county New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District represents.  That’s Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties.

I sent Congressman Ferguson a letter last week with the challenge, and have yet to hear back from him.  We’ve only got a little less than seven weeks to go, and Ferguson is wasting time in the hopes that he can avoid getting in front of the voters.

You can help.  Please call his campaign at (732) 560-4700 and tell them you want four debates so the voters know who they are voting for.

Observations on a Democratic brunch

just got back from Parsippany, New Jersey, a somewhat Republican town in the rolling hills of Morris County, New Jersey. The occasion was a fundraiser on behalf of one of the Democratic candidates for Freeholder (essentially a County Commissioner) and a good friend of mine, Dana Wefer (http://www.danawefer…). Dana is a 24-year old Democrat with spunk, courage and unflagging energy who has been challenging the GOP-dominated county government for over a year. In 2005 she ran well against an entrenched incumbent; in 2006 she’s running with two exceptional Democrats to capture three Freeholder seats (the first time since 1973 that it would be the case). Also in attendence were Tom Wyka (http://www.tomwyka.c…), our NJ-11 Congressional candidate, NJ Democratic Chairman Joe Cryan and many others. P

A full roundup of what took place, who said what, and some good news from the Garden State about the future of progressive politics is in the extended body. Enjoy!

“We Are The Leaders We’ve been Waiting For” – Tom Wyka

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  Hi Kossacks,

To my fellow Jewish Kossacks out there, a belated Shana Tovah. I hope all of you have a sweet and successful 5767 – and that it starts off with a Democratic landslide in November!

As I’ve said before, I’m now enclosed in the rolling hills of Morris County, New Jersey, where I’m attending Drew University. Morris County is usually a Republican bastion, but times are changing. In recent years the Democrats have been slowly, but steadily improving their county-wide performance, as well as winning local races across the county. One of those looking to turn Morris County blue is Tom Wyka (http://www.tomwyka.c…), a Parsippany IT Project Manager and Democratic activist. I spent last Sunday with him and his family, driving across Morris County and connecting with the grassroots.

Dana Wefer to Morris County GOP: “Sue You!”

Now that I’m firmly embedded in the rolling hills of Republicanville…err, Morris County, I’ve had plenty of time to examine the political scene is this neck of New Jersey. Drew University is a wonderful place, but the forces outside of it are just as important as the ones inside, and like a moth to a candle flame I am continuously drawn back into politics. And that’s a good thing.

Here in Morris County there is a great Congressional candidate in Tom Wyka (http://www.tomwyka.c…), and three great Freeholder candidates (read about them at http://www.morrisdem…). One of them, 24-year old Dana Wefer (http://www.danawefer…) ran in 2005 and ran well against an entrenched incumbent. Now, with two of three seats up for grabs in 2006 being vacated, she stands an excellent shot at victory.

What’s He Gonna Do? Put Them In Jail?

Mike Ferguson opposes women’s right to choose to have an abortion, going so far as to say it would be a “great day for America” if a Constitutional Amendment were passed making it illegal. 

He would even support a law that would require a woman to carry to term a pregnancy caused by rape or incest, making it a crime to do otherwise. 

Our friend Vicky, who is from Clark, recently asked the question that everyone should ask Mike Ferguson about making abortions illegal: “What’s he gonna do?  Put them in jail?”

And that is not sarcasm, but a very serious question about Mike Ferguson’s radical position.  If he succeeds in his mission to make abortion a crime, then he will succeed in making the women who have abortions criminals.  Is he going to put them in jail?