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Next up for Kean, Marlboro Man

Luckily, noone was shot in the face yesterday when Dick Cheney came to town. The thought of a real shot as well as a photo shoot drove Tom Kean from showing up on time. Anyone who has half a brain shouldn’t have a hard time knowing why it is bad for Tom Kean Jr. (or any politician for that matter) to align himself with anyone who has an approval rating of 18%. Let alone a Vice President who, on a good day, resembles a trigger happy Elmer Fudd crossed with Darth Vader.

Speaking of Darth Vader, the next right wing nutjob to visit NJ in hopes of bolstering Tom Kean Jr.’s war chest is Sen. Mitch “Darth Vader of Campaign Finance Reform” McConnell (R-KY). Ironic since the Sen. John “Crusader of Campaign Finance” McCain was another of Tom Kean Jr.’s recent visiting Fund Raisers.

This is the same Mitch McConnell who has said intelligent and progressive things like:

“More young people believe they’ll see a U.F.O. than that they’ll see their own Social Security benefits.”

Besides being obviously in favor of Privatizing Social Security (something Jr. is “committed to keeping the promise of”) , Sen. McConnell has done such wonderful things as recieving almost $20,000 in Jack Abramoff related money, as most Republicans, McConnell has lots of other interesting donors.

Perhaps what should be of most interest to Tom Kean Jr. is perhaps #2 on Sen. McConnell’s list of donors, a company called UST Inc. which as Open Secrets reminds us:

the “T” stands for tobacco

The Tobacco industry as a whole is #15 on McConnell’s list of supporters with $91,000.

Then again, why should any of this pique the interest of the cosponsor of a recently passed bill entitled “The New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act”?