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Planned Parenthood and abortion as excuses to close down the government

 <Update 3:00pm: in our delegation all Republican representatives voted YES and all Democrats voted NO on the two bills: defunding of Planned Parenthood and requiring medical care for any fetus who survives an abortion procedure. The bills passed.>

The U. S. Congress in its dilatory and dysfunctional fashion is once again running up against a deadline to fund the spending bill to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month. In the House of Representatives the delaying tactic is over Planned Parenthood. In the Senate there are similar efforts, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said in effect, “Sorry, we only have a majority, we can’t defund Planned Parenthood.”

The 40 or so members of the House Freedom Caucus have pledged to oppose any spending measure that contains funding for Planned Parenthood. A founder and the only NJ member of the caucus is Rep. Scott Garrett (R-CD 5).

Today House members will vote on two bills. One would freeze Planned Parenthood funding for a year and the other would  require medical care for any fetus who survives an abortion procedure. In the resolutions leading toward passage of these bills, all New Jersey Democrats have voted in opposition and all Republicans in favor. The votes today will likely be similar.  

WATCH: Jim Keady on The Ed Show – on the Fast Track trade vote

Jim Keady was on The Ed Show again last night, talking about Fast Track and the disastrous vote in the U.S. Senate yesterday. I’m watching this in a noisy coffeehouse without earbuds, so I can’t listen as closely yet as I’d like. But I wanted to post it for you soon as I could.

You know Keady as the guy Christie made a fool of himself with, yelling at Keady to sit down and shut up about Sandy recovery and do something to help, when in fact he volunteered a month doing that – not the first or last time Christie made a harsh and incorrect assumption about a constituent. But not all voters know that Keady has years studying the work lives of foreign workers and is head of the U.S.-based labor rights group Educating for Justice, which focuses on southeast Asia. President Obama spoke at Nike HQ to promote TPP, which is interesting because Keady seems to know more than the president does about what Nike workers lives are really like where those pricey shoes are made. He wrote about his recent trip to Vietnam in a project in conjunction with Sen. Bernie Sanders office here at Blue Jersey yesterday. In this MSNBC clip, we see Sanders’ speech on the Senate floor, following Mitch McConnell’s rah-rah TPP cheering. And joining the segment with Ed Schultz and Keady are a very angry Sen. Sherrod Brown and Larry Cohen, former president of CWA.

President Obama huddles in the Oval, 450 NJ National Guard deploy to the Middle East

A few minutes ago, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell walked into the Oval Office to discuss with the President what to do, if anything, if Iraq falls apart. As Iraq falls apart.

At the same time – right now – 450 members of the New Jersey National Guard are leaving Fort Dix in Burlington County, NJ, on their way to a mobilization center in Fort Bliss, Texas. From there, they ship out to the Middle East. To Qatar, near the action. Their families and friends were there to see them off today. Many of those families have been through this routine, and the uncertainty and concern that goes with it. Not that they can’t handle it. We call on military families to be strong, and they do their best to be strong. But what’s required on our end is coherent foreign policy and intelligent decision-making. If we let President Obama’s fix-it strategy chase George Bush’s adventurism and war-profiteering, will we be doing right by these 450 men and women from New Jersey, or the ones we asked so much of for so long already?

If the situation was bad before, it’s a shitshow now.