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A Great Big Thank You!

High-fives, Jeff – Rosi

I’m nearly speechless. Thank you to Rosi, Jay, and most importantly the entire Blue Jersey community for helping to make my campaign’s money bomb an incredible success yesterday.

Together with Democracy for America and BlueAmericaPAC, we raised well over $10,000 from nearly 500 contributors – all online, all in one day. Amazing! And it brings our online fundraising across ActBlue to nearly $15,000 from over 500 individuals. And we’re just getting started! I hope you’ll join my facebook campaign page, and stay engaged as the campaign moves forward.

As the candidate, of course, I am very grateful for the support. Every campaign needs money, and yesterday was a real boost. But, as a member of the progressive community here in New Jersey, more than anything, I am proud. Proud of the strength of the community we have built and continue to build. As I’ve said over and over, this is a people’s campaign, and yesterday’s success was your success.

Thank you all so much!


What does Chris Myers know that Gen. Petraeus doesn’t?

This is what General David Petraeus had to say about the war in Iraq and about “winning”:

“This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade… it’s not war with a simple slogan,” he said.

Maybe Chris Myers didn’t get the memo because at the debate the other night, he repeatedly talked about winning and not bringing our troops home before we win:

“We have got to get out of Iraq on our terms and win,” Myers said to applause. “I don’t want them bombing New Jersey.”

He added that if the country didn’t win in Iraq, “we will get hit here in the United States. And I don’t want terrorists running around in New Jersey.”

This however, was in contrast to his previous statements that we don’t need to win, we just need to make it look that way:

To summarize:  

1. Chris Myers won’t bring our troops home before we “win”.

2. Chris Myers also thinks we don’t need to “win”, we just need to make it look that way.

3. General David Petraeus, the Commanding General of the Multi-National Force in Iraq says this isn’t a war where you can declare victory and go home

That leaves me with these questions: What does Chris Myers know that Gen. Petraeus doesn’t and then what does winning mean so that we can bring our troops home?